Passive: Skeleton Archery

"One of the skeletons summoned by your Summon Skeletons spell is an archer."

Some people have suggested skeleton archers as either some kind of support gem or a separate skill gem altogether. I think it would be simpler to add a passive skill somewhere in the Witch or Shadow areas instead.

It could work attached to a unique item as well. Imagine a unique bow (Spine Bow? Bone Bow?) with that ability. It could encourage some kind of archer/summoner build. Right now pure summoning is kind of boring, and the summoner uniques just give you more minions or more minion stats.

If you have the summon naked statue people spell instead, you'd get a naked statue archer.

It could use a more fantastic name like "Necrofletchery" or something.
I like the diversity. I think skellies should have a little bit more flavor to them.

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