{3.12} 40 Million Bleed Realistic Sirus/shaper DPS Explosive Arrow Gladiator

This a budget friendly 111 Million Realistic Shaper Deeps (Bleed Damage) Explosive Arrow Gladiator. Pushin it.



*Current one I recommend cuz the numbers are real.

asp 7.75 x fuse duration of 2.63 = 20.3825 realistic fuses
in 2.63 seconds. Able to hit 40 Million Realistic Bleed DPS on
Sirus/shaper with 4.1k Life.

NOTE- Both community PoB and old PoB never fixed the Blood Magic with
Mortal Conviction problem. The life total reservation is actually zero reserved, since we use one Aura *Malevolence and socket Herald of Purity to Essence Worm ring so we get a herald that isnt reserving life with Mortal Conviction. We have 100% total life of 4.1k Life in this version.

Defenses: Blind on Totem gives us benefit of Huge Evasion chance with 56% chance to dodge at Max Level. We also got 4% life gain on Kill which is similar to old vaal pact slayer overleech, you will life jump your sustain with 4% life gain on kill during general mapping. On bosses you one shot em and leech life.

Also Note* We have a AOE Radius of 55 at max fuses. Look at the aoe radius tab in PoB and see how huge the explosion is without GMP. Should be able to clear with slight delay to max power.

*Fixed. No longer uses Resolute Technique.


Here's the pastebin. 42 Mill (from 64 Mill 0ld version) Budget Version | https://pastebin.com/LRCCaCJG

*Updated with Bleed Bow Mod. PS. The carnage heart and darkness enthroned and main base is not corrupted.

71 Mill (from 111 Million 0ld version) Bleed Corrupted GG Version | https://pastebin.com/x9safK1V

This version is budget mirror, as there are more impossible things in PoE. Than the items here.

* Updated with new POB code to reflect nerf to dps.

POB Version used is Community Version. Ver.

Why explosive arrow? and why bleed? Well, explosive arrow allows you to multiply the flat physical damage that increases bleed damage. No other skill can reach these high bleed numbers and very comfortably and easy.

Leveling tips. Get a 50% Atk Speed Storm Cloud at lvl.9 and use that bow for most of the early acts as it's the fastest bow without any penalty and still allows you to inflict Bleed with Explosive Arrow even if it's lightning damage.

Very budget friendly since we use mostly cheap and affordable uniques.

Tabula Rasa +1 Gem Lvl Corrupted
Ondar's Clasp Gloves
Carnage Heart Amulet
Essence Worm Ring
Darkness Enthroned

We stack cluster jewels to reach BIG Digits, but you don't need to do this. You can simply grab bleed and physical nodes on tree if your broke =-)

Tip. To get the clusters, get the base first pretty cheaply and alteration spam em until you hit reasonable nodes. If you hit the ace meaning exactly like how I have it, keep doin it until you copy each of the clusters they can be similar but here are a few things to note.

3 Large Clusters. (8 passives - physical damage)
6 Medium Clusters. (4 passives - physical dmg over time)
6 Small Clusters. (2 passives - life)

Medium clusters are the big dps if you can get Rend and Wasting Affliction together or just at minimum one of em and another whatever luck you got.

You can also try Medium Cluster bases with Aura Effect this will increase Malevelance Duration on the fuses making your build more realistic in numbers.
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Hey man, build looks great! I have not tried it yet. Would you recommend league starting as this and have you tried this build yet or is this just in theory?

Also, will you come out with another POB thats full of end game goals to work towards or is this the final product with 3.2k HP?
why is explosive arrow now 15 stack on PoB? did they change it?
I've played this build. I can drop one cluster jewel section and pick up life nodes get about 5k effective hp easy by dropping the top cluster jewel section by resolute technique in the marauder area. BUT, and its a Huge BUTT. You loose 8 Million Bleed DPS and i wanted to focus on deeps. Since POE now a days is all about deeps. If your really lazy I can post updated pastebin with ehp 5k or more but half the millions gone though. That's why I didn't do that. And remember this is Shaper/Guardian Bleed DPS, so its real high.
Interesting, I will probably try this out! I just need to see if I'm going to be able to stay alive haha. Maybe a cast on death portal and just speed through stuff.
eHP 5.2k Life Pastebin Version | https://pastebin.com/1rQJPs91

10 Million Bleed DPS. is 1.8k Life worth 8 Million DPS?? Up to you.
No I don't believe 1.8 K is worth 8 mil dps :) At least I know what a league start tree will look like until the cluster jewels are obtained. Appreciate it.
What skill would you use for clearing maps out with this? Just Tornado Shot or maybe Rain of Arrows?
For clear try Split Arrow Ballista without any +1 Totem on tree. You get 3 base totems and thats enough to drop and clear effectively. While using EA for single target.

Split Arrow + Ballista Totem Support + Faster Attacks + Pierce on 4Link.
ubergeek1221 wrote:
For clear try Split Arrow Ballista without any +1 Totem on tree. You get 3 base totems and thats enough to drop and clear effectively. While using EA for single target.

Split Arrow + Ballista Totem Support + Faster Attacks + Pierce on 4Link.

Can i do exactly the same, but without a ballista?

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