Path of Exile Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #3

Community Designed Microtransaction - Active Skill Gem

Summon Carrion Golem
Raise Spectre
Blade Vortex
Toxic Rain
Essence Drain
Ice Nova
Ball Lightning
Blade Blast
Poll closed
we don't need another cyclone MTX IMO

toxic rain would be really nice, as the purple toxic rain is mroe annoying than anything (performance and sound)
Cyclone bois rise up
that's a lot of skills getting nerfed.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.
Storm Brand
+1 for Ice Nova here
I vote Dominating Blow or literally any active skill that has 0 mtx. I'm saddened by this list.
Seriously, if Cyclone wins what would be the point. It already has so many mtx's. Its a shame that a lot of these also have like 2 variants a pop (Barring Ice Nova)
Come on kids, Carrion Golem is butt-ugly, while Toxic Rain already has one of the nicest MTX in the whole game with the lotus rain, and there's like... a million Cyclone MTX already.

Give Carrion a chance to be a pretty princess too!
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Carry-on golems are hard to distinguish from the skill effect. It's like one minute you have five little brushwaggs, then the next minute your screen has become a brushwagg continuum, engulfing a jumble of red and green HP bars.

Maybe make them into little Meatwads or green ham n' eggs. Or Mimics, riffing off the luggage theme, but they can't stay the way they are now, it's just confuse-a-tron.
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
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Ball lightning my homies!

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