[3.12] Rustys EQ 2h 6-20M Bleed Dot Beginner Friendly League Start into Sirus 8 Farmer

Hello Exiles

I'm Rusty this is my Earthquake Gladiator Two Hand Ailment Bleed build

Would you like go from Zero to Hero read how

This build is designed for SSF atmosphere and will skyrocket in Trade
This build is designed for All Content and excels at Bossing
You can enjoy All Red Map Tier content with ease

There is nothing wrong with going Bow Bleed or Max Block this is just another play style for those who like to Bonk and screen wide clear

This is not a Crimson Dance build

Softcore | Hardcore


As someone who been playing Softcore for over 7 years I don't design my builds for hardcore.
I do still enjoy playing a well balanced high damage high survivability character for my own leveling experience from 95-100.
The passive tree and item combos is already quite mid-max
It would be entirely your choice to play this build in hardcore

I will continue to edit and update this build for casuals and mid-maxers


-Heist League Video Playlist
-Updated Pob Links
-T16 map on flask usage
-Lvl 83 Contract Heist Xp Loop Video
-Abrasive Catalyst Nerf


- Kill all + 2 passives

The Pantheon




Pros : Great League starter | Boss Killer | Wreck Endgame content

Cons : Warcry Rotations | Leap Slam/Dash Mobility

Damage : 8.5/10 =================== Survivability : 8/10
Mobility: 6.5/10 ================== High Hp: 7/10

With 3 permanent Frenzy charges Loads of Life regen from Endurance charge Warcry spam 100% elemental ailment avoid 5.5 - 7k health you will become a strong character durable character

Why only 8.5 out of 10 for damage when it always feels like a 10 at end game


This build does not work like every other bleed build currently
This is build is melee you will either enjoy the play style or not but if you quit early you will not unlock the builds protentional roughly level 93

You will need to make certain item choices and upgrades if you want to have a monster bleed, you will need to keep war cry spam up to trigger Natural Authority

Through Acts 1-8 this build will feel like any generic two hand melee build, it will not gain it's identity until Cruel Lab lvl50-60 when you will gain access to Bleed based ascendancy perks and by then a good chunk of bleed on the passive tree.

Consider this your Item upgrade list

1) Mana Physical leech jewel
2) Thread of hope (medium) Unique Jewel
3) +2-3 Minimum frenzy charge Bench Craft
4) Physical damage over time Amulet & Gloves
5) Awakened Gems first 1-3 level 1 20 quality
6) Elder Rare Weapon with 60% more bleeding
7) Corrupted blood Jewel For during Sirus
8) Vulnerability on hit Ring level 5-8
9) 6L Influenced Chest

I would advise to aim to have an Elder rare with 60% more bleeding by the time you engage Sirus 6 which is t14-16 maps

Thread of Hope

Key Notes on Thread of hope

I feel it is important to explain in a little more depth on why we use a thread of hope and what it provides for this build.

Firstly our Ascendancy Outmatch and Outlast states 10% more physical damage while at maximum Frenzy Chargers you have 3 frenzy chargers total to begin with.

Using a Thread of hope medium we are able to pick up Disciple of the slaughter for 1 point adding +1 minimum along with 8% increased damage per frenzy charge. You will still need to have +2 minimum frenzy on an Amulet and a Ring resulting in 3 permanent frenzy chargers enabling the ascendancy.

You also pick up Disciple of the Unyielding which gives you endurance charge sustain. Then for 2 more points we pick up Versatile stance and Area of effect & Damage while in Blood/Sand stance resulting in an additional 45% increased damage.

When we rock up to the boss room and switch to blood stance we gain 69% increased damage and 10% more physical damage.
We gain 25% increased Area of Effect in Sand stance generating challenger chargers much more rapid for a faster mapping experience

If you cannot afford to craft your amulet and ring slot with +1 minimum frenzy bench craft each (open suffix) you will not gain the full benefit of using this jewel.

If you feel this might be too hard for you to achieve there are other items you can mid max around there is nothing wrong with putting more points into HP to have a high hit points character

Path of building

I have Tested and showcased 2 examples being Axes and Maces

You may have to keep Community Pob Fork up to date to see links sorry


You will not tell what your Tooltip dps is in Pathofexile you need Pobfork it will say like 4-9k when in reality your doing around 2.5-9mil Bleed Dot which is 18-70mil total dps

Did you know there has been a Huge quality of Life to Path of building the new an improved one is called Community Pob Fork

I would highly recommend downloading and running this App it will inform you more advanced tools that help you scale any build including Bleed and Impale


I have had to overhaul both versions more life across the board added wary cry buffs in and changed end game anoint. I'm only human forgot to add the war cry stuffs sorry!

Complete Leveling Guide with all versions

Two Hand Axes

41 AoE Radius | Onslaught on kill | Higher damage| Higher Attack speed

Budget Anoint: Fangs of Viper
End game Anoint: Dirty Techniques

Both links are exactly the same its in case one doesn't work


Two Hand Mace

43 Aoe Radius | Culling strike on Stun | Slightly Less damage & Attack speed | Higher Life Pool | 20% reduced Critical damage taken

Budget Anoint: Fangs of Viper
End game Anoint: Dirty Techniques

Both links are exactly the same its in case one doesn't work



You will always gain more benefit from applying Gemcutter's Prism up to 20% quality per gem

Mobility 4L

Auras linked Optional

You will always run Flesh & Stone + Maim With Blood & Sand then the choice of either set up listed below
When I run Contracts & Grand Heists I prefer to run Vitality & War banner
when I need more sustain in a map where damage isnt required I also run these
When I want to hit hard and kill bosses quickly I run Pride
These are two different Aura set ups to suit your needs

Aura and Defence

2 Separate 2 Links

I'm pretty certain the only thing that matters for Maim is a lvl 21 gem. Quality is not required as it linked to flesh and stone, I'm still testing if 20% increased effect will do anything

6 Socketed 4L

4L gems as follows

Linked Optional

Earthquake's Aftershock 6L A 5L would be no Swift Affliction


I would personally remain with Sweep till after cruel lab 50-58 as gems will be leveled then switch into a Vaal Earth Quake

If you find a Tabula Rasa while leveling you will not have 100% bleed chance yet

After 38 Switch Melee Physical for Brutality


You will always gain more benefit from applying Glassblowers up to 20% quality per Flask


X2 Life 2 Utility 1 Damage Flask

With 100% Ailment Avoid set up

Without 100% Ailment Avoid set up

Any combo of Flasks with Remove Bleed | Freeze & Chill | Shock

Please do not use a Lion's Roar if you want a damage boost run Sulphur Flask

If you run Corrupting Blood Jewel permanently and have the budget and/or lucky drop consider using a Bottled Faith Pay attention to this part only you will want 9 or 10 for Max damage
Consecrated ground created during effect applies 7-10% Increased damage taken to enemies

Maps & Map Mods

All Maps Viable


No Leech Life/mana

This is the only map mod that makes our build uncomfortable as being we rely on mana leech if you have to run this map corrupted for atlas progression equip a mana flask

Players cannot regeneration Life/Mana/Energy shield

A lot of our defensive layer comes in the form of regeneration from both wary cry spam and basic regeneration from the tree. We have a lot of leech both Life & Mana on the tree, Blood of Karui Flask is so good. This map mod comes down to personal choice you can run it fine you just notice hits a lot more

Physical Reflect

Warlord & Elder Influenced Chests can roll for the Immunity mod
Simple | Prime | Awakened Sextant Modifier use on any colour watchstone

Atziri, Queen of the Vaal

You will need either of these 2 options to not die to Queen Atziri both during her phase and mirror phase we deal way too much damage

1) Elder/Warlord Physical Immunity Chest
2) Sibyls Lament ring with Risk Awareness Annoint

Monsters have %50 a chance to Avoid bleeding

With A8 bonus this becomes 62% the build can still do this, for the most part you won't notice much change. You will however notice it on the map bosses, you will notice it in delirium maps keep that in mind its more frustrating than a make or break for most builds.
While Vaal Earthquake is active it has 100% chance to bleed and since you pop this many times in a map you won't notice the down sides

Are you new to PathofExile and not sure what is considered a Prefix or Suffix?
This website will help you understand



Some of the items have prices on them ignore this. Most items were linked from past league remove only tabs they are most likely not worth the attached price

Please also disregard any and all Gems in these items unless they are the ones under the Gems section don't confuse yourself

If your going to push this build from league start into Sirus 8 consider your gear like Thresholds Red map tier content and bosses will require Chaos resistance or you will start to die a lot



Pre Elder mod Rare Weapon

A rare or influenced weapon does not matter you are looking for a High Pdps roll it is important to have open suffix to craft attack speed this will make leap slam feel smoother

Whilst running Heist you may come across very high Pdps rolled weapons this is great. They are there to be used keep in mind that an elder rare with 60% more bleeding damage modifier will always out performs weapons rolled like this

Elder mod Weapon

60% more bleeding with high physical rolls

How to craft a 60% More Elder mod Weapon

With Harvest gone you are much more likely to hit only Physical and Bleed mods using a 3 socket Resonator

You will need an Item level 83 base to start this process

1) Socket a Perfect Fossils into a 1 socket resonator
2) Use a Perfect Fossil on the weapon aim for 25-30% quality
3) Socket in the Jagged, Dense and Corroded Fossils into a 3 socket resonator
4) You will notice hitting the 60% more bleeding mod more common now aim for around 400 pdps then Bench Craft to boost damage even more

Ctrl Copy and Paste into Pob Fork to inform you on the pdps good luck

For a Axe you have a few options
1) Karui Chopper Highest base damage
2) Vaal Axe 25% Chance to maim on hit & High attack speed
3) FleshRipper High base damage

For a Mace you have a few options
1) Imperial Maul 10% increased strength
2) Coronal Maul 20% increased area of effect
3) Kauri Maul

Remember your Weapon only needs to be 6 socketed and a 4L at entry

So why even bother crafting one?


Body Armour

Cheap Body Armour

Life | Resistances

Influenced Body

If you don't ever want to worry about Physical reflect focus on a Warlord/Elder Chest with Physical 100% reduced with a High Life/resistances bypassing the +1 if you can get both amazing.

Heist league only

Replica Farrul's Fur

I've been sitting on this item for a over a week now and deciding whether or not to add it because of questions that may rise now and in the future this item will synergize extremely well with thread of hope keep in mind the +1 support gems chest from Warlord & Elder is still superior this is more a fun alterative choice

You will need to Beast Craft Aspect of the Cat ( Suffix) onto an item with an open suffix available for this to work keep that in mind


I've decide to trim the Enchant list to save confusion. I will most likely never gain access to a Helm enchant on an Elder base yet I still don't even notice the difference without one at the end game. If you manage to get any Helmet enchant on any skill we use keep it.

If you are in Trade League here are my Top 5 Best to worst

Helmet Enchants

1) Vulnerability curse effect 30%
2) Increased Earthquake damage 40%
3) Blood and Sand has increased buff effect 40%
4) Increased Leap slam attack speed 15%
5) Earthquake deals 5% increased damage per 0.1 seconds duration

Budget Helmet

End Game Helmet

Legacy Jagged Fossil Helmet crafts Standard only

Elder Influenced Base with Ailment Avoid Crafts

Helmet must be Item level 85 for Nearby enemies Take 9% Increased Physical damage anything lower and your wasting your time


Whether you decide to go with Rare Gloves or Influenced Rare Gloves you will need to get an open suffix for Ailment avoid craft

Life | Resistances | Chaos Resistance |
Some of the linked items just need a Craft Life roll

Dexterity is a enough common roll for gloves this can help with Attribute requirements in early game

Elder Gloves with Chance to Bleed - Increased Damage with Bleeding

These are still great and offer tons of damage to our bleed Dot keep in mind Physical over time multiplier is superior

Hunter or Elder Gloves


Boot Enchants

I personally like Attack/Cast if killed recently and often get that on my boots the other two are also good choices

1) Attack/cast speed if killed recently 16%
1) Regenerate Life per second if you were hit recently 1.5-2%
2) Damage leeched as life if killed recently 0.6

Non-Shaper Boots

Life | Resistances | Chaos Resistance | Optional Attribute

If you are familiar with bench crafting consider these will always be sold for dirt cheap and/or drop in maps

Shaper Influenced Boots

Two-Tone is Ideal because it gives Enchant + Resistance Implicit, If you cannot get a Two-tone Just get a regular pair with Life/ Resistance/ Avoid Ailment with Crafted Movement Speed

Blight League Anointment


Fangs of Viper Anointment
----- Clear,Teal,Azure

Dirty Techniques Anointment
----- Amber, Amber, Silver

Normal/Uber Atziri Queen of the Vaal
Risk Awareness Anointment
---- Clear, Verdant, Indigo


This is a great choice to be more active with Blight maps

Minions summoned by your scout towers inflict Malediction on hit
----- Indigo, Black

Temporal Towers Have 25% Increased Effect
----- Clear, Azure

Heist League Buffed Scout Towers

Either run x2 Scout damage towers or 1 of Each
If your not confident and want easy loot x2 Scout tower Damage

Scout Towers Range
---- teal,Violet

Scout Towers Damage
---- Amber, Amber


Budget Amulets

Bases: Turquoise | Onyx | Jade | Citrine

Life | Elemental Resistances | Attributes | Optional Physical to attacks

End game Influenced Amulets

If you have a thread of hope = +1 Minimum Frenzy Craft on Amulet

Bases: Turquoise | Onyx | Jade | Citrine

Life | Physical damage over time | Open suffix for +1 Minimum Frenzy | Optional Elemental Resistances | Physical to attacks


Abrasive = Damage | Fertile = Life | Intrinsic = Attribute


To avoid confusion we are an Ailment based bleed build none of the gems we use reflect that we deal on hit damage this means we do not scale on hit like the way all other bleed builds go about when using a Ryslatha

With this in mind we can skip that option and run an Elder Rustic Sash with a double Global Physical roll. In my experience you can do more damage but only with a double Global Physical roll, this can be a fun experience crafting your belt if your in a trade league buy a base and have a go.

You will want to aim for at least a tier 1 26-30% or tier2 21-25% roll

Unique Belts

Belt of the Deceiver is really solid

Budget Belts

Life | Elemental Resistances | Global Physical Damage if Elder Base

It's always more damage on a Rustic but take what you find

Elder Belts

Global physical damage | Life | Resistances


Fertile = Life | Intrinsic = Attribute | Prismatic = Resistances


Budget Rings

Life | Elemental Resistances | Optional Attributes

Early to Medium Map Tier

Life | Elemental Resistances | Chaos resistance | Optional Attributes

End Game Rings

If you have a thread of hope = +1 Minimum Frenzy Craft on a ring

1) Life | Elemental Resistances | Chaos resistance | Open suffix for +1 Minimum Frenzy
2) Life | Elemental Resistances | Vulnerability on hit | Optional Chaos resisntance & Open Suffix


Abrasive = Damage | Fertile = Life | Intrinsic = Attribute | Prismatic = Resistances


Unique Jewel

Viridian Jewel

You could also use literally any roll with leeched physical as mana to start with heres a few examples of a more end game option

Corrupting Blood Jewel

Medium Cluster jewel

This is a great slot to roll for Chaos resistance it is usually one of the only places we can squeeze out just a little bit more

Tier 1: Vivid Hues, Wound Aggravation, Brush with Death, Exposure Therapy

Tier 2: Student of Decay, Flow of Life, Compound injury, Wasting Affliction

Solid Option when your starting out

Small Cluster Jewel

Chaos resistance

Personal Choice here I like blessed

Increased maximum Life

Personal Choice here I like Surging Vitality for regeneration bonuses and Peak vigour to bonuses to Life flasks

100% Avoid elemental Ailments

This without a doubt is the best defensive layer in the game

What is An Elemental Ailment

Shock | Ignite | Freeze & Chill | Scorch | Brittle | Sap

unaffected by Shocked & Chilled ground map mods

The goal is 100% total Avoid Elemental Ailments through Items and Bench crafting we need achieve this with ease

1% Chance to dodge Attack Cluster Small Jewel

Helmet Bench Craft

Gloves bench Craft

Shaper Influenced Boots

Above is easiest way to gain it.
Below is more niche ways but require more funds

Body Armour Bench Craft

Synthesis Ring

Implicit Range 18-25% you will need to apply a Blessed Orb to reach maximum

Crystal Skin Anoint

In my experience this isnt needed for the avoid part but more so for the +1 to total maximum resistances being useful for defence purposes


Some videos were recorded with stutter ive done my best to fix this best I can

All videos were made with 32 watchstone on Awakener 8 bonus

Why I don't rely on Flasks

Rotational Ramp

Fist of War Area of Effect

Why Pick an Elder Weapon


Any videos I release from now on will strictly be new bosses and if a major change to the build comes.

This new Heist playlist was made with a Lower Ailment Bleed in mind 9-10mil which I feel many people can achieve to beat all current content in the game with ease.

Why not delve bosses? Simply put its a huge waste of my time from league to league setting it up I usually only farm some fossils for quick crafts and move on, It takes way too long to find bosses.

My gear will now be ramped up to fight the new Unique Heist contract bosses

Heist Videos

Realistic Damage Post Harvest Crafting

Late Game lvl83 Contracts Xp Loop

Pre nerfed Heists Budget gear

Harvest Videos

Harvest Boss Compilation

Mid Max 6L damage

Uber Atizir With Low end Weapon

Mostly Budget Gear 5L damage

3.12 Buffs & Nerfs

Enduring Cry

This got gutted radius feels so bad for endurance charges gain unless standing on top of a monster you wont get any, no +1 minimum on use, base cooldown +3 seconds. All the regeneration and boost regeneration remains we use it like a Life potion


rework is a Buff we do deal a faster bleed which sales our DoT damage even more

Ancestral Warchief

Phantasmal Ancestral Warchief will provide us with 40% increased Ailment damage while it is active acting like a free helmet enchant's worth of damage

Corroded Fossils

All damage types were changed after Harvest league Culling strike Physical hybrid Elder mod is no longer gained with Corroded Fossils

Abrasive Catalyst

The change makes it so we can no longer double dip on both Physical to attacks and Physical damage with time due to the recent changes

3.12 Rusty's Heist League Gear

I enjoy progression at my own pace | No thread of hope found


For Maps

For Contracts/Grand Heists situational

For a long time I was using my warlord ring and rather than multimod craft into better I bought the synthesis base and crafted it into what it is now

10mil bleed dot in current gear


3.11 Rusty's Harvest League Gear

Only a few of these items are close to my version of mirror tier and I will strive to try recraft in the future

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nevermind its just hidden
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Just doing some tweaks to make it easier to read
What do you think the gear on your 116m harvest build was worth (the first one linked)? Do you think it's gonna be more expensive to craft without harvest?
Last edited by jealkeja on Sep 16, 2020, 2:27:57 AM
jealkeja wrote:
What do you think the gear on your 116m harvest build was worth (the first one linked)? Do you think it's gonna be more expensive to craft without harvest?

besides the kauri and thread of hope I crafted everything I couldn't tell you how much each item piece is I don't usually play path of trade much anymore. Some of the items I made would sell for alot 20ex+

Your going back to a heavily unfavoured RNG crafting system that is about spamming to get an outcome the items you might get lucky with are

weapon, gloves, amulet, belt, all jewels, flasks and hunter ring (you dont need the influence at all)

now you can't copy exactly but you will be able to roll something similar since you can't just add remove life/resistances to get t1s

the warlord ring, boots, double influenced helm and body will be extremely hard to copy, my budget options are a very realistic gear set with a solid dps
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Really nice guide, GrimExcuse! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together :)

Going to try replicate it to the best of my ability this current 3.12 Heist league. I doubt I'll do as good a job as you but hoping to have some fun with the build.

Thoughts on good unique axes to use before we can craft one with the elder mod?

Thanks again 🙏
Could you use Kitava's Feast as a viable weapon? And if not; Why?
TwistedFocus wrote:
Really nice guide, GrimExcuse! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together :)

Going to try replicate it to the best of my ability this current 3.12 Heist league. I doubt I'll do as good a job as you but hoping to have some fun with the build.

Thoughts on good unique axes to use before we can craft one with the elder mod?

Thanks again 🙏

Hi twistedfocus I've done my best to make it as user friendly as possible, Its still very solid choice in Heist even without the harvest crafts which my budget builds were purposely designed for a fresh league you'll do great.

I personally like a Nice rare %phy,adds to phy with attack speed 350-520 pdps

My goto unique would be Hezman's 440pdps then I upgrade into a rare than an elder

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