[3.11] Heirophant Manastorm Ball Lightning Totems.

Hello Exiles,
First time sharing a build, so please forgive my lack of knowledge in regards to sharing details using the forums.

For a few seasons, I have tried making a build using Manastorm; a shield that goes for a single Alc/Chaos. Eventually, I started looking at builds that use Archmage - for example, there are many builds using Pledge of Hands, Cloak of Defiance, Atziri's Foible. The idea for those builds is simple - make your mana both your offense by using Archmage, and your defense by using MoM and additional sources of Damage Taken as Mana.

Manastorm works in a similar fashion as Archmage, but is a bit more tricky to maintain.


Every time you cast a spell, sacrifice all mana to gain 25% of that as Lightning Damage. It is kind of similar to Archmage Support, but it does prevent you from casting other SPELLS, since it will then re-sacrifice mana.

Totems do not trigger said affect. As a result, I opted to run around with Immortal Call set to my Move Slot, so that every 3.9 seconds, I once again gained lightning damage from my mana. This was inspired by Mathil's Slam Chieftain who ran IC the same way, only for different reasons.

This does create an issue in regards to movement skills - You have to use Leap Slam if you are lucky, and Shield Charge if you aren't (easier access to Wands).... I hate shield charge...

Applying curses, I used Power Siphon + CoH + Conductivity + Additional Accuracy. If I had a Scepter, I would have used Lightning Strike.

To trigger Elemental Equilibrium was a hassle since Totems do not trigger it and the Crit Rate is not very high for Power Siphon, although it does help generate Power Charges.

To solve this, I used the "Trigger a Socketed Spell When You Use a Skill" on my main weapon. This allowed be to run Orb of Storms + Increased Crit + Power Charge on Crit (helps maintain the 3 PCharges).

Getting back to the inspiration for this build, you essentially use the same items discussed in earlier mentioned Pledge of Hands builds, and the tree is very similar. However, you do use Soul Mantle instead of Cloak of Defiance, which hurts total Maximum Mana.

However, as long as you have your 6 totems running, you are getting 3% Mana Regen a Second, which stacks extremely well with all the mana regen from the tree and items. In about 1.5 seconds, all Mana sacrificed is back to full. Since this build uses MoM, Divine Guidance, The Agnostic, and a Watcher's Eye with Clarity/Damage Taken as Mana, it is extremely important to get your mana back ASAP.

For the 6 Link in Soul Mantle, I run Ball Lightning + Ele Focus + Controlled Destruction + Multi Totem + Lightning Penetration + Faster Casting

A con of this build is that when Immortal Call first triggers, you are left very vulnerable for a small amount of time - it is much less than 1.5 seconds, since you have so much more mana than life, but sometimes you do disintegrate on the IC cast, so I do not recommend this build for Hardcore.

I have uploaded a video running Corrupted Chateau Tier 16, Fortune Favors the Bold, 4 Awakened Sextants active, Jun Mission selected.


I was able to defeat Uber Elder using this build (first time, yay!), but it wasn't pretty.... I had 2 portals left upon his death... but it was also my first time with this fight.

I don't have video :-( As you can see from the clip uploaded, running OBS on my computer while playing is not friendly to the game experience.

The PoB pastebin is: https://pastebin.com/4QsrKk9G

If you don't use PoB, I put a PoePlanner link at the bottom of this post (This should also let you look at the items from the build).

Note, I use 2 Thread of Hope's, so a few skills are missing from PoB.

And yes, as the original name of the character suggests, I originally was trying to make a Brand build using Archmage, switched to ball lightning, gave up, then eventually used 80 something orbs of Regret to switch to this :-)

Hope that all these links work...

So have at! Look forward to your comments/feedback.

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