3.12.4 Patch Notes Preview

All this should have been fixed before league was launched. The Shield Charge + Dash bug was reported in harvest

I pity anyone who is still playing this league.
Anngrat wrote:
Galtrovan wrote:
PsyYak wrote:
Fix the drop rate of Exalted orbs.. didn't even found 1 all season -_-

You aren't the only one in this boat. I haven't had a Exalt drop this league either. Exalt drops is a big fat ZERO so far.

Basically you and I get to suffer to support those that have 5 drop in a single, hours-long play session.

exalts drop from currency chests farm with exated trinket, this is what almost every1 doing atm(4% trinket costs almost as hh)

As is typical, the rich get richer. The rest can hardly get into the game.

One cannot really acquire a multi-exalt item when exalts aren't dropping for you in the first place.

Yes, I know. Farm. Save. But if you don't have infinite time and have zero luck, the league will be over first.

KalHirol wrote:

I pity anyone who is still playing this league.

Yes, the idea of the heists is all well and good, but doing them is kind of tedious.

By now, GGG has heard this a billion times: Get rid of the unnecessary doors, speed up the time it takes the NPC's to do their tasks, and make sure the NPC's move to do their task when told to do so. It's annoying as hell for the NPC's to continue fighting, or refuse to enter the room and do their task, or not do their task if I'm too close or too far from the task object. Waiting. Sucks. This is an action RPG. No one wants to stand around and wait.

For now though, I trudging along. Maybe next patch will fix things.
And when will the CreateShaderResourceViewEx error be adressed. All those reading of contract not dropping. With CreateShaderResourceViewEx the game wouldnt even start. Its not even in the list with known errors
Just let me know when I can do a heist without the game crashing
Hmhmhm, so does enduring cry boost life regen again?
There are some valid things still outstanding:

1) Caches are too rare to be meaningful. This is a league - they should NOT be 1 in 10 chance like it has been added to core already.

2) Unique contracts don't exist in a way that fosters their use. All of my rogues are at max level. I've done the Adiyah pre-req. What gives?

3) Markers do not scale with map tier and blueprints are apparently too rare. T16 still drops 36-50 markers. That is ridiculous when you need 20k or more for a halfway decent grand heist. I understand that I can get 1K markers plus from contracts. However, when you accumulate 50k markers and have had exactly 1 blueprint drop - there is an imbalance in the drop rates.

I am at the challenge level where the items above are basically blocking any hope of hitting 36 challenges this league for me. I played so long in Harvest that I don't want to burn out running 50-70 contracts just to be able to do a single grand heist.

GGG - I love the league and was lucky that I only had D/C from grand heists exactly 1 time since it launched. This is a new direction from previous leagues and I love the willingness to get out of the comfort zone. However, there should always be balance passes scaled to actual player habits. Just having a handful of QA resources running 10 maps and then scaling your drop table values from there is probably not enough given all of the other content that is already in core.
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Sweet beta stage 4 is starting soon!!! maybe we will get the full release before the league ends!!!
Forget Heist. Uninteresting, boring and so glitchy I feel like I've lost more than I gained from the content. Whatever, bunk league and I'd rather play core content.

But good luck having a betrayal, temple, metamorph or any other addition to a map without crashing the game. Then you get to log back on and find out whether or not you just wasted the past hour or two and need another 10% xp. FFS at LEAST keep the core game running...

And did we just give up on minimaps? Talk about a serious blow to QOL.

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