[3.14 UPDATED] Bergerbrush's Divine Ire Inquisitor - HADOUKEN BUILD!



3.14 Ultimatum League Update Video!


The Elementalist had a pretty big overhaul in Ritual League and has now significantly improved overall. And with some nice tricks of using the "Malachai's Artifice Unset Ring" alongside with playing Golemancer on this we can utilize the Ascendancy very well in order to gain a much larger DPS boost than we can/did with the Inquisitor.

The Skill Tree/Gear is mainly the same. And so will the HP/Defenses be as well. The only real difference is a major damage boost.

Look at the Video or check PoB for the changes and I will convert this Guide over to an Elementalist version instead in the future.

If you are looking to use a Guide then this works just fine still, and it's the same gear if you wanna play Elementalist, just do that and pick the Ascendancy points shown in the video.

Elementalist Ascendancy Choices:

Liege of the Primordial -> Elemancer -> Mastermind of Discord -> Heart of Destruction

Hello everyone! My name is Bergerbrush and this build is a part of my "Project Builds" where I try to make a viable Build out of every ascendancy in the game that can get you from zero to hero. My plan is that you should be able to start this Build with no investment or as a League Starter and work your way up to Red Maps on an extreme budget. Invest as you play along and be able to clear up to Red Maps including bosses and later with heavier investment be able to clear mostly all endgame content.

If you have any questions regarding the Build or suggestions feel free to contact me in my Twitch Stream as I am a Fulltime Streamer.


Pros and Cons

+ Hadouken Build?!
+ Good Single Target DPS
+ League Start Viable
+ Good overall eHP
+ Fun Clear Speed with Shatter
+ 70% Attack Block
+ Elemental Ailment Immunity
+ Stun Immunity while Channeling

- Cannot do any Reflect Maps
- Requires dodging attacks sometimes
- Requires standing still to channel damage
- Cannot do No Regen Maps

What is Project Builds?


Project Builds is a Project I made where I try to make a decent Build out of every Ascendancy in the game that is playable for anyone at any given point in the league to where you can build your character out of nothing and work your way through all the content in the game.

I will try to make different Leveling Guides for every Character in the game and then the Build Guides such as this one takes of from us Killing Act 10 Kitava. Where you can start mapping with ease in White Maps and work your way up to Early Red Maps. Then I will continue to guide you with upgrading your character to finish the whole Atlas and then progressively work your way towards finishing nearly all Content in Path of Exile.

It needs to be said though that some Ascendancies perform better than others. And most of the time it completely depends on your current investments. For example this Build is the "Inquisitor" ascendancy. And Inquisitor generally have strong pretty strong damage overall because of their Elemental Penetration but sadly doesn't get that great of defenses apart from our extra Energy Shield regeneration. Our Ascendancy choices in this character gives us great damage, decent Energy Shield regeneration and Elemental Ailments Immunity.

I also do my best to stay away from the classic Meta skills as much as I can. Therefor you will not be seeing "Cyclone Skill" for every single character but may still see them sometimes.

Information about the Build


What can you expect?

You can expect a mix of fun and a feeling of power when you see large packs of mobs just explode when you shoot a massive ENERGY BEAM that destroys everything. It requires some mechanical skill to manouver incoming damage in more dangerous maps and bosses but becomes a very fun and engaging build because of it that still has good defenses to help out.

"Phase 1" should get you through T1-T10 maps atleast. You need to invest a little bit into some very Cheap Uniques and a bit of filler gear to start the base of your character and then you will progressively work your way through white, yellow and red maps as your character and your skill gems level up.

"Phase 2" we take all the currency we generated and start investing more into the character to increase its overall defensives and single target DPS and start working up towards Tier 16 maps.

"Phase 3" Even more currency generated we start working at the min-max part version of the Build and we push our character so we can start doing all endgame content.

What kind of playstyle is this?

Divine Ire is a really fun interesting skill if you enjoy the mechanics of it. Stand still, channel for a bit and then release a large beam that destroys everything in it's path. If you can learn to avoid incoming damage by moving a lot between your Divine Ire beams then you can really have fun with this skill.

When channeling Divine Ire you can generate between 1-20 stacks, the more stacks the more damage. For Map Clearing it isn't extremely important to hit 20 stacks and 5-10 is more than enough for clearing packs.

The build has a decent amount of eHP and we also eventually get Complete Stun Immunity along with our Elemental Ailment Immunity. This paired with the 70% Chance to Block Attack damage we actually have a pretty well rounded defensive build. This is all needed since we have to stand still to channel Divine Ire.

For bosses you wanna make sure that you keep the boss inside your Consecrated Ground area. Also keep bosses inside your Divine Ire to generate stacks faster to shoot more 20 stack beams.


Showcasing & Videos


Build Guide Video

Veritania Awakener 8 - Tier 16

Here is a Playlist of Helpful Videos & Tips in Path of Exile

Playlist of Tips & Tricks

Leveling Guide


Apologize for this being unfinished as I've mentioned this project was put on hold due to Technical and Personal issues.

For now I suggest you watch this TytyKiller Video for a nice trick on getting good leveling weapons for spellcasters.

And for Leveling Gem's its been suggested that you can use.


Level 1-12 : Freezing Pulse or Spark
Level 12 : Arc or Storm Brand

Single Target Support:
Level 4: Holy Flame Totem

At level 28 : You can start using Divine Ire.

Phase 1 - Act 10 Kitava to Early Red Maps


Congratulations! You made it past Act 10 Kitava and are now ready for the Endgame in Path of Exile. Make sure to watch these videos below if you do not know how to prepare for the Endgame or where to start!

Here is a Video to help you Prepare for Mapping after Defeating Act 10 Kitava!

And Here is a Quick Video regarding the new Atlas Skill Tree's

Bandits Quest in Act 2


Your 2 options in the "Deal with the Bandits" quest in Act 2.

Either KILL ALL Bandits and recieve 2 Skill Points from Eramir

This is good because we can utalize 2 More Skill Points in our Skill Tree for more damage or life, or other good Skill Nodes.

And your second choice is..

SAVE ALLIRA Saving Alira and Killing the other 2 Bandits will give us a hidden buff from Alira that gives 5 Mana Regenerated per second & +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier & +15% to all Elemental Resistances

This is also good because for League Starts it can be really good to get some extra Resistances as it is usually very tough to balance your resists after killing Act 10 Kitava.

It is also good overall for builds such as ours where we perhaps use a lot of Unique Items that doesn't give us Elemental Resistances and we rely on very few Gear pieces to get our resistances up. Alira also gives a decent damage boost from the Global Critical Strike Multiplier and the Mana Regeneration is OK in some situations.



Video of Labyrinth & Trials Explanation

1st / Normal Labyrinth: Righteous Providence
2nd / Cruel Labyrinth: Inevitable Judgement
3rd / Merciless Labyrinth: Sanctuary
4th / Eternal Labyrinth: Pious Path

Skill Tree & Path of Building


Phase 1 Skill Tree ~ Level 85

Phase 1 PoB ~ Level 85: https://pastebin.com/ewW5MnSE - 2.5m Damage (Stage 20 Release)

Gem Links


IMPORTANT - You always wanna try to keep your Gems atleast Level 20 with 20% Quality unless I specifically say something different. If the Gems in this Guide don't have 20/20 Gems it is because I don't have those myself and can therefor not link them in this Guide.

5 Link



IMPORTANT - Herald of Ash will not be activated until we get an Enlighten Gem Level 3 later on in the Guide. (If you already have an Enlighten Level 3 then use Herald of Ash)

Mark & Vaal Righteous Fire

Cast Assassin's Mark on Bosses for an incredibly high DPS increase.

Activate Vaal Righteous Fire for bosses. DON'T USE the regular Righteous Fire EVER!

4-Link Totem for Single Target Damage

IMPORTANT - DO NOT LEVEL Blade Blast above level 11. It will increase the Dexterity requirements too much and screw you over.

Movement Skills

IMPORTANT - DO NOT LEVEL Dash above Level 13, once again because of Dexterity requirements. And also DO NOT LEVEL Arcane Surge above level 2. It gives us a Damage boost when you spend an amount of mana based on the Skill it's linked too.

Utility & Extra

IMPORTANT - DO NOT LEVEL Tempest Shield above level 7, Immortal Call above level 3 and Cast when Damage Taken above level 1. The linked gems to "Cast When Damage Taken" needs to be at a certain level otherwise they wont proc.



IMPORTANT - THIS GEAR SECTION IS UNFINISHED DUE TO HEAVY TECHNICAL AND PERSONAL PROBLEMS LAST LEAGUE. BUT THE GEAR FOR PHASE 1 IS AVAILABLE IN THE "Phase 1 PoB"! I will for now just add the names of each item instead of linking the item itself.

- Wand -

CHEAP - Has a decent amount of Spell Damage and also adds Lightning Damage and Cast speed.

- Shield -

CHEAP - The character is somewhat built around the Light of Lunaris. It adds a lot of damage with flat cold to spells and critical strike chance for spells. But also the %Block Chance and "%Critical Strike Multiplier per %Chance to Block Attack damage" is the main thing we want. We stack up to 70-75% Attack Block Chance and this gives us a great amount of DPS.

- Body Armour -

CHEAP - Tabula Rasa for 6-Link.

- Helmet -

CHEAP - Focus on Life, Resists and if possible Energy Shield.


CHEAP - Focus on Life, Resists and Dexterity if possible. Also Critical Strike Multiplier if you can afford it.

ANNOINT - Command of Steel - (Amber Oil+Crimson Oil+Opalescent Oil)

Clip of me Explaining how to Annoint your Amulet

- Rings -

CHEAP - Gifts from Above ring gives us Chance to Block Attack Damage which gives more damage, it gives more damage overall and also Critical Strike Chance.

- Gloves -
Rare Gloves (Preferably Sorcerer Gloves)

CHEAP~MEDIUM Price Focus on Life, Resists and if possible Energy Shield.

- Belt -

CHEAP~MEDIUM Price Focus on Life, Resists and if possible Energy Shield. Get either of a Stygian, Leather, Chain and Heavy Belt.

- Boots -

CHEAP - Focus on Life, Movement Speed & Resists.

- Flasks -

CHEAP - I suggest an Anti Bleed Flask, an Anti Warding and then a Diamond Flask with Critical Strike Chance crafted. Then an Atziri's Promise for Damage and Rumi's Concoction for Defenses and Damage.

I have the "Increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effet" craft. Just ask me on Stream and I can craft it for you.

- Jewels -

CHEAP~MEDIUM Price - For Jewels you have many options. Any form of cast speed, spell damage, critical strike chance or critical strike multiplier, life, energy shield and resists and so on.

But the ones I have chosen for my character was "Chance to Block Attack Damage", "%Maximum Life" and "Global Critical Strike Multiplier"

I suggest mainly looking for "%Maximum Life" and any form of Damage or resists if you need it.

Phase 2 - Tier 16 & Early Bossing


Skill Tree & Path of Building


Phase 2 Skill Tree ~ Level 90

PoB for Phase 2: https://pastebin.com/3WnJzL9c - 4.1m Damage (Stage 20 Release)

Main Item Upgrades


- Void Battery -

EXPENSIVE Price - Void Battery gives us another Power Charge and we stack Power Charges in this build, and a long with that it gives more Spell Damage per Power Charge.

- Fingerless Silk Gloves -

MEDIUM Price - The Fingerless Silk Gloves are a perfect base for us because it gives us Spell Damage and it's a ES base.

Focus mainly on "Life and Resists" but it's also very important to have the Bench Craft "% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage"

- Opal Ring -

MEDIUM Price - Opal Ring is a good choice for us because of the "% Increased Elemental Damage" Implicit.

Focus mainly on "Life and Resists" but also "Cast Speed and any Stats such as Dexterity" can be great too. You also wanna use the Bench Craft "Channeling Skill have -3 Total Mana Cost" for better uptime on Divine Ire.

- Amulet Upgrade? -

MEDIUM Price - I went for a Strong Amulet upgrade in Phase 2. Amulet is a great place to also get some Stats that we need.

Once again Focus on Life, Resists and any other form of extra damage such as "Global Critical Strike Multiplier, Cast Speed and if possible Critical Strike Chance"

- Enlighten Level 3 -

MEDIUM Price - This enables the use of our damage gem "Herald of Ash" when linked together with Hatred, Herald of Ash and Precision.

- Stygian Vise -

MEDIUM Price - Stygian Vise enables us to add a Abyssal Jewel which can generate more eHP and damage/clear speed for us.

Focus on "Life and Resists" on this belt, and if possible any damage mod on top of that.

- Abyssal Jewel -

CHEAP Price - Abyssal Jewel to put in the Stygian Vise.

Focus on "Life and % Chance to gain Onslaught on Kill". Other than that any damage mod or Energy Shield is a nice bonus.

- Thread of Hope Jewel -
Item Missing

CHEAP Price~MEDIUM Price - You specifically want a Thread of Hope Jewel with "Only affects passives in MEDIUM RING" It's the Medium we want.

You put this in the Jewel Socket left of the skill tree and allocate only the Large Nodes that are shown in this Picture and unallocate the smaller nodes leading up to "Divine Wrath & Divine Fury"

Phase 3 - All Endgame Content


Skill Tree & Path of Building


Phase 3 Skill Tree ~ Level 95

PoB for Phase 3: https://pastebin.com/cx4qXJXk - 5m Damage (Stage 20 Release)

Main Item Upgrades


- Redeemer Influenced Body Armour -

EXPENSIVE Price - We utilize a Redeemer Influenced Body Armour for the "10% Chance to Gain Frenzy Charge on Hit" this mod allows us to generate Frenzy Charges reliably and increase our damage quite a lot.

Focus the rest of the mods on Life and the Bench Craft "Gain % of Maximum Life as Extra Energy Shield" and also any resists or energy shield is a great bonus if possible.

Also a Vaal Regalia is the best Base if possible.

- Taste of Hate Flask Swap -

CHEAP Price - With the Shaper/Hunter Body Armour now in place, we don't really need the Diamond Flask anymore and it's better to swap our the Diamond Flask for a Taste of Hate. It's a large DPS boost and also a great defensive addition.

- Medium Cluster Jewel -
Item Missing

MEDIUM Price - Get a Channeling Medium Cluster Jewel with "Unwavering Focus" and "Rapid Infusion/Stoic Focus"

This gives us a decent DPS boost and gives us 100% Stun Immunity while Channeling.

- Shaper Influenced Ring -

EXPENSIVE Price - Get a good Shaper Ring (Preferably Opal Ring) with "Trigger Level 8-12 Assassin's Mark when you Hit a Rare or Unique enemy"

Also pair it with what ever stats you may need or can have such as Life, Resists and any form of damage.

Once you get this Ring you can stop self casting Assassin's Mark and this ring will apply it for you, this makes it easier for bosses so you don't have to self cast the mark and still get the massive DPS boost from Assassin's Mark.

- Warlord Influenced Helmet -

MEDIUM~EXPENSIVE Price - A Warlord Influenced Helmet with "+1 Maximum Power Charges" or "Critical Strike Multiplier" or "Elemental Damage."

Focus on "Life and Resists" and if possible any extra Energy Shield.

Also a Hubris Circlet is the best base if possible.

- Tailwind Boots -
Item Missing

MEDIUM Price - Boots with "Tailwind, Movement Speed, Life" and if possible any resists.

Gem Link Setup with Assassin's Mark Ring


Put Temporal Chains Level 5 or Enfeeble level 5 in your "Cast when Damage Taken" setup for another defensive layer against trash mobs.

This will cast Enfeeble or Temporal Chains in an area and most likely hit a pack of mobs sometimes when mapping and this can help out your overall survivability a little bit.

When we then hit any Rare or Unique enemy the Assassin's Mark will override the Enfeeble/Temporal Chains and we still gain a massive amount of damage on heavier targets.

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Build is looking nice, would love to try it as a starter next league.

Phase 1:

Skill Tree & PoB Updated. Now contains Skill Gems & Equipment which I will soon/later add to the Guide itself as well.

Phase 2:

PoB Updated. Main Item upgrades Updated, just missing a few items. Will be added soon.

Phase 3:

PoB Updated. Main Item upgrades Updated, just missing a few items. Will be added soon.
my english is very bad, but i love your project
Keep going!
Any update for 3.12? Looking forward to using this as my league starter

What skill do you recommend for Act 1 - 4 ?

The 'Leveling Guide' section is blank.
EpsilonV wrote:
Any update for 3.12? Looking forward to using this as my league starter

Will be going over that in todays/tomorrow stream before League starts! :)
Evernothing wrote:

What skill do you recommend for Act 1 - 4 ?

The 'Leveling Guide' section is blank.

Yeah sorry, been having PC issues lately and put off almost all my projects such as making videos to complete certain guides :/
Bergerbrush wrote:
Evernothing wrote:

What skill do you recommend for Act 1 - 4 ?

The 'Leveling Guide' section is blank.

Yeah sorry, been having PC issues lately and put off almost all my projects such as making videos to complete certain guides :/

I just ran this through acts 1-5 bc I'm thinking of using it in league.

Arc before divine ire and holy flame totem for bosses was very quick, just using random gear from drops.
Reach me on Discord: @trenzafeeds#7168

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