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Jerle wrote:

Unfortunately, my card was never “great”. I did designed it when mjolnir was 50ex. But when the card was released, GGG has already smashed the ultimate nerf hammer on it. Making my card carrion crow tier right from the get go.

:(. I just hope the Eternity Shroud and one specific belt (not the one with skulls) would not be nerfed in next league, where my designs should be introduced :)

cgexile wrote:
That hammer is still really good. I made an arc 3 dragons cycloner a few yrs ago with it and it was insane. The problem was that at the time my rig couldn't handle my build haha. I might try it again now that I have much better hardware.

Well, the thing is that you could just buy the whole Mjolnir in the trade league for 2 chaos, so there is no reason to even look at the card.
And with incredible rarity of the card it would take a lot of time to complete the set in SSF mode.

This is the outcome of stacked decks from around 500 heists (including 100 grand heists) that I did this league. The card is really rare.

However, if you like the build, you can try it again, GGG really did a lot to optimise the game. It works pretty decent for me even during encounters like double Beyond + Delirium.
Ah! A Tier Two player.

Congratulations on the card, though.
Paying to create a Div card just screws over the player base with that much more trash. It suckers people into paying to get stuff put in the game that loot filters will erase anyway.
awesome read
In other games - you get a cookie whether you win or lose. PoE not only takes your fuckin' cookie and eats it in front of you, it slaps you upside the fuckin head a few times for bringing a cookie in the first place.
That was a pleasant read.
thanks fo sharing. nice story, especially since my love for the game also still feeds from the initial closed beta times.

i sometimes wish the ability to be able to see the game with fresh eyes but what has been learned cannot be unlearned obviously.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
good behind the scenes story, I like those always :)
(btw. here are also 3 character faces in the PoE logo ;) )
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That's a great story ..Congrats!
Cool story, looking forward to the series!

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