Microtransaction Concept Art

Love the concept art. The Demonic pictures might go into my tattoo idea folder :D
That Fallen Angel no hood looks F*n AWESOME!!!
As someone who started playing POE in July of this year (2020), I am terribly disappointed I missed out on the Grand Sanctum support pack MTX set. I hate the fact that I can't acquire it but I also understand that the 'legacy' armor exclusivity is part of the game design. That being said, I had high hopes with this Angelic set as an alternative for the heavenly ethereal character look. However, after seeing what exists in-game compared to what the concept art looks like, I can't help but to provide my feedback on what would've made this armor piece wonderful.

The main issue is that the in-game body-armor looks like a ball-gown where the shoulder "wings" are un-proportionally placed beneath the shoulder. I cannot detract from thinking that the entire MTX looks like this. To prove my point, here's a backside look and a frontside look. Was this an intended look or something overlooked in the modeling?

Nothing against dresses, but it bothers me a lot more than it should that my messagner of heaven looks like he is going to a prom dance.
Clichéd ArtStation type fodder sadly. Technically good but generic.
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
cool set
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That Temple Glaive is vastly superior to the actual Temple weapon you chose, I REALLY hope it, or something like it, is released eventually. It's deeply annoying that so many NPCs get good-looking spears, and players get so few.
Those helmets are just too attractive for my wallet
Glaive looks good. I could imagine using that MTX for my War Stave.
awesome work GGG
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