[3.10] Lightning Tendrils Trickster | Play it like Palpatine | New video : Phoenix and Hydra

Hi Exiles,

This build is my attempt with the Lightning Tendrils (LT).
The skill is very appealing, because hey :

But at the same time, the skill feels very clunky.
Why is that ? Because like some other channelling skills, LT can lock on the first enemy you hit and then prevent you from rotating. And it's often hard to target a single enemy, which is the same problem most strike skills have.

So LT seems outdated compared to more modern skills like Storm Burst and Divine Ire.

But after some months of trials and errors, I've come up with a satisfying build.
It is in no way perfect and probably needs a lot of polishing. But it's already playable and quite fun i think.

> On the plus side, 3.11 may bring some improvements to the build. I'll have to check infos in the next days.

Also, I'm no professional streamer. I play a lot but I can't farm 24/7, so I want my build to be doable for a reasonable price. I also want them to have a budget version, so that you can enjoy them early. I play this game to have fun, not to do a second, unpaid, job.

You may also like my other builds :
- The Nightblade Assassin

- The Pestilent Viper Occultist


PoB (level 92 in Standard) : https://pastebin.com/wafmdpY4
Budget ~25ex
4M DPS with flasks, 5M with Vaal RF. Shock effect not accounted for (up to 60% more dmg possible)

- Squishy
- Self-casting is not to everyone taste
- Relies on several uniques, so not SSF viable
- LT feels clunky when it does not work.

- LT feels awesome when it works. Coz' ya know, Palpatine.
- Screen explodes + you satisfy your addiction for the shatter sound effect
- Not too expensive to make it work decently

#3 : Phoenix and Hydra
#1 : T15 Lighthouse. Cassia encounter, then jumping between the floors with Smoke Mine.
#2 : T16 Chateau. Twinned bosses, 86% more monster life. Play dead, good doggies !

Current gearing

Gems setup

* LT + Infused Chan + Energy Leech + Hypothermia + Controlled Destruction + Conc Effect
* Orb of Storms + Innervate + Onslaught + Arcane surge level 8
* Wave of Conviction + Curse on Hit + Frostbite
* Wrath + Zealotry + Enlighten level 3
* Smoke Mine + Inc AoE
* CwDT + Immortal Call
* Vaal Righteous Fire
* Frost Bomb

As I use Crown of the Tyrant, I'm short on sockets, so I use Smoke Mine. It requires only one socket and it's a great utility :
- Fast movement
- Allows to cross obstacles
- Smoke cloud to blind enemies. Even better with Inc AoE
- It feels very Trickster

I got a Watcher's Eye with Wrath and Zealotry mod.
You can replace Zealotry with Hatred or Aspect of the Spider.

Detailed mechanics

- Two Call of the Brotherhood rings to easily chill, freeze and shock enemies.

Before getting these rings, I was using a Mark of the Shaper ring + elder ring, and it felt bad.

- Cold Conduction cluster notable : Enemies shocked by your hits are chilled / enemies chilled by your hits are shocked.
With the CotB rings, we easily chill and freeze them, so I guess we manage to shock them to the same level.

- With Overshock cluster notable, we can have up to 60% inc shock effect. So that must also be 60% chill effect = the enemy becomes very very slow.

- Max block = max crit
Light of Lunaris shield gives block chance and +1% crit multi per 1% chance to block attack.

With a Lethal Pride/Kiloava jewel, we get Glancing Blows : our block chance is doubled. So we need 38% chance to block attack, then the Keystone will double it to 76 (75% actually).
Currently, I have 36% chance to block, which become 72% with the Keystone, so that's +72% crit multi !
In 3.11, Glancing Blow will be on the tree near Marauder.

- Increased AoE (lot of it)
Without inc AoE, LT will feel clunky as you will have to be in melee range to hit the enemy. That's too dangerous.
So you want to get AoE on the basic tree or/and with the cluster jewels. If you use the latter, stack several Vast Power notables : 20% inc area dmg, 3% inc AoE per power charges.
For the moment, my char is in Std so I'm using mostly the basic tree and the result is satisfying. This allows me to use Concentrated Effect support and still have a decent range for LT.

- Mind Over Matter + Eldritch Battery

- Lot of life on the tree and some "cold dmg leeched as life" on your gear.

- In the current state of the game, it's mandatory to have close to 0% chaos res.


There are several options here.

- Crown of the Tyrant is the best choice for DPS. But you get only one socket.

My current choice.

- Crown of the Inward Eye is a balanced option : gives a fair amount of DPS + life, ES and mana.

- The Tempest's Binding gives you a pseudo 6L for Orb of Storms, as well as life, elem res and a Harbinger that shocks enemies.

- The Vertex is a good defensive option : lot of ES + chaos res.

- The Devouring Diadem is the best defensive option.


- Farming with Orb of Storms. With an Inpulsa, all the screen quickly explodes.

- LT is used against bosses. The most difficult part is to lock the enemy in your Tendrils. Then you begin to chill them, sometimes even freeze them, and at the same time, to shock them more and more. And then it becomes easy to finish them. So satisfying you want to scream : "poweeeer, ultimate powwaaaaaaa !!!"

- Variant : a LT + CwC + Arc setup is great for farming, and guaranteed fun.

Budget version
Singularity Sceptre is a very good weapon and it's very cheap : 10-20c

Cerberus Limb gives spell dmg leeched as life and more defenses : 5-10c

Esh's Mirror shield is powerful and very cheap : 5c or less.
Esh's Visage is another good option : 5c

Why Trickster ?
- Easy access to power and frenzy charges.
- Good layers of defenses with Ghost Shroud
- Harness the Void has a powerful synergy with the light to cold conversion from CotB : if I'm not mistaken, you gain both the lightning dmg as extra chaos AND the cold converted dmg. Because conversion occurs before the extra chaos gain.

Other good Ascendancies would be Inquisitor or Elementalist. But they offer less defenses.

Why not low-life ?
LL would require a Shavronne's. And I love Inpulsa too much to give it up. But LL would be perfectly viable.

What improvements to expect in 3.11 ?
- The new Arcanist Brand will allow to cast the spells attached to the brand. It's like Spellslinger, but with a Brand. Should come in handy to cast Wave of Conviction and Frostbite.
- Glancing Blow Keystone on the tree. Confirmed.
- Rework of Lightning Tendrils ?


I took ideas from :
- FastAF build, who has made a very powerful, high-budget LT Trickster.
- Mathil's Inquisitor version
- This Divine Ire Trickster build
"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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Several defenses improvements :
* Max attack block with Rumi's flask + some spell block
* Allocated Disciple of the Unyielding on the amulet, for endurance charges
* Mind Over Matter + Eldritch Battery. Added The Devouring Diadem as a choice for helmets.
The build truly lacked defenses and had mana issues with LT. So both are solved at the same time now :)

We've just learnt that in 3.11, Glancing Blows will be on the skill tree, NW from Marauder, near the totem cluster.
So we can get it without a Lethal Pride jewel, after pathing to the big life wheel of Scion.

Then, we could get another conquered Keystone with the jewel near Pain Attunement. IMO that would be Divine Flesh or Wind Dancer (will be on the tree, but too far).
They have to announce new Keystones on the Timeless jewels, though. So we'll see.

Updated PoB : https://pastebin.com/wafmdpY4


Here are two videos :

#1 : T15 Lightouse map. Cassia encounter, then having fun with Smoke Mine, jumping between the floors.

#2 : T16 Chateau, dual bosses, 86% more monster life. Play dead, good doggies !

"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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Here is a new video :

#3 : Phoenix and Hydra

Still got to improve the DPS.
Need to rework the tree for 3.11 : Glancing Blows will be directly on the tree, just near the Sanctuary cluster for block chance.
"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."

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