New Stash Tab Folders and Affinities System

This is YUGE!
I am mostly a lurker on these forums, but this truly deserves a POG!
Awesome TY very much!
I'm dying to try this out!!

Great job!
This implementation looks perfect. Even though it wont effect me personally i'm Very very happy to see affinity's can be set on any tab.
Next step possibly letting you designate different armor types? Like a tab for helmets, etc.
Honestly, GGG, you're the BEST! This is what I was waiting for, for such a long time. I was about to go play diablo, but now, I'll stick arround. POGERS
And only several years after the majority of the playerbase developed chronic wrist pain!
Let's make a league about what players hate most: Opening doors, but even more slowly, backtracking through areas, clicking things that aren't in stacks excessively, escorting NPCs, losing everything on death, bugs, and crashes.
lets praise our lord Christ Wilson for that divine gift
Thank you!
Great implementation!
Cannot wait for Flashback and 3.13 to use it.

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