3.12 Heist build "Oni-Charan!"(Cyclone + golems (3.1 M DPS) "Goddess" of swords build.

So in this build you have to routes you can take. Golems or solo. if you go solo you lose your ELE reflect immunity but you gain a ton of HP and versatility. If you go golems you gain about 1m extra damage and you get ELE reflect immunity. The build you choose is entirely up to you. for me I personally went with golems. but that's just cause i like having the little dudes around.

Current Items


So far the build has been great. Definitely not HC viable.
-Perfect for delving
-Ele Reflect immune
-phys reflect immune
-can be turned into a golem summoner
-literally press one button
-can be a very cheap build

-self damage
-low HP
-Expensive to setup (50 EX for perfect setup)
-literally press one button

This is the first build I have ever made. So far it has been super fun to get setup. the clear speed is pretty good, single target is lacking still but with a few changes it could do some massive DPS. the "her embrace" buff/debuff isn't too bad later on. your energy shield should be enough to tank the "her embrace". if you are doing trials or something where not many enemies spawn and you run out of flasks just X swap to a different weapon until the "her embrace" timer runs out. I made 2 different builds for this. one is golems and the other is just straight life. if you go for golems you get an extra 800k-1m damage. if you go for the no golem build then you get an extra 1.2k life and a bit more survivability. just depends on your playstyle. I personally enjoy the golems, but i normally play a summoner anyways sooo... yeah. anyways that is all. if anyone wants to help me fix my build PM me on discord.


This is the link to the final version of my build.
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Very interesting build, very good for a no rare build and could be very cheap if you substitute some rares. I would recommend using a Dying Sun and diamond flask in your build, I think they would compliment it nicely
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