Divination Card Stories - The Sigil

alhazred70 wrote:
Would love to see this series become the springboard for a larger discussion of Div cards in general and some of the really neglected mis-fires and poorly located or terrible drop rate examples in particular.

I know GGG needs to make money and "go backs" on every Div card in the game would cost them man hours but:

would it really be so bad to at least ask for feedback and review these cards?

This card should drop in acts at a rate high enough that yolo aug and regaling them by the half dozen should be a legit SSF strat... I've actually turned in two sets of these for the first time in 15,000 hours this league because Heist spits them out but I've literally never collected a set before, or even noticed that the card existed IN 15k HOURS thats ludicrous. Neither set augmented into anything interesting, because of course they didn't this is POE almost nothing ever augments into anything good and when they occasionally do they almost certainly wont regal into anything good, so why would this card be rare even back in the time it was added? The chances of this card being powerful is almost non-existent. You have to get lucky too many times for the card to be powerful without turning dozens of sets in at a time. An augment is almost always going to be garbage and the regal you would follow it with is almost always going to be garbage and the slam you might follow that with is almost always going to be garbage and... When you're an experienced player (unlike GGG's Devs) you realize this card could literally drop 2 or 3 per map and still not be powerful without also getting really lucky.

All respect to the creator of the card: if it dropped like they originally hoped it might; it could be a fun card to turn in a dozen or so sets after a night of mapping and MAYBE get lucky on an Aug and MAYBE get lucky on a regal, etc. The card is actually a cool idea: GGG's insistence on OVER-Rarifying is the only bad thing about this card.

There are so many cards that need a revamp or at least to drop at a rate that makes some sort of sense given their actual realistic value in the modern game. Between cards that USED to be powerful and needed to be rare (but no longer do) and cards like this that were really mismatched in their drop rate compared to practical value its a real mess out there.

(Just spent all day farming a div card that is stupidly over rare, for an item I could buy for 1 alch in trade)

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Me too, then i got addicted to POE :))
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
unlucky_child wrote:

Me too, then i got addicted to POE :))

Luckily I didn't get quite as addicted to PoE, except possibly the first week of a new league ;)
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Quite interesting card, idea and concept.
It certainly should drop before maps.
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enjoying this series, thanks!
interested for the story!
alhazred70 wrote:
GGG's insistence on OVER-Rarifying is the only bad thing about this card.

And it affects so much more than just this card...
Unfortunately, the card instead dropped from Overgrown Shrine, making it much less useful than I had hoped. Overgrown Shrine has moved up and down in tiers over the years, but as the game has evolved, my card has become even less relevant.

Well, it always could drop from Cage...
I love the history of divination cards. Playing softcore makes them less valuable, it is difficult to obtain medium / high level cards and when you finally complete one you realize that it is easier to buy it or farm something else to have the currency to buy it. It even feels useless to finish the league and have so many cards that you don't use later.

On the other hand, in ssf if I see sense of it, you are looking specifically for something and it is the best way to achieve it. I see that most of the items and mechanics work better in ssf

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