wands and increase one hand weapon damage

I have been looking for an answer for a while now and haven't come up with anything. (could be i'm blind lol) but ya I was wondering if one hand weapon damage increase passives affect wands as well. logically i would think so.

I've been planning on playing this game once my summer vacation begins and have been thinking about builds and wanted a definite answer before I have to make the decision :). Thanks for the input guys! look forward to playing in the near future!
I can't pull up the passive tree here at work, but provided the skill doesn't say 'one-handed melee' then it should work with wands. If it does, however...then no way, no how.
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thanks for the speedy response! I'll take your word for it ^^
I'll look into it further in an hour or two when I get home. I too am building a wandslinger (templar, in fact) and am careful to see which non-obvious passives might give me a hand.
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Yeah, all the one-handed/two-handed nodes seem to specify that they're for melee. I guess if you want wand damage you'll have to take a trip up to the Witch area.
I've confirmed that increased Projectile damage increase Wand Physical damage.
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That much I did know. And yeah, it's a long crawl to the wand nodes...!
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Theoretically they should be one-handed ranged. So anything that specifies melee only shouldn't work.

if you see something that is for one-handed that doesn't specify that it is only for melee and it doesn't increase wands, you can report this in the bug section.
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Well, I also figure that 'one-handed melee' specifically excludes wands, since they're the only one-handed ranged I know of. :)
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thanks guys you've all have been very helpful ^^!

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