The Darkwood Portal Effect and Footprints Effect

Jerle wrote:
I think we need new mtx categories. Not sure what though.

Skins for the map device itself, a mannequin decoration to dress up with your unused mtx, a button on map device screen that brings up portal equip screen to set your own portals and not just have randoms, are some cool ideas :))
When the new content is unplayable, why would anyone buy an MTX for a game that is not complete?
Fightmusician wrote:
If new skills matching outfit recommendations were the specials of the day you would probably sell a ton more. Just saying. Love it btw GGG!

Props GGG for having the MTX recommendations on sale for once that match the vibes of these new cosmetics. I will claim this as my idea since I recommended it a little while back until told otherwise lol.
pes502 wrote:
clap, clap ... pls more MTX shiats .. it doesn't matter, that the game is fcked up, that we are not able to do some challenges, because content is still not implemented. It doesn't matter, that for a lots of players the Heist league is unplayable, because game is crashing like never before. It doesn't matter, that sometimes you waste tens of thousands coins, because heist doors are bugged ... we still need more MTX!

Well said and much agreed!
Thank you GGG
Why get MTX when we can't even play the game without crashing and bugging out?
color palette is very unexpressive.

and the silhouette/shape seems a bit haphazard

to be honest it looks like a rough draft - which is fine except you guys are selling this for real money

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