[3.12] 🔥Ultimate Guide to Righteous Fire Templar🔥 From 0 budget starter to All Content simplified.


Promo video: [3.11] Righteous Fire Templar ~Alpha Centauri~ Promo

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3.12 League Start video series added in <Videos> section. Please check them for early gameplay.

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Table of content:

1. Introduction.
2. General mechanics.
3. Life Inquisitor.
4. LL ES Guardian.
5. Crafting.
6. Videos.

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Update log:
21.09.2020 - 3.12 League Start video series added in <Videos> section.
20.09.2020 - Added some videos from a league starting. Minor guide fixes.
17.09.2020 - 3.12 update. Removed harvest crafting, Glancing Blows, adjusted to nerfs and changes. Slightly changed early game gear. Endgame build has no changes.
19.08.2020 - Crafting section update - how to get cluster jewels without harvest crafting.
18.08.2020 - Added Glancing Blows variations for both builds.
16.08.2020 - Added 1 more clusterless build.
08.10.2020 - Guide published, videos uploaded.


Greetings, Exiles!

I'm playing Righteous Fire since the end of the Delirium league, after 2.5 years of a break from the game. At that time I saw some videos from FastAF about his RF trickster and budget juggernaut, which I decided to give a shot. Despite it hadn't met my expectations, I really got addicted to Righteous Fire gameplay as I started to understand its mechanics.

I tweaked build a lot, switched to a chieftain, and, overall, was doing great. However, the end of the league was coming, so I began to ponder about the next character. At that point, I was sure I wouldn't make another RF marauder because of the flaws of its ascendancies. Also, I gave up the idea to make Elementalist and Trickster simply because of the expenses, which ain't good for the start of the league.

That's how I got the idea to make RF Inquisitor. After some tests, the concept was proved, and the decision to start RF Templar was made.

Harvest league started very smoothly for me, I was surprised by the performance of the character because I didn't expect it to do that good. Lvling was extremely easy with early RF. Also, I found Inquisitor being overall pretty balanced, cheap, and straightforward choice. It was fast and strong enough.

With the flow of the time, I didn't make a big gear progression but polished the mechanics making it tankier and stronger overall.

At some point and currency accumulated, I started to think about how to push the build even farther and challenge the game.
And that's how I ended up with my masterpiece - LL ES Guardian, with which I completed almost all the hardest encounters (most of them for the 1st time). Build performed so well, that some of my friends and random exiles got interested in it, so I decided to share it here.

In this guide, you'll learn about 2 builds: Life Inquisitor and LL ES Guardian.

But first, you all know that Righteous Fire is a very old off-meta skill which not only hadn't been improved for years but got some nerfs instead and can not actually compete with newer mechanics.
So, why play it?

1. Comfortable gameplay that develops an addiction.
If you've never played RF character, you definitely must try it at least once.

2. Passive damage.
While you are running here and there, things close to you die just like that. Also, on harder boss encounters, you can just spin around them dodging attacks and focusing on their mechanics while still doing damage.

3.Fewer deaths = less stress.
Most RF builds are tanky enough to not die to a single random touch from whatever.

4. All content.
I love making builds that can beat the whole game. I'm playing since 2015, so the thing I hate the most now is leveling. I just want to clear the entire game with 1 character per league - that's the definition of the "best build" for me. I don't care about tens of millions of dps that can't do even normal Atziri or have problems with the Hall of Grandmasters.

5. Damage is enough to take things down pretty quickly.
Despite RF being t2-t3 skill for a long time, it still can do millions of damage per second. And Vaal RF helps to take down some small flies like guardians/conquerors in a few seconds.

6. Balanced builds between speed, damage, and tankiness.
Can do some damage, can tank some damage, can run. Jack of all trades.

Also, Life Inquisitor and LL ES Guardian have their pros and cons that make a huge difference in gameplay.

Life Inquisitor:
+ Immunity to elemental ailments.
That's why I love to play Inquisitor the most. No freeze, no shock, and no ignite - that's bigger than you think.

+ Cheap and easy to start and progress.
As I said before, even zero budget starter works well. Since we have consecrated ground buff on us after 1st lab (and almost 100% uptime after the second lab) we can begin to use RF early, and it makes lvling extremely easy. Also, you don't have to invest hundreds of exalts to make the build work.

+ Very fast and mobile mapper.
Due to gear and ascendancy, damage of Righteous Fire is stronger and movement speed is faster than that of the Guardian. 2.5-3.5m dps (+ 8-10m Vaal RF) is very easy to get. So, we are moving and cleaning trash faster.

+ All Content viable.

- Cannot facetank.
Spin to win against bosses.


LL ES Guardian:

- Lower AoE damage.
Righteous Fire here not as strong as Life Inquisitors.

- Slower than Life Inquisitor.
More stationary gameplay.

- Expensive.
Although the cost of acquisition of gear via crafting decreases by a huge amount of currency (like x3-x5), but it doesn't change the fact that for LL ES sky is the limit.

+ Facetank everything besides strongest bosses.
Tankiness is what Guardian about.

+ Bigger single target dps.
6-link Scorching Ray helps to melt some big asses.

+ Eats All Content for breakfast.
Even if you are, like me, bad at some game mechanics, you won't have many problems beating the game at all.


So, progress with Righteous Fire Templar should be like:

1. Start, level, and progress as Life Inquisitor.

2. Switch to LL ES Guardian when you can afford it*.

*Important update
While I was writing the guide at this point, I was sure that the Guardian is better overall no matter what.

But after I theory crafted some more POB builds for Life Inquisitor, it's not necessarily true now.

Guardian is tankier for sure, but Inquisitor can get like twice more RF dps with my gear (~5.4m RF + 18-19m Vaal RF), which is better on maps and mechanically hard bosses like Sirus or Uber Atziri.

At this point, the comparison <Life Inquisitor vs LL ES Guardian> is about <AoE damage and Clearspeed vs Single Target damage and Tankiness> became even clearer for me. So:

If you prefer clearspeed, then it's Life Inquisitor for you, stick with it.

If you prefer stressless, smooth, and steady gameplay - your choice is switching to LL ES Guardian in the end.


Despite 2 builds have some differences in skillset and mechanics, they follow the same principles in general, so I want to describe it in a separate section before them. That should help you to get the idea of how things work.

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1. Offense:

Scaling damage of the Righteous Fire is hard. It doesn't have any decent powerful synergy mechanics like damage conversion or impale, so getting big numbers is very complicated and completely out of the competition with newer stuff.

There are only 2 ways:

- To Scale % Increased damage.


1. % to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier and Damage over Time Multiplier.
2. % increased Fire, Burning, and Elemental Damage.
3. % increased Area Damage and Damage over Time.

Important - Cluster Jewels:
Cluster Jewels are better than the classic passive tree for scaling damage for us. The difference is huge - over 35% at lvl 100.

Although Life Inquisitor can run without clusters, LL ES Guardian must have them because of some defensive mechanics.

Top Priority for both builds - to get 6 Burning Bright notables with 2 large and 4 medium clusters:

One of the 4 Medium cluster jewels must have Brush with Death (+Burning Bright) notable.
Other three should have Flow of Life (+Burning Bright) (that's an ideal setup, but not 100% must have):

As for large cluster jewels, I went with Prismatic Heart + Widespread Destruction + Burning Bright simply because they are easiest to craft (at the time I crafted my large clusters, this setup cost was 8ex each, but my expenses were about 200-300c for both jewels). Please check the Crafting section for details.

Also, if you are not in crafting, budget options can do.
Just scale Burning Brights.

So, the ideal cluster jewel setup looks like:

Large cluster jewels:

Medium cluster jewels:


- To Reduce Elemental Resistances of enemies.

Firstly, we take Elemental Equilibrium keystone in our passive tree:

Each time we hit the enemy with cold or lightning damage, Elemental Equilibrium reduces the enemy's Fire Resistance by 50%.

Example 1: if Sirus (or any other big ass boss) has 50% Fire Resistance, after taking lightning/cold damage his fire resistance becomes 0%.

Example 2: Normal monsters have 0% resistance. After taking lightning or cold damage, their Fire Resistance becomes -50%.

Important - check your gear for:
Under no circumstances you must have additional fire damage to spells (Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells) on your gear.
We are applying Elemental Equilibrium by Storm Brand spell.
If you have additional fire damage to spells, Elemental Equilibrium will increase Fire Resistance of the enemy as well instead of reducing it.

Just be sure you don't have ~ Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells ~ anywhere on your gear.
Also, it should be best, if you wouldn't have ~ Adds # to # Fire Damage to Attacks ~ as well*.

*but you might want Cold or Lightning damage to Attacks since our movement skill is Shield Charge, which can apply Elemental Equilibrium too.

Secondly, we are running with Dual Curse setup: Elemental Weakness and Flammability.

Easy way to apply EE + Curses:

4-link setup: Storm Brand - Hextouch Support - Elemental Weakness - Flammability

And that's how it works: Storm Brand deals Lightning damage to the attached target and 2 enemies near it triggering Elemental Equilibrium that reduces Fire Resistance, and at the same time it applies both curses reducing resistances even more. 1 skill = 3 effects.

3.12 Update: Where to get the second Curse before Awakened Hextouch Support:
1. Doedre's Damning
2. Windscream or Windshriek
3. Vixen's Entrapment
4. Corrupted amulet.

Thirdly, we are applying Fire Exposure (-25% Fire Resistance) by different ways for each build:

Life Inquisitor via 2-link: Wave of Conviction - Combustion Support

The Wave of Conviction always applies Fire Exposure (-25% Fire Resistance) in our case, and Combustions Support applies -19% Fire Resistance on Ignite, which can be applied by the Wave of Conviction.

LL ES Guardian via 6-link Scorching Ray.

As for Guardian, there is no point in WoC + Combustion setup because 6-link Scorching Ray by far superior to it.

And that's it for damage scaling mechanics.

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2. Defense:

Although Life Inquisitor and LL ES Guardian have different sources of defenses, both builds share these mechanics:

1. Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance).
All nearby enemies are blinded, which means they have only 50% chance to hit. Great defensive skill.

2. Aspect of the Spider.
Both offensive and defensive aura. Slows nearby enemies and increases the damage they take. Can be crafted at any rare piece of the gear via Menagerie as a suffix.

3. Capped Chaos Resistance.
Life Inquisitor uses Divine Flesh notable as a survivability upgrade and must cap Chaos Resistance to 80%.
LL ES Guardian can't use Divine Flesh, but 75% Chaos Resistance is what allows us to beat this game.

Always cap Chaos Resistance, Exiles. It's easier than you think.

4. Regeneration as the main source of survivability.
We cannot leech from RF and SR damage, so life/es regeneration is the only way to survive. Enduring Cry is worth mentioning here. Both builds can use it. So, we cannot do No Regeneration maps at all.

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3. Movement mechanics:

Both Builds have the best synergy with Shield Charge
in different ways:

1. You are doing damage while traveling (Flame Dash does not work this way).

2. Fortify for defenses.

3. Can get Inspiration Charges through it. I'll elaborate on this mechanic in the Inquisitor section.

4. Inquisitor has almost 100% uptime of Consecrated Ground buff (at the end of the Shield Charge, the character become stationary for 0.## second, which is enough to refresh the buff)

So, 2-link setup: Shield Charge - Fortify


As Guardian I switched to Flame Dash and Steelskin (on move) setup for Uber Elder and Sirus kills. While I was mapping to spawn conquerors for Sirus, this setup was ok.
This might work for 2h or dual-wield setup too. So it's up to you.


Shield Charge - Fortify - Better mapping setup. It is faster, benefits from Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline, and all that attack speed from Inquisitor Ascendancy really hard. Also, can trigger EE in a right way with added cold/lightning damage to attacks.
Only con - shield charge itself. Cannot move through obstacles.

Flame Dash - Steelskin - Better bossing/lab setup. Steelskin is a very strong defence skill overall and can trigger inspiration charges too, that makes sustaining them easy without much caring. Cons - not as good on maps as shield charge with attack/movement speed increase, also Flame dash triggers EE against us.


Important: all builds below (besides budget ones) are based on my own gear, which wasn't expensive at all. They don't include theory craft with GGG/mirror tier gear and definitely can be stronger/better with better equipment. Please, be sure to check <Gear explained> section below to get a general understanding of item progress.

3.12 Update: Endgame builds are not affected. Budget bulds (starters) slightly changed.

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POB links
You must use the latest version of PoB Community fork to import all builds correctly. You can download it here: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases

1. My build before I switched to LL ES Guardian (lvl100 version): https://pastebin.com/2nAiAqtQ

2. With my current sceptre: https://pastebin.com/D32Rai1t

3. Inspiration charges version (best damage, no enduring cry):
- Sceptre + Shield (4m RF/15.7m Vaal RF):https://pastebin.com/JzdurPZS

- 2h with cheap staff (4.7m RF/16.6m Vaal RF) https://pastebin.com/3ynJAaN9

- Note: In theory, my Sceptre + Sceptre build has 5.4m RF/19.2m Vaal RF, which actually surprised me greatly while I played with POB to get these builds. Also, the Searing Touch Lathi version above surprised me like this:

4. Passive tree without clusters (lvl 100):

- Normal (2 warcries): https://pastebin.com/sMtjS0cN

- Inspiration charges (stronger, 1 warcry): https://pastebin.com/2TXDFczJ

6. Budget (starter) builds:


Under 10c build (lvl 72): https://pastebin.com/EdJb4j3p

Note: Build with 5-link body armour, lvl 17 skill gems and 2 weapon sets - 1h + Shield and 2h. You don't need to buy both. Weapon sets use different movement setup.

How to switch weapon sets in POB:

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Under 20c builds (lvl 73):
1. https://pastebin.com/qzitW0mU with 6-link helmet
2. https://pastebin.com/85J0ie66 with 5-link 2h weapon

Both builds use Kaom's Heart and 2h weapon.

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Those builds are your starting point. Just follow the gear progression below.

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Gear explained (all price categories):


Step 1. A dirty cheap helmet that will carry on league start from lvl 45:

Eye of Malice

The magic of this helmet is that it works as a final multiplier to resists in both ways: If the enemy has positive (i.e. 40%) resistances, it increases them. If the enemy has negative resistances (i.e. -40%), it, on the other hand, reduces them farther.

Example 1: Enemy has 50% Fire Resistance. With helmet it became 50% * 1.5 = 75%
Example 2: Enemy has 0% Fire Resistance. After triggering Elemental Equilibrium, enemy Fire Resistance became -50%. And after the helmet multiplier it became -50% * 1.5 = -75%

The results of my tests showed me that this helmet is the absolute best budget helmet in terms of damage before we have enough currency to move farther.

On day 1 of harvest league, this helmet costed 5c. The next day price dropped to 1c.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Step 2. At this point you want a 6-link helmet with Elder's influence and these mods:
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Burning Damage
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Concentrated Effect

At the date of writing this guide, the price for these helmets start from 6-10c. At the beginning of the league, however, it's about a couple of exalts.

However, even 5-link helmet crafted with Essence of Horror is better. Mods:
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Concentrated Effect
Socketed Gems deal 30% more Elemental Damage

This is considered to be a failed product, however, prices for them usually about 4-6 exalts. It is about 10% stronger than lvl20 Conc + lvl20 Burning damage 6-link helmet.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Step 3. Your endgame goal and top priority to get is 6-link helmet crafted with Essence of Horror like this:

You need 1 Free prefix for +1 AoE craft and these mods:

Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Burning Damage
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Concentrated Effect
Socketed Gems deal 30% more Elemental Damage

Absolute Best in Socket for both builds. Nothing can beat it. Even normal 6-link with full Awakening gems setup is inferior by far.
For life Inquisitor, you want Armor based. This Hubris is for ES build.

At the beginning of the league, it's under 100 ex. In the middle of the league, it can cost about 20-30 ex. A week ago it was 16-20 ex. Now there are offers for 8-12 ex.

I crafted Armor based for Life Inquisitor by myself when their cost was 25-30 exalts. Then I sold it and got the current helmet for LL ES Guardian.

General rule - it's ok to buy them for 10-15 exalts, but you might want to try essence spam if their prices are above 25 ex.

Body armor:

Nothing special here:

Step 1.
Grab Ambu's Charge at lvl 43, make it 5-link and run with Eye of Malice helmet mentioned earlier.
Note: see the budget build section above.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Step 2.
Kaom's Heart all the way. Best in socket for this build.

When to switch to Kaom's Heart:
1. You got the helmet from Step 2 of the corresponding section above.
2. If prices for those helmets are too high, it is possible to play with a 5-link 2h weapon from the section below.


In the beginning, the build was made around Sceptre + Shield setup, so it should be our primary variation.

Setup 1. Sceptre + Shield:
There is no any good unique sceptre.

Doryani's Catalyst can easily be outperformed by rare Sceptre with
- 30-40% increased Elemental Damage,
- 20% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier (can be crafted)
- +1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems and/or >50% increased Fire Damage (can be crafted).

Get Doryani's Catalyst only if you're:
1. on a super tight budget,
2. don't have any crafting recipes,
3. never got any harvest seeds,
4. and there are no good offers with stats above.

Sometimes you can grab superior to DC option for 1c or less.

At this point, you want sceptre (or wand) with:

- >30% Fire Damage over Time Multiplier (Damage over Time Multiplier + crafted Fire Damage over Time Multiplier works too, see my sceptre below)

- >90-130% increased Fire Damage (in total) or/and +1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill

Remember that Fire Damage over Time Multiplier is a top priority.

My first sceptre in harvest I got on day 2 of the league for about 5-10c and played with it for more than a month was this one:

My current sceptre (i wasn't lucky enough with crafting back then, but this is still strong even with bad rolls):

Please, check the crafting section for details.


Step 1. Grab Springleaf early. We need as much Life Regeneration as possible.

Step 2. Not necessary, but at lvl 40 make The Oak from it via prophecy called Nature's Resilience. Very fast and cheap QoL upgrade. Even at the beginning of the league it's not expensive.

Step 3. At lvl 65 switch to Rise of the Phoenix. One of the biggest contributors to our Life Regeneration out of everything.

That's it. Wow.

Step 4. Unnecessary, but there are indeed some useful rare shields with <Socketed Gems have 15% reduced Mana Reservation>, but it's not like things won't work without them.

I strongly recommend not to skip Step 3 shield for this tho, so you can get into the build and it's mechanics first, so you'd get the general idea of how things work and what you could replace.

3.12 update: Now we want a shield with maximum chaos resistance for Divine Flesh.

Setup 2. Alternatives:
The build was made around Scepter + Shield setup due to Shield Charge and that way it works the best for many reasons. Shields are just too good for us.

However, 2-handed weapons and dual-wield are still viable, and some of you may prefer it because of the damage which is undisputedly higher.

I won't talk about dual-wield, because I already made an overview of sceptres.

About 2-handed weapons, there are indeed some good options:

1. Cheap powerhouse - The Searing Touch.

The only unique weapon which is extremely strong for our build. Good news - it is always cheap. Even 6-link isn't expensive at all.

Actually, my first RF Inquisitor (6-link Searing Touch + Eye of Malice + Kaom's Heart) was tested with this staff. The results were great, so I decided to elaborate on this build.

Damage and cost efficiency of Searing Touch is undisputed.

2. Crafted 2 handed weapons can be used for sure, but it's a bit complicated.

Strongest 2-handed weapon setup: Bow + Quiver, but I'm not sure if you can buy it from the market. It must be crafted exactly for your build.

Crafting sceptres sounds easier for me tho.

Overall, playing with 2h/dw weapons means without shield charge, so it's completely different gameplay.


Best for RF is Hunter Influenced gloves with tier 1 (13-16%) Fire Damage over Time Multiplier as the top priority. Other stats you want to get:
- Life
- Chaos Resistance
- Elemental Resistances.

Again, we need 85% Chaos Resistance no matter what, so it's on a higher priority than elemental resistances.


As for unique, I often leveling with Meginord's Vise
for Life Regeneration. Since we get lots of strength from tree, it's easy to get that Life Regeneration bonus.


Nothing special here, just grab boots with high speed and:
- Life.
- Chaos Resistance.
- Elemental Resistances.

My boots were:


Step 1. On lvl 20 grab Two Kikazaru rings. They provide with decent amount of Life Regeneration.

On lvl 45-52 if you are switching to pure RF, you need the second curse. Get Doedre's Damning or read the section <Offense> in <General Mechanics>.

Step 2. Vermillion Rings with
- Life
- Chaos Resistance
- Elemental Resistances.


Note: Capping all resistances is more important than life, so you might get some Two-Stoned rings instead of Vermillion.


Step 1. First amulet is Shaper's Seed

Step 2. Next, you want Aul's Uprising with Malevolence reserve no mana.

We are very reserved mana hungry, both builds work great with it. At the beginning of the Harvest league, the cost of Malevolence ones was very high. And prices were dropping not as fast as it should be.

Budget options are for Vitality / Purity of Fire, but you would need another source of reduced mana reserved in this case, like Enlighten 4 or Rare shield mentioned above.

Anointment: Charisma. With it everything about build works perfectly.

Step 3. This is unnessesary, but later in leagues there are super strong +2 amulets like

I strongly recommend not to skip Step 2 amulet for this tho, so you can get into the build and it's mechanics first. After this, you'd know what you can sacrifice for Step 3 amulets.

Elder Influenced with as much life as you can get and Increased Life Recovery Rate. Great example:


Top priority to get:

Timeless jewel - Glorious Vanity
with <Bathed in the blood of (100-8000) sacrificed in the name of Xibaqua>


This jewel allows us to get the Divine Flesh keystone, which is a major defensive upgrade:

What's so good about it?
- Maximum Chaos Resistance became 80% - encounters like Al-Hezmin, Canyon map boss, poisons, caustic ground, any other chaos heavy things become easier.
- Reduces elemental damage taken.
- Great interaction with Soul of Shakari.

Where to place it:

Between Marauder and Duelist starting locations. The jewel transforms Eternal Youth keystone to Divine Flesh

Cluster jewels:

I already mentioned everything about cluster jewels in the <General Mechanics> section above, but I repeat in short what you need to get once more for those guys who missed it. For the details, please check that section.

Just scale Burning Brights. And get one Brush with Death. This is must have.

So, the ideal cluster jewel setup looks like:

Large cluster jewels:

Medium cluster jewels:

About Small Clusters:

You might want to run one or two small cluster jewels with Molten one's Mark like:

But it's not like it is the best option. Normal jewels can fit better because we are very passive points hungry.

It depends mostly on your Life Regeneration. If you have enough of it, then it definitely better to run with normal jewels. If not - than Molten One's Mark is a good option.

Another good thing to get if you have Divine Flesh:

Watcher's Eye:

Step 1. You want one with either increased Life Recovery Rate or Regenerate Life per Second while affected by Vitality

They are always amongst the cheapest Watcher's Eyes. With this jewel, you can painlessly start getting rid of Kikazaru rings and other excess life regeneration items and passive skills.

Step 2. Your goal is the one with Vitality and Malevolence (to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence)

Major damage upgrade. Hard to get, always expensive.

Well, I strongly recommend prioritizing Vitality over Malevolence. You don't really want to buy Malevolence without Vitality ones. Trust me, you will notice the difference in running with less Life Regeneration, and it's not what you would like.

Dead people do no damage. Situations, when more Life Regeneration will save you, occur more often than situations when more damage will save you.

However, it's completely up to you. If you just want to deal more damage without caring about Life Regeneration - you can just get the cheapest one with Malevolence only.

Other jewels:

Best jewels you can get looks like this:

Well, you want anything with:

7% increased maximum Life
and anything with >30% increased Burning Damage in total.

Budget options may be with Area Damage or Damage over Time.

Another important thing, you want 1 jewel with immunity to Corrupted Blood.

Why do I have abyss jewel in my POB build:
For applying Elemental Equilibrium by Shield Charge. It improves clearspeed slightly.
You don't want this kind of jewel if you have additional Cold or Lightning damage to attacks somewhere else.


Life flask:

Since our life pool is huge, we need something that can refill it.
There are two options:
Option 1. Blood of the Karui:


Works like a normal flask for its duration and then boom - full life recovered.

Option 2. Life flask of Dousing:



The magic of this flask is, it removes Righteous Fire and triggers Soul of Arakaali mod <50% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently>

It skyrockets our life regeneration to an insane rate, recovering full life in couple of seconds. In my promo video, I used mana flask of dousing on uber atziri and uber elder fights to recover energy shield asap.


Since we have Immunity to Elemental Ailments simply because we are playing Inquisitor, we don't need anti-freeze or anti-shock flasks.

1. Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline:

2. Cinderswallow Urn with Life Regeneration:

3. Ruby flask:
Option 1. Dying Sun with 25% increased Area of Effect:

Option 2. Utility. Immunity to bleeding if you want to use Bottled Faith. Immunity to curses or increased armor will do too.

Reduces Fire Damage taken, so we have more Life Regeneration.

4. Granite flask or Bottled Faith (bossing) or Witchfire Brew (mapping).
Granite flask with whatever mods you want or miss. It can be immunity to bleeding, curses, increased armor, whatever.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~


1. Movement and Damage connections:
Setup 1. Inspiration charges. Most damage, least expensive.

Primary movement setup (3-link): Shield Charge - Fortify - Inspiration Support
Alternative movement setup (3-link): Flame Dash - Steelskin - Inspiration Support

Damage setup (4-link): Vaal Righteous Fire - Inspiration Support - Elemental Focus - Efficacy

How it works: All inspiration charges are shared amongst all skills supported by Inspiration Support. It means, if you get Inspiration Charges from Shield Charge or Flame Dash, damage from Righteous Fire still will be increased.

It makes Inspiration Support skill gem one of the strongest gems for Righteous Fire.

Setup 2. No Inspiration charges. Alternative setup with lesser damage and more skills.

Primary movement setup (2-link): Shield Charge - Fortify
Alternative movement setup (2-link): Flame Dash - Steelskin

Damage setup (4-link): Vaal Righteous Fire - Empower lvl4 (damage) or Awakened Increased Area of Effect (AoE radius) - Elemental Focus - Efficacy

We are replacing Inspiration Support for either Empower lvl4 or Inc AoE and getting 1 more skill gem slot we can use however we want (check <Utility> section below)

2. Mana reservation:

Priority to get from top to bottom:
1. Purity of Fire
2. Vitality
3. Malevolence or Summon Skitterbots early, while you can't fit malevolence.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
4. Flesh and Stone (in Sand Stance).
5. Aspect of the Spider. Can be crafted on any item with open suffix. Great offensive and defensive aura.

Note: 4 and 5 only possible after we get Aul's Uprising with Malevolence reserve no mana anointed wich Charisma.

3. Utility:

1. Dual Curse setup (4-link): Storm Brand - Awakened Hextouch Support - Elemental Weakness - Flammability

Again, 3.12 Update:
Now we cannot get the second curse from the tree, so before using AHS run with normal Hextouch Support and get the second curse from other sources:
1. Doedre's Damning
2. Windscream or Windshriek
3. Vixen's Entrapment
4. Corrupted amulet.

Triggers Elemental Equilibrium and applies curses on target. This 1 skill - 3 effects things doubles damage output.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
2. Fire Exposure: Wave of Conviction - Combustion Support

Another setup to reduce Fire Resistance of the enemy. You want to spam it on the boss until Ignite applies to trigger the Combustion Support.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
3. Warcries: Enduring Cry - Infernal Cry.

If you are running Inspiration Charges, you can get only one of them. I was playing with both, however, if I have to choose, I prefer Infernal over Enduring.

Note: I strongly recommend to use warcries. Both Enduring Cry and Infernal Cry works really great. However, it's up to you. Another good skill I was testing is Blood Rage to get Frenzy Charges to speed up mapping. Or Flame Dash if you are using Shield Charge.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~



I won't touch smth like quests, locations, starting gear or whatever else you can find at other leveling guides like this:

Start with Purifying Flame or Freezing Pulse and grab Holy Flame Totem and Flame Wall at lvl 4.

Lvl 12. Grab Enduring Cry and train yourself to use it.
Also, at lvl 10 grab Clarity and Vitality. With 2 auras you'll get tanky.
Make Blazing Salvo your main damage skill. Stick with it until lvl 28.
Also, get Scorching Ray to lvl, but don't use it.

Lvl 18 - grab Righteous Fire or buy Vaal Righteous Fire to lvl, but don't use it.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Lvl 21:

- Shaper's Seed
- Springleaf (Don't forget to upgrade it at lvl 40)
- 2x Kikazaru rings.
- Ashcaller or wand/sceptre with <+1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems> + flat elemental damage to spells.
- The Magnate
- Goldrim
- As for boots and gloves - just grab with Fire Resistance.

Passive tree: https://pastebin.com/Ai8G1ULg

Rush Elemental Overload.

League starting tips on uniques: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2923038/page/6#p23500287
Update: Vitality is too good now, so on League Start buy out uniqes ain't necessary early.
Check: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2923038/page/8#p23506195

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Lvl 24:

Get Purity of Fire, Malevolence. Don't use Malevolence for now.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

lvl 30:

Firestorm and stick with it until lvl 50-52.

Complete first lab, get Sanctuary ascendancy node.

Passive tree: https://pastebin.com/SJdh7NbA
Get Arsonist and Fire Walker notables. (Don't forget to remove Fire Walker later, when you get enough Fire Resistance).

At this point, you should get enough Fire Resistance to start using Righteous Fire. To sustain it - just spam Life Flasks and Enduring Cry.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

lvl 52: Complete the second lab and get Pious Path.

Finally, we can switch to the Righteous Fire as the main spell and enjoy the basic mechanics of the build. We don't need flask or enduring cry spam to sustain it.

Passive Tree: https://pastebin.com/TnmP7BKH

To-do list:

1. Get rid of Ashcaller and replace it with wand/sceptre with <+1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems> and without flat Fire Damage to Spells.

2. Get Eye of Malice and 5-link Ambu's Charge.

5-link RF setup:
Vaal Righteous Fire - Inspiration Support - Burning Damage Support - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect Support

3. Get Movement, Dual Curse (Doedre's Damning or Windscream) and Wave of Conviction link setups. Described in respected sections above.

4. Get Elemental Equilibrium only after everything above.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

That's it. Starting from this just pick up a budget build and follow item progression from <Gear explained> section above.



Very straightforward, no useless things. Everything is good for us.

Sanctuary -> Pious Path -> Augury of Penitence -> Instruments of Virtue.

After you get Sanctuary and required items, you can start to use Righteous Fire right away. It's easy to sustain RF just by abusing flasks and Enduring Cry.

Rush Second Labyrinth for Pious Path ASAP so you can sustain Righteous Fire without flasks.

How PP helps us: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2923038/page/4#p23477369

Instruments of Virtue node is what makes Inquisitor RF the fastest RF build, on par with Trickster.


In the end, we need 2 passives points for sure, but either Alira or Oak can help early.

- Help Alira if you are not sure you can get elemental resistances.

- Help Oak if you don't want to die often while leveling.

- Kill all if you don't give a heck about anything above and don't want to spend 20 Orbs of Regret later.


Soul of Arakaali - Reduces degen from RF, so as a result, we get more Life Regeneration. Also, it's amazing if you are running with a Dousing life flask.

Soul of Shakari - great in pair with Divine Flesh keystone. Reduces degen from RF and all elemental hits.


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Last bumped on Sep 21, 2020, 1:25:34 PM

Important: same here, builds below made with my current gear. I didn't theory crafted them with mirror tier/GGG items, and there are lots of rooms for improvement. So, it definitely can be stronger/better with better items.

Another important thing - I switched to LL ES Guardian at lvl 94 from Life Inquisitor, when I got my ES gear and jewels. Since both builds have many similarities and follow same mechanics, I won't repeat myself here on most of them.

Also, there won't be a budget build, leveling tips, and clusterless passive tree. Build won't work without cluster jewels.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

POB links:

1. My build (lvl 100 version): https://pastebin.com/CsP6Ww6s

2. Inspiration Charges (best damage, no fortify):
- Sceptre + Shield (8.6m RF+SR/16.7m Vaal RF): https://pastebin.com/6Si1CD1t

- Note: In theory, my Sceptre + Sceptre build has (11.7m RF+SR/18.1m Vaal RF), but drops quite a lot of defenses.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Gear (in brief):

Important: About cost of acquisition.
It's expensive. I bought half of my gear and crafted the other half. Although crafting reduced amount of required currency by a great deal, it doesn't change the fact that everything costed me quite a lot.

Also, at the date of acquiring all of it, some of the items were unique on the market. I mean, some items couldn't be bought and I had to craft them by myself. Later in league situation improved, and items with required stats indeed started to show up. But the prices for them weren't cheap.

I don't know how this build will perform on a lower budget. If you are good at crafting, probably you would get everything in 60 exalts or less.

Anyways, I'm not sure if 30 exalts LL ES Guardian will perform better than 30 exalts Life Inquisitor.

My gear and skillset:

Explained in short: (check <Gear Explained> and <General Mechanics> for details)
Just get as much Energy Shield as you can get, cap Chaos and Elemental Resistances, adjust Strenght and Dexterity. Also:
- Gloves with Fire Damage over Time Multiplier.
- Boots with Speed :)
- Shield - whatever you need. ES on block works really well.
- Belt with Energy Shield Recovery Rate.
- Aspect of the Spider somewhere on your gear.

Small Cluster jewels:
Build works amazing with Savour of the Moment - best in slot in our case.
Molten One's Mark isn't that good.

Watcher's eye:
Clarity - Discipline - Malevolence - best of the best.
Budget one - with Clarity and Life Regeneration on Vitality (drop Summon Skitterbots for it).

Other jewels:
Immunity to Corrupted Blood is what you want to get, trust me.

Energy from Within near Melding node.


Note: Harmony of Purpose is a way better than Unwavering Faith. While mapping you almost always will have 3-3-3 charges, and on bosses, HoP is superior to everything UF can provide you with. Storm Brand is pretty good to get charges.

Soul of Arakaali
Soul of Tukohama - we have much stationary gameplay, so it's the best.


3.12 update: Harvest crafting removed.


Base: Elder influenced ilvl 84+ Royal Burgonet (for Life Inquisitor) or Hubris Circlet (for LL ES Guardian).

What to do: Essence of Horror spam.

You win if you get:

- 5-link with an open prefix for +1 AoE craft and <Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Concentrated Effect> - that's your 1-st helmet.

- 6-link with an open prefix for +1 AoE craft. Don't mind lvl 16-18, it is still strong. - that's your goal.

Cluster Jewels:

Large Cluster jewel:
- ilvl 50-67 with <12% increased Fire Damage> Enchant;

Medium Cluster jewel:
- ilvl 68+ with <+4% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier> Enchant;

What to do: Delve Fossils + 1 socket resonators:

- Large jewels by Prismatic Fossils.
- Medium jewels by Pristine Fossils.

With fossils medium jewels are very easy to get, just be aware of ilvl of the base.
As for large ones, 2 notables are easy to get. If you are crafting your first jewels, target Burning Bright and Prismatic Heart.
Getting 3 notables with fossils is harder, so make it your next step.

ilvl 84+ Void Sceptre with <16-18% to Damage over Time Multiplier>
What to do:
- Fracture DoT suffix with Wild Thornfruit Seeds.
- Spam
until you get something good (check <Gear Explained> section for details).
- Gamble with Orb of Annulment to remove flat Fire Damage to Spells if you got it. If succeeded - next step.
- Multimod crafting whatever you miss (Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers)

Aspect of the Spider:
Base: Open suffix anywhere on you current gear

What to do: Beastcraft in the Menagerie. You need Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid which is always Red Beast. You can do Einhar missions until you get it or purchase it from other players.


Important: LL ES Guardian videos are from 3.11.
3.12 changed nothing mechanically, so everything is relevant.

At the date of release I have only LL ES Guardian endgame footages. Probably I'll play Life Inquisitor later and record smth good. If you play those builds and got some nice things recorded - please share, it would be good :)

Another thing, I'm pretty bad at many of game mechanics, so if I die somehow on video, it's not builds fault, it's just me. Some things I have done for the first time, like Sirus and Uber Elder, and at other things I just could be over-cautious and slow. Thanks for your understanding.

Low quality graphics and game freezes. Sorry about that.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Life inquisitor:


Heist League Start series:

Part 1 (Act 1 boss kill, tankiness test): https://youtu.be/KqdNaEjuHgA

Part 2 (1st lab and early RF at lvl 32 ): https://youtu.be/8pfM534lGTk

Part 3 (lvl 36-60 progression, 2 lab): https://youtu.be/bogeTLU77-E

Part 4 (3d lab, white maps, 7c build performance. Timecodes in the description): https://youtu.be/67Xamz3eXNg

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

LL ES Guardian:


Promo with short machinima (if someone skipped it): https://youtu.be/79c1g8ZAZc0

All Guardians and Conquerors: https://youtu.be/Y9MBLt3B1nU

Alluring Abyss boss fights (Uber Atziri included): https://youtu.be/vNnNkJbU4BU

Shaper, Elder, Mastermind: https://youtu.be/obcoMWhSVAA

Pure Breachstone with Chayula full run: https://youtu.be/T3mWlEkn1CU

Sirus and Uber Elder: https://youtu.be/QeAeR9aT138

Hall of Grandmasters full run: https://youtu.be/4QTTFh6uKWU

100% Delirious t16 80%+ IIQ full run:https://youtu.be/3I3JAjMBcrw
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Amazing written guide,good job!
Looks good, going to give this a go as last shot at this league :D
Thanks for this awesome work.
I've been dying to try an RF build and this guide's answered my prayers in spades... I'm only at lvl 40 atm but already enjoying just being a charging fiery god of death. thanks for the great work!
38 points left for the LL ES Guardian ? You really don't need anything else ? :)
Danse_Macabre wrote:
38 points left for the LL ES Guardian ? You really don't need anything else ? :)

They are all in cluster jewels, no points left. The passive tree on pathofexile.com can't work with clusters, and in POB you should tap them manually. POB Community Fork on the other hand works well for me.

Thanks for the explanation, sorry for the noob question :)
Danse_Macabre wrote:
Thanks for the explanation, sorry for the noob question :)

Don't worry, mate. This entire thread is about asking and answering questions :)
AMA, I'm here to help :)

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