Hideout Competition

This is my Cartographers hideout, overgrown and unkept, I like a natural feel and I think this really makes the hideout feel natural and special.

Heres a walkthrough:

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This is mine <3 Cartographer's Hideout into Exile's Deranged Hoard Collection.

While Zana and the Exile are exploring the world of Atlas facing huge Challenges, Unique Stories, and valuable artifacts to find the elder..... Little did she know, the Exile that accompanies her has its own strange habits when she's not looking.

Is this just a non-harmful habit? or is it a new storm?.....

Log 1: After Sin, Innocence, and the Exile killed Kitava. the Exile took months to hoard its head and store it in its rightful place. Kitava's Horns are used to create much more power to teleport in different dimensions go back to the storyline to experience the past again.


Log 2: Exploring the atlas takes so much damn time to finish.... To appease the Exile's growing boredom he decided to Hoard all the unusual things he find and put it beside the Map Device to make it more appealing.... I guess?.


First time Joining this kind of event ^_^ <3 hope I make it lol.
My garden in arboreal hideout.

And tiny molten cavity in glacial hideout.

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Coastal Hideout ( The sanctuary of the forsaken masters )



Delirium League Hideout
(I know everyone loves Bridge Encampment for Simulacrum so here it is)



My submission for the competition.

TItle: Homunculus Laboratory
Theme - A Secret Laboratory where they are manufacturing artificial humans.
Base - Enlightened Hideout.

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"A Shaper's Touch"
"Celestial Nebula Hideout"
"Built by the shaper within a wink to be inhabited by exiles who are searching for luck, freedom and truth"


The Entrance

Einhar's Place

Alva's Place

Hall of Fame/Flame

The Shaper's watching :O (looks like it's not centered but it is)

The place to explore the Atlas

Storage / Crafting

The Place for the other NPC's

My throne and my riches xD

Jun's place (isn't finished yet, see below why...)

Would be nice if the limitation for decorations could be 1000 or more...

Stay sane Exiles
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Submission: blue-golden Oriath in Space
Hideout: Celestial Nebula Hideout

Idea: Combining the Themes of golden Solaris Temple with blue Carpets and black Pillars from Lunaris Temple, I recreated parts of Oriath in my own imaginated Dream in Space, dreaming while listening to Acton's Nightmare.

Link: https://imgur.com/a/DRCoC60


Hideout Entrance:


Mainhall first half:

Mainhall second half:

Audience Room:

Way to Maps and Stash:

Maps and Stash Area:

Overgrown Garden:

Library first half:

Library second half:

Workspace first half:

Workspace second half:

Traitor's Prison zoomed out:

Traitor's Prison zoomed in:

Thanks for Watching!

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