3.12.4d Deployment and Full Patch Notes

Thank you GGG! Love you!
Love this update so damn much...just wish I could color the folders
Div card and essence affinity didnt work for me.Currency, map, ... are ok.
FYI, currency affinity isn't working for me in SSFHC, but it works in all the other leagues I'm in, including private leagues.
Fragment tab doesnt work with affinities in SSFHC :( fix pls
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fragments shards do not fill in tab fragment.

Rest tab work good for me
OMG South Africa wants to join the game well new boots coming to join us hahahahaha.

GGG how about polish the game more because when at least 2 ppl in a party and start to cast spells one of them get disconnected if not both of them.

Or shall we embrace the Cyberpunk and leave you guys to do your job properly till next year.
Congrats on the new affinities & features of the stash tab.

I love it and it works great.

It may seem like a minor inclusion but it's hugely time saving!
For my currency tab, if I enable Affinity, I can no longer ctrl-click my currency items from my inventory at all. Doing so does nothing, even if my currency tab is currently open.

Disabling Affinity returns my tab to traditional behavior and I can ctrl-click as usual, only while that currency tab is open.

Enabling Affinity effectively disables ctrl-clicking of my currency.
The Affinities are a very good start, but what about implementing the possibility to create your own affinity. Just like lootfilters. you can easily use the same technology. i think it would evevn be easy to add this to filterblade too. you can limit it to 5 or 10 affinities per account to prevent missuse.

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