3.12 VideoGuide. Heist Occultist Vortex+Coldsnap. Hardcore viable. EndgameDestroyer1337

Hello, Nucl3arHC there, i have countless lvl 100 on Hardcore leagues, there is one of my favorite builds. U can take a look. Pob for endgame gear and links u can se below.

There is a full guide video about everything.


Path of Building

https://pastebin.com/zeE2JuM3 - Lifebased tree
https://pastebin.com/JpdDFLzq - Lowlife endgame.

Also if u have some questions u can ask them on stream or ingame.

See you around exile.
Last bumped on Oct 7, 2020, 10:31:33 AM
Guide is in Russian. I'll just guess what this build is about. Thanks
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As first thats racist, as second, good english tho my friend xd

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