How We're Developing Our Next Expansion Differently

Epic post Chris, thank you all for your passionate work. May Heist's hiccup help you grow as devs and company!
I will write on this thread again.. because I'm seeing people thinking it's just only heist that made the game reach this point and it's not.

Dev's are constantly nerfing players builds and ascendencies which makes the constant chase for the fotms.

I havent seen a single monster nerf after they buffed them 3 times during different leagues but builds and ascendencies are getting the nerf hammer every single league.

Leagues being released on poor state: this is where heist comes to play where they finally realised that the experiment is starting to cost them alot quality wise. Forcing it too much trying to be "different" when sometimes (if you ask me more like most of the time and not sometimes) keeping it simple works better.

Heist added alot of AI movement following and more along with voice acting but there's the same 4 heisting maps, different layouts sure but the thing gets tiresome after a while. Sure, gives you the most profit in the long run but at some incredible high chances to get yourself burnout.. not because the amount of currency but how heists playout.

People critize simple leagues such as breach, legion, delirium but the mechanic is pretty simple and didnt need alot of flashy things (except delirium which was a DISASTER regarding graphical issues the first week along with balance issues) simple leagues work better in the long run, sure repetitive? maybe but that's the fate of ARPGS grind to death.. at least having the league mechanic on the map gives you more to look forward to..

Then comes the bane of streamers and alot of frequent posters here on this forums to be core on the next league: harvest.

I wonder how they will even think in making it live without the seeds, I said that they will make it like synthesis items you get now from heist.. pure RNG fest, if you played harvest I would NOT expect harvest to be the harvest you played.

And last, the cycle of overnerfing leagues has to end dev's. You added so much clutter and nerfs so much that it's not funny anymore, might as well remove all of the "core" leagues and just buff the current drop rates to whatever is the current league since the core leagues are absolute lame at drop rates.

Edit: I could add more things but why? punching the dead horse isnt my style, it's up to them now to create more solutions and less words.
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You personally getting involved or not, is not going to magically increase the time management problem. Delay the league till January,hold off for a month. Give us a flashback for heist and in the meantime focus on properly delivering the next league.

I'd rather wait another month for some proper polishing then waste my time beta testing the league for you.
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Heist was a messy league it's getting better but the league is halfway done already so it's a bit late tbh.
That being said the covid pandemic and the black swan event you wrote about seem to be a big part of the reason why this happened.
Overall GGG managed to keep path of exile interesting to me, to the point that i'm still playing for at least a few weeks nearly every expansion since closed beta.
I'm curious to see what this new way of making leagues will bring and hopefully it'll reduce the pressure for you all at GGG and make the new league fun playable and mostly bugfree within the first weeks of launch.
Looking forward to what the next league and path of exile 2 will bring.

Keep on growing GGG! :)
If u need me for anything u can pm me ingame or send me a private message :)
Nothing can grow forever.

Im sure GGG is going to deliver great things as well in the future, and at this point this is a standard projektmanager viewpoint which is often wrong.

Im sure many of u know the joke "projectmanager is who thinks 9 women can deliver a baby in 1 month"

My experience nowadays is the opposite with PMs. They usually the ones who doesnt let people create the best they can because "not in the original plan" which was made 10 years ago by different people...

Chris wrote:
This experiment comes with some side effects, however. You'll definitely notice that the patch notes are much, much shorter than they usually are. That's because we're focusing on getting the most important changes done, and doing them well. I'm aiming for us to try to fit the patch notes on just a few pages, if we can manage it. This does mean that we have had to be careful to pick our battles though - the balance changes we are doing have been carefully chosen to have the largest impact and fix real problems. It's also likely that we'll front-load the announcement to have more of the expansion's contents revealed at once, reducing the number of small teasers we post in the weeks following announcement.

I know some ppl finish end game content in a month but I am sure there are lots of people who agree with what I am going to say now.

3 months is a short time to enjoy the league, especially when the first month is wasted like a beta test... Why not change it to 6 months with more end game content to push?

Let me tell you what I enjoy. I enjoy grinding with a well-geared character and I manage to reach those items in 1.5-2 months so that would be great If I could play with that character in the other 4 months! Or maybe try another character.

And no! I don't enjoy standard league, it is out of option.

Some people may leave the league earlier but it is still the same now!

Some people have very high expectations. Guys, this is an ARPG game, this is all about grinding so quit whining about it! You make a character and you push for better items and harder content, it is what it is and POE is the best of ARPGs we have now. I have been playing ARPGs since Diablo2 and this year I tried many other ARPGs including Warhammer Chaosbane, Last Epoch, Warhammer 40K Martyr, Darksiders Genesis... etc. They are all ok but have a very long way to go to be in the same league with POE.

I am sure there are lots of players who want longer leagues with more content. As for content, it is growing quickly! The last league I had played was Synthesis, then I started with Harvest again and I was amazed! Lots of nice additions! Can't think how the game will be in 3-4 years from now. I appreciate GGG team, I really do. The only thing I would ask is for a longer duration of leagues.
"The schedule that we will hopefully achieve with this approach will likely have everything quite playable and ready for gameplay iteration before our marketing deadline, and in a very stable and polished state by the time it is released."

Stability and smooth gameplay. That's what I want.

Great approach. Thank you very much.
GIVE us what you gave the Chinese and stop these useless leagues. we want currency picking pets too. we want in game trading and trade search. not always new league new crap
thanks for the writeup, i can follow that decicion to not take more dev time for a league.

but does that mean we get a smaller league at start and incrementally upgrades over the time of the league?

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