Made out of dark metal and decorated with elegant engraving, the Darkwood Weapon Skin works with a wide variety of weapon types, including Daggers, Wands, Claws, Swords, One Hand Maces, One Hand Axes, Bows and Quivers. Watch its video below or click here to get yours.

The Darkwood Weapon Skin looks great with the Basilisk cosmetic effects from one of the current Core Supporter Packs. Add the matching Darkwood microtransactions, such as the Weapon Effect and Footprints.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
People will buy a stick if it looks good enough?
Looks pretty basic, imo; like a low lvl quest bow or other generic wooden weapon.
Hard pass.

The portal effect and weapon effect are nice though. Wonder if there's going to be a matching armour set.
Offer 15c, err 15 token
actually i think thats gorgeous and if i were spending money on video games again i'd 100% pick it up.

love the simplistic non neon obnoxious glow trail bullcrap that most recent MTXs are plagued with
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Minimalist design. Cool.

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