Hideout Competition

Theme: Celestial Town Hideout


Disclaimer: This Hideout technically was created during end of Delirium League. However, majority of the sections and decorations has been changed recently, during Heist League.
Theme: Sky Garden

Base: Celestial Hideout

Discription: A small garden out of the universe where I can find my peace to explore the Atlas, storing my trophies from the hunts and hiding a dark part of my soul.

Link for Images: https://imgur.com/a/z58G55J

Link for Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUOczujcQPM
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Here is my entry.

Its theme is a long lost overgrown water temple.

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Dear community, dear GGG,

let me introduce to you my

Overgrown Luxury


Basis: Luxurious Hideout
Theme: Nature reclaims luxury

A short video walkthrough can be found here: https://youtu.be/lkCZsCf62G8
The following screenshorts can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/xmjzlUC

Note: The start of building this hideout was in Harvest League. However, the current state was mostly created during Heist.

Have fun...

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Theme: Eclipsed Royal Court where The Queen and her advisors solve the problems of Atlas Universe

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Welcome to the Thermal Waters Hideout. A tranquil retreat fed by the rejuvenating waters of a thermal mountain spring.

Screen: https://imgur.com/V7WAZoQ

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After Oriath was destroyed, a refuge camp was needed as a fall back, in case it happened again. A replacement map device was also transported, so as to continue the external expeditions. The only original entrance was blocked off by rocks, and only a waypoint for entry exists now. The refuge has an unfreezing fishing hole and well, a crane for delivery of external supplies, tents for shelter from the winds, and an Oriath administrator presiding. On the far side of the camp, there is also a strange ghostly shrine, with everlasting rain, paying tribute to a tomb buried beneath the unyielding snow.


How does anyone ever lose at rock-paper-scissors? Rock CLEARLY wins every time.
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Back-alley Refuge

Features: (Mess hall, bunker beds, workshop, science lab, storage/stash facility, art gallery, library, consecrated ground, corpse locker, and fishing well)

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Theme : Garden of Eden in space. With bridges connecting the Garden with 2 sepparate platforms. 1 Snowy/angelic platform representing the ( good ) and 1 bloody/demonic platform representing the ( evil )

Hideout type : Celestial Nebula Hideout

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welcome to my Hideout, Oasis

i wanted to create an oasis because i think this is missing in the game. A retreat for all forgotten exiles.

Have a nice day everyone :-)

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