ShatterSlam Tank - Juggernaut Earthshatter Explosion - WIP 3.11 (with video)

Still early stages, but having so much fun with this build, I just thought I share.


The main part is Earthshatter. 4 Warcries, and Leap Slam.
Use the warcries to exert attacks and to (obviously) shatter the spikes from Earth Shatter. Same goes for Leap Slam (except the attack exerting part).
Atm, I am also going for an all around Blood Magic support (Hezmana's Bloodlust takes care of attacks) for everything but the auras and herald.

The basic idea is done (PoB pastebin is included), and seems to be dishing out 1.3 mil max dmg (all spikes + intimidate + endurance max as it always should be + vulnerability + onslaught etc).
Only the exert damage is not accounted for, which means it should be doing even more damage, so there seems to be potential.

All it needs from there on I think is just better items (way better items).


(1) Your Main 5/6-link
Fist of War
Melee Physical Damage

The 6th link can be a variety of options.

Melee P.D. and Pulverise can also be swapped out with something else if you want. I didn't want to go down the impale route, by I suspect that the damages will be much bigger with impale if that is the effect/direction you want.

(2) Your Warcry link (5link)
Intimidating - Infernal - Enduring - Seismic Warcries
Connected to Blood Magic

You could possibly add a 5th warcry and go for a 6link? I think its already out of hand with how many warcries are being used. Each to their own. Or a six link with Urgent Orders. Personally I ditched urgent orders because, well, it feels fast enough and has better cooldowns without it.

(3) Mobility (and also more ways to shatter the spikes)
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

(4) Buffs and Auras
Blood Rage
Herald of Purity
Vulnerability (attached to your leap slam 4link, so it uses Blood Magic as well)

(Im not up to this setup yet as seen in the video. Currently ditched Herald of Purity, and got Clarity in its place to sustain mana)

(5) Extra Defense
Cast on damage taken (lvl 17) - Molten Shell (lvl 19)

And that is pretty much it for gems.


PoB Pastebin:
(if this don't work, let me know how else to link it... first time doing this)

Passives are up to lvl 88, leaving some room for extra fiddling around and also cluster jewel additions (easily accessed from the far left ones. I have a mind of trying out a few I have found. Currently I am lvl 77, so still a ways to go)


I have 4 notes for this area.

Before I start, in my videos I am currently running the build with very early gear. Very early. Most of it in the lvl 60's range and rather easy/cheap crafts for now. So there is a lot still to do.

But the main points are.

(1) Craft "Warcries do not exert travel skills" on a ring helps.

(2) One socketed ring helps too, ofc I use a Skill Portal so maybe you can get away with that one.

(3) Because the build has so many multipliers, exerts, slams, whatever, the idea I am going for atm for the gear is simple. Two Handed Axe main weapon should be the main source of damage, the rest of the items just focus on life and resistances. Armour is good too, but after a point (its an endurance build after all) even without the "Unbreakable" ascendancy passive, the physical reduction is 90%, so no need to go crazy on more armour. Ofc same goes for resistances after reaching max.
At which point, Id personally go all out for life, and if there can be some extra damages too, that is a bonus I guess.

(4) The main weapon I want to utilize with this build (definitely not the strongest, but its what I am going for atm to test and see how it goes) is Hezmana's Bloodlust.

The idea is to use Blood Magic for pretty much almost everything. Just as an alternative I guess, and also helps with adding both pride and herald of purity alongside the war banner all at the same time, without needing to figure out other ways to sustain the mana.

Clearly, I don't go for the Keystone Blood Magic, as I don't want the mana reservation to be turned into life reservation.


Again, still working most of the kinks out, its early, as seen in the video at lvl 77 and tier 5 map (and tier 3 if it uploads anytime soon), so chances are most of this might change going forward. Atm, not even using Hezmana's Bloodlust, which is throwing off the entire idea a little till I 5-link the axe and toss it on. Also has less damage for me atm as is. (The current axe I am using should also be in the Pastebin if it works right)

Open to suggestions. So far, looks like a fun cheap build that seems to have potential.

Some highlight moments, when all the exerts and 15 spike explosions decimate entire chunks of life from the bosses.
Clear speed I find to be very fast too (for a slam build at least).
No need to pile up spikes, slam and warcry on the spot for instant aoe. As seen in the video.

Cycling through the warcries gives you enough time to even use a warcry for every single slam you do. Very active build obviously, but then again, I like that kind of play. Enduring cry is also a nice defensive heal buff when needed. In the thick of it, anything goes, you can really just use more leap slams and warcries when needed, etc.

Binding for some mice might be an issue, for me personally I have the 2 side buttons for warcries, shift+side buttons for the other 2 warcries, and 3rd side button is leap slam, and with shift blood rage... MMB is vulnerability (not shown in video, working on my last links to add it) and the rest is just right click.


(not my best work, but whatever, good enough)

*Still waiting on 2nd video to upload... Lagging so I'll probably upload it after more play time*

Anybody know how this thing embeds, would be of great help.
Last bumped on Jun 23, 2020, 5:02:37 PM
Forgot to mention, in the video the skill gems are not maxed yet.

I also (looking back at it), didn't showcase the quick "slam-warcry" cycle... meh, must of been too busy just enjoying it.

Innocence is also probably not the best boss to showcase the build on. LOL. With all his phases and all. On the other hand, probably a nice showcase of how to be defensive with it? I guess?

Anyway, enjoy.

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