[3.13]❄️44M DPS Ice Shot Barrage Deadeye|League starter|Full Content with Vids|Several variants


I have extra arrows so the barrage support benefits from this, since the barrage mechanics work by adding all projectiles sequentially so different projectiles can hit the same target several times.
That means extra arrows have multiplicative dmg bonus with barrage and barrage support.

The thing is that barrage support has a 5% AS penalty per extra arrow, which is also multiplicative.

So let's take for the initial formula, with barrage doing 62% less damage

- No Extra arrows from gear - 3 projectiles from barrage support + 1 default

Dmg_final = dmg_initial * 0.38 (barrage penalty) * 4 (arrows) * 0.8 (AS penalty) = 1.21 dmg_initial

- adding 2 extra arrows from gear - 6 projectiles total, 30% AS penalty (bow addition)

Dmg_final = dmg_initial * 0.38 * 6 * 0.7 = 1.596 * dmg_initial

- adding 2 arrows + dyng sun - 8 projectiles total, 40% AS penalty

Dmg_Final = dmg_intial * 0.38 * 8 * 0.6 = 1.824 * dmg initial

- adding 3 arrows (bow +quiver) + dying sun - 9 projectiles total, 45% AS penalty

Dmg_Final = dmg_initial * 0.38 * 9 * 0.55 = 1.881 * dmg_initial

So overall it's a damage increase at all stages, but it comes with dimishing benefits. If you would go to 11 arrows you will actually loose dps.

Long story short, bow + dying sun is better used with a quiver which doesn't grant +1 arrow, since the extra arrow gives virtually nothing.

You can opt for not using dying sun, but the + 0.228 multiplicative damage is not something I would dismiss so readily. Maybe replace for Ice Shot with Cinderswallow urn ?

Also: barrage works awesome with chain clearing, since the projectiles are going to bounce off the main target and kill everything around it. You will usually target the more tanky mob, he will get the full dps, while surrounding mobs will be hit / frozen by the chains.
inspiration support should be better than cold pen or hypothermia

also thoughts on the new mirage archer node? In theory each mirage archer is 27.6% dmg, so 3 of them is 82.8% more damage, which is better than any other support and any other 2 node. Can get alternate quality mirage archer which has +2 projectiles too.
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For the two suggestions.

Inspiration support

- it's worth trying in clear. However I found out that cold pen is a very desirable node vs bosses so cold pen still remains desirable vs end game bosses (but it will usually replace chain anyways)

- Hypothermia grants 40% out of the box vs chilled targets, while inspiration grants 40% only at max inspiration charges (which are 5). So inspiration will grant extra crit from hypothermia, however the ramp up time needs to be factored in (not long, we have huge AS so we'll be getting to 5 very fast). According to PoB inspiration grants 1M less damage than Inspiration.

- What is worth trying is to give up the essence sap and move to inspiration for mana sustainability. A quick tree adjustment got me +2M Dps by removing Essence sap and Weapon Artistry and going for Farsight

- So yeah, Inspiration can be a +2Mil improvement with tree changes.

Mirage Archer:

- This is something that someone will need to provide feedback for in 3.13 :).

- Placing Mirage archers on the ground might be a clunky mechanic so if they end up affecting mobility too much it might not be an option (EG: you need to move-shoot in order to allow for separate archers to be deployed vs bosses. For bosses which have nuke phases and dodge phases this might cut into your nuke time).

- Definitely is worth investigating.

- I think the 10 bosses fight from 3.13 will benefit quite a lot from Mirage Archer upgrade, while fights like Sirus, Elder or Delve Lich will benefit less.
Wanted to theory craft a bit regarding the use of occupying force.

As Stealthyy mentioned, the use of Occupying Force shows huge potential with 3 archers providing an 82.8% damage boost, this without adding the anomalous version that comes with 2 extra arrows.

First of all keep in mind that the anomalous version fires 2 extra arrows, but lasts 2 seconds less. In the scenario where we're dropping archers, 2 seconds instead of 4 means half the damage, so anomalous comes with a severe trade off. I would cut it from the get go, since it's impacting the dps a lot.

So the Mirage Archer represents a 0.276 boost of dps from original damage at 20 - 0 quality. If we go with normal quality, we get +10% bonus damage at 20-20, which means 0.3036 boost of dps per archer. At 3 archers that means 0.91 damage increase, which means +91% extra damage, almost doubling your dps output.

However, looking at PoB it shows that I have an attack rate of 6.98 (so let's say 7). If we take the Mirage Archer life time of 4 seconds, that means that after I place a Mirage Acher I will be able to do 7 * 4s = 28 attacks before I require to place another Archer. That means I'm loosing 7 attacks each second I'm not shooting, and Mirage archer placement requires movement since there's a restriction which doesn't allow for archers to be deployed next to each other (I don't know the radius restriction for new placemet).

Given that you have 3 archers, you will need to take time from those 4 seconds of attacks to place the archers.

If we consider that 3 archers means double dps, if you take a total of 2 seconds to place the 2 extra archers, it means that you will break even. However given that you only get +91% extra damage and that you have Point Blank in your tree, it actually means that if you take 2 seconds to place 3 Mirage archers you do less damage.

Let's set aside point blank and voidfletcher voidshot for the moment, and just consider that 3 archers are 90% extra damage.

Let's consider X the time required to place all archers, and 4s the cycle time.

4s*dps = 1.9 (4s-x)*dps <=> 4 = 1.9 (4-x) <=> 4 = 7.6 - 1.9x <=> -3.6 = -1.9x <=> x= 1.89

So you need to place all archers in 1.89 seconds TO BREAK EVEN. So you need to be faster than that.

Since you need 2 extra archers to be placed (the 1st one is for free), you will get 0.95 seconds to move cursor dash and shoot to break even. I would go so far as to say 0.5 seconds in order to get a DPS advantage worth while if factor in point blank.

According to the equation, having a 0.5 second per mirage archer placement speed will result in 1.9 * (4 - 0.5*2) = 1.9*3 = 5.7 which is a 42% increase in damage. Let's round it up to 40% because point blank and other shenaningans.

40% damage increase can be provided by Hypothermia.
will you play this as a starter yourself?
Hi, this is looking interesting, but is it actually a viable starter? Or its stuck on low yellow maps, until you gather enough currency?
for occupying force, the 10% damage from quality is increased damage, not more.

However, you can take 20% skill effect duration instead, and there is 30% from the minor nodes in the ascendancy, so this makes your mirage archers last 6 seconds.

I also think we might consider far shot instead of point blank, since farshot will make barrage have 0 spread so you can finally do ranged barrage, which is a 60% multiplier.

As for league starting, honestly I think you should just start as toxic rain deadeye and spend the ~30 points to respec, when you can buy a voidfletcher. The problem with league starting iceshot is you probably want 2 6L before it feels good, where as for toxic rain you can grab porcupine cards and use one +2 bow essence and that will carry you into red maps.
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I agree with what you are saying: Divergent Mirage Archer makes more sense since duration = more DPS.

As far as Far Shot goes, from my experience Boss fights will often times be more rewarding when you are close to them since you can dash behind them to dodge attacks. But it boils down to flavor. Far Shot will benefit a lot more than Point Blank a Mirage Archer Deadeye.

Well good news the league is starting and we'll see how the new skills play out.

Safe Travel Exile!


The build itself requires your 6L Death Opus to fly through the Red Maps.

I wasn't stuck on yellow maps even with a 5L high pDPS bow, however red maps were a bit cumbersome.

What you need to comfortably go through red maps is the 6L Death Opus, Hyrri's Ire, Taste of Hate and Dying sun flasks, a stygian vise and some decent jewels (not watcher's eye or top tier cluster jewels, however I strongly recommend prioritizing Storm Rider and Cold Conduction medium cluster).

End game gear will allow you to blitz through everything and I'm quite sure the 10 bosses fight and the new boss will be paper in the face of this build.

At the end of the day the build itself power spikes a bit later, but it allows for full content. A good trade off in my opinion.
Hi ZaPwner sorry im beginner and just want to know if u have the actual version of the pastebin cuz its not working

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