3.13 Bladeblast Chieftain. GG HC build. high dmg/clear/surv. Blasting awakener! Strong as ever!

Hey man love your build a lot. Can't remember the last time I had so much fun at a league start, so thanks for that. Im starting to feel like I could use a little more single target. Could you guide me a little for what to get? Thanks again.
Hi, I am trying this build cause I like tanky builds.
I am hitting lvl 30 atm, when shall I switch to main BB/BF gems and map comfortably? I can get all gems from vendor or I must trade them? what key items I must get when I switch? ty

got that little beaty ... now it will help puttin in the 4th aura :3

i also got a double anger watchers eye .. would it fit into this build ?
2517 wrote:
sad day


the heist balls are just to strong. by accident flamedashed wrong, knew the ball mob was there and was why i was kiting on the outside.

on a note the cry of death is pretty funny in super slow motion :D

Sad. Now some kind of Necro DD?

gonna try some skelly or something. atm just lvling with popcorn build since i dropped the amulet in legion

I've started this build for my 2nd char, and certainly enjoying the high DPS.

I'm hitting red maps at lvl 83, still with a tabula and 2 driftood wands with +1 phys gems.

Playing on a 3 person private league (team found)

I was considering something though - would a bow with +2 socketed gems + Signal fire quiver + Kaom's heart/other 6 link be viable?

Just considering it as I've found all of the above!


I guess i have crafted mirror tier sceptre
kingkdp21 wrote:

I guess i have crafted mirror tier sceptre

Wow essence spam or fossil craft?

Thats beaut gratz man
Pizaro97 wrote:
kingkdp21 wrote:

I guess i have crafted mirror tier sceptre

Wow essence spam or fossil craft?

Thats beaut gratz man

I bought blue base with t1 spell damage and then harvest crafted it.
Hello guys,

Currently playing this build for my first ssf league.
Feel a bit squishy right now and would appreciate some advice about breakpoints to aim for in term of survivability.

I'm currently playing T6-8 maps.

thanks !

I am not having enough single target to kill bosses...this feels bad man. I am 40 Ex into this build. Just had to ask for help to kill Chimera boss with Maven witness. Damage could not go past her regen buff to him....help? I have like 4 ex left...

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