[UPDATED!] [3.12] LACERMAN BUILD (Fast ClearSpeed + Labber + Super EZ + All Content) (Gladiator)

Hey! Really enjoying the build so far, for anyone who still has doubts I just did an A5 Sirus deathless with a 347 pdps axe + Soul Taker.

I managed to craft the axe below but I know its far from the meta gear axe, any advice on what should be my priorities to upgrade now? (Mainly looking for more boss damage, thank you in advance for your help!)

PegasusRideR wrote:
I will be away from home for 2-3 days. I will reply all your questions when I come back. Meanwhile, GL HF and happy Lacerating!

Phiro wrote:
Thank you regarding the helmet info - i didn't know that this mod moved to elder.

Is it possible to check my gear - Char: Quakorz

I killed sirus 5, elderand shaper until now.
But the shaper kill took very long because i don't do that much damage.
I have good gear in my opinion, but i miss the flasks, helm enchant+nearby stat and a pride watcher.

I'm also not sure how to calc my dps in PoB - it seems very low.
What whould be the next "big" upgrade for my dps?

Thank you!

edit: i just realized that in the finalgem links you switch to impale instead of faster attacks.
Does this make a big difference?

You have 1.22m DPS and 6.0k life at the moment. Congratz for Sirus kill with those stats! You proved here that Sirus can be killed with less than half of Required gear DPS. Let's upgrade your gear. Impale is needed instead of Faster Attacks on Lacerate for %97 Impale chance and it improves DPS a lot(1.61m), changed flask setup adding Lion's Roar and Blood of The Karui, also a Sulphur Flask(1.98m), get better gloves with higher attack speed(2.03m), get steel ring on both and use abrasive catalysts on them(2.18m), add Vulnerability to CWDT setup(2.37m), add Dread banner to your buffs setup which seems missing(2.71m), make gems 20-20(2.76m). Now you're a little higher than Required Gear with little investment. From that point, journey to Meta Gear starts. First big upgrade would be a Watcher's Eye as you said, then add a Vulnerability on Hit ring and remove Vulnerability from CWDT setup, then some more described in Meta Gear part. Good luck upgrading! Here's the Pob link:


For calculating DPS on Pob, just import your character onto Required Gear Pob(click delete skills while importing Items and Skills so they won't override). This way you will see your correct DPS.

Thank you for the detailed answer!
Just killed Sirus 8 with this

Xitomzz wrote:

Took a long time and 2 portals, because as Pegasus said I'm lacking lots of damage for bossing in my build, but if I was able to kill him with that gear and A8... Anyone can kill Sirus with this build :D
how you have anoint ( swift skewering )your corrupted talisman & enchanting them ???
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shakkur wrote:
how you have anoint ( swift skewering )your corrupted talisman & enchanting them ???

Had an item rarity amulet and when I got the Syndicate upgrade to tier 2 talisman I gambled it. It's a pitty because we don't do crits with this build, but if I'm not mistaken the talisman is insane for crit builds.
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Insane build! My 1st "melee" build and love it.
Im still in the middle of 1st gear and meta and having 10ex to upgrade.

Some1 have problems sometimes and dies?

Im still using the carnage, already using the feed the fury and sometimes i just get killed.

I have 1.2M dps but even with all the gems at lvl 20/20 wont have near the preferd gear dps
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I'm having mana problems, should I get a ring with % damage leeched as mana?

Edit: soul taker is still bugged hmm
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exilekami wrote:
I'm having mana problems, should I get a ring with % damage leeched as mana?

Edit: soul taker is still bugged hmm

You're using the replica Soul Taker. :<

Edit: The replica gives Eldritch Battery which we don't need. The non-replica one has a mod "Insufficient mana doesn't prevent your melee attacks" which should solve your mana problems.
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Didnt even notice aijaj scammazed
EDIT: switched over to a Lioneye's remorse shield and i feel way more tanky , lost a bit damage.
with my old setup dual hand I would have 440k damage with 6link and 1 more ascendancy without ancestral warchief active

how do I reach 2mil dps.

When I put all your gear over mine I reach only 700k , 1mil with warchief hmm.
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