[3.13] The Infused Trickster | Inpulsa : when Retro is the new Hype ! | New vid : Shaper w/ Maven

/!\ Currently reworking this post for 3.14 /!\


The Infused Trickster is an experimental build that uses Lightning Tendrils (LT) as its main skill.
LT is considered a meme/clunky skill, which has been outdated since Storm Burst and Divine Ire have been added to the game.

But despites its flaws, LT deals very huge dmg against single target. With Call of the Brotherhood, we convert almost 50% of lightning dmg to cold, allowing to max shock and freeze even rare enemies and some bosses !
After years of testing and errors, I have come up with a satisfying setup that allows to go full Palpatine-style ! Paralyze your enemies and watch them get more and more shocked, then shatter or end like burning corpses. What more to ask ?

The Infused Trickster is now a versatile and deadly prototype ready to destroy maps and endgame bosses alike.

Inspirations and flair

* The legendary intro from Syndicate Wars (1996). It doesn't get anymore cyberpunk than this !
* Overlord and Crime Scanner, by Irving Force.
* All things steampunk and retro new-wave.

* Lightning Tendrils Trickster
* Self-cast
* 50% lightning / 50% cold dmg
* Life based
* Eldritch Battery + Mind Over Matter
* Corrupted Soul

PoB (updated for 3.14)

Level 94 in Standard : https://pastebin.com/DNcwvVHx
Budget ~80ex -doable on a budget
Updated : 04/15/21

- Self-casting is not to everyone taste
- ... neither is Lightning Tendrils, which can feel very clunky without sufficient DPS.
- Relies on several uniques, so not SSF viable
- Becomes expensive in endgame

- Mobs explode
- Not too expensive to make it work decently
- Fast and versatile farming
- Boss killer



#8 : Alive and Kicking ! The Shaper with Maven. Leap Slam replaces Lightning Warp.

#7 : T16 Towerless Blighted Map. Using Hydrosphere as a moving tower that replaces all the other !

#6 : Righteous Discipline. Adding Vaal Righteous Fire against bosses.

#5bis : Playing bowling with Hydrosphere - US version. An alternative edit of the previous video, which is blocked in the USA due to copyright claims.

#5 : Playing bowling with Hydrosphere.

#4 : 10 boss fight.

#3 : T16 Cage - Rampage up to 1000 !

#2bis : Pure Uul-Netol's breachstone. Correcting calculations for Phantasmal LT from the previous video.

#2 : The Elder with Maven. Using Phantasmal LT.

#1 : Trinity. Using this new support thanks to a Call of the Brotherhood ring.

Past leagues

Current gearing

Detailed mechanics

* Shocksplosions !

Also unaffected by shock.

* Max block = max dmg

Glancing Blows to reach 75% attack block.
Command of Steel anointment on the amulet to increase dmg.

* Energy and Frost Shield
+ Eldritch Battery to reserve all mana for Wrath and Zealotry.
+ Mind over Matter for more tankiness
+ Frost Shield to boost our ES
+ Corrupted Soul to fuel the Frost Shield

Fortify with a caster !
* With a Sceptre, use Leap Slam + Fortify.

* Play bowling
Hydrosphere to shock and drench enemies (= lightning and cold exposure)

* Trinity
CotB ring converts 48% lightning to cold :

> 50% of hits will inflict a majority of lightning dmg, 50% a majority of cold, allowing us to use the very powerful Trinity support :
Lightning hits will give cold and fire resonances.
Cold hits will give cold and lightning.
--> All three resonances with one skill !

* Burn them with green flames !
Some fire dmg to spells + Cinderswallow flask = ignited enemies take 10% inc dmg.

Detailed gearing

Sceptre :

Very good sceptre until red maps.

Legacy rare

Shield :
Best in slot is the Light of Lunaris

Alternate setup : Sceptre + Shield can be replaced with the Duskdawn unique staff (not tested yet, just in PoB).

Helmet :
* The Tempest's Binding to get a pseudo 6L for Hydrosphere

* Best DPS comes from the Crown of the Tyrant, my current choice.

Body :
Inpulsa is the best choice.

Gloves :
A rare with life and res.
Unnerve on hit for endgame.

Boots :
Life, res.
Elusive and/or Tailwind on crit.

Amulet :
Life, res.
Lightning damage leeched as life.

Rings :
* Call of the Brotherhood to convert 40% of lightning dmg to cold and activate Trinity support.

* A rare ring with Assassin's Mark on hit.

Belt :
Life and res.

Detailed links

+ = linked

* Main skill : (Phantasmal) Lighting Tendrils + Trinity + Infused Channeling + Energy Leech + (Aw) Added Lighting Dmg + (Aw) Controlled Destruction

* Secondary buffer skill : Hydrosphere + Onslaught + (Divergent) Innervate + Culling Strike.
Hydrosphere can be replaced with Storm Brand.

* Movement skill : Leap Slam + Fortify (+ Faster Attacks)

* Auras : Wrath, Zealotry.
Wrath can be replaced with Herald of Thunder and Aspect of the Spider for better farming.

* Frost Shield (+ Enhance level 3 for inc effect of chill)

* Cast when Damage Taken 20 + Steelskin 20

* Withering Step on left mouse button.

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Several defenses improvements :
* Max attack block with Rumi's flask + some spell block
* Allocated Disciple of the Unyielding on the amulet, for endurance charges
* Mind Over Matter + Eldritch Battery. Added The Devouring Diadem as a choice for helmets.
The build truly lacked defenses and had mana issues with LT. So both are solved at the same time now :)

We've just learnt that in 3.11, Glancing Blows will be on the skill tree, NW from Marauder, near the totem cluster.
So we can get it without a Lethal Pride jewel, after pathing to the big life wheel of Scion.

Then, we could get another conquered Keystone with the jewel near Pain Attunement. IMO that would be Divine Flesh or Wind Dancer (will be on the tree, but too far).
They have to announce new Keystones on the Timeless jewels, though. So we'll see.

Updated PoB : https://pastebin.com/wafmdpY4


Here are two videos :

#1 : T15 Lightouse map. Cassia encounter, then having fun with Smoke Mine, jumping between the floors.

#2 : T16 Chateau, dual bosses, 86% more monster life. Play dead, good doggies !

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Here is a new video :

#3 : Phoenix and Hydra

Still got to improve the DPS.
Need to rework the tree for 3.11 : Glancing Blows will be directly on the tree, just near the Sanctuary cluster for block chance.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

If you would make hierophant version, it would be cool, because of large aoe bonuses- sanctuary of thought 100% aoe and arcane surge node "arcane capacitor" another 50% increased aoe. I have made it not very long ago, impressive aoe but it was somewhat unsuccessful in damage.
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Andrius319 wrote:

If you would make hierophant version, it would be cool, because of large aoe bonuses- sanctuary of thought 100% aoe and arcane surge node "arcane capacitor" another 50% increased aoe. I have made it not very long ago, impressive aoe but it was somewhat unsuccessful in damage.

Thx for the advice, will try it. I think the problem comes from the skill itself, which has bad targetting. It's a bit better without Conc Effect.
I will post an update at the end of the month.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Version 3.11 update

PoB : https://pastebin.com/KKTSaQ4r

- Removed Glancing Blows, as I needed the points for new cluster notables. Plus, I'm not sure it is that good for the build in its current state.

On top of Overshock and Cold Conduction notables, I've added :
- Disorienting Display : 10% to blind nearby enemies when using an elem skill
- Snowstorm : gain 10% lightning as extra cold against chilled enemies
- Supercharge : non-crit dmg is lucky

Not using Concentrated Effect, as it makes Lightning Tendrils too clunky : more often than not, you will just channel in thin air, especially against bosses.
Instead, I'm using Inc AoE or Inc Crit Dmg.

For the helmet, I've chosen Crown of the Inward Eye. Good all around piece. Crown of the Tyrant is better DPS-wise but has only one socket. And I want the sockets for a 4L Lightning Warp :
LW + Faster Casting + Swift Affliction + Less Duration

LW is such a pleasant skill to use now. Its duration has been reduced in 3.10 and it has received a nice cosmetic change in 3.11. Really feels like thunder !
Same for Orb of Storms (it's way too classy to be cast by those filthy Goatmen shamans !)

Last but not least, I've added the new Arcanist Brand to cast Frostbite and Wave of Conviction.


Here are two new videos in 3.11 :

#1 : T16 Delirium Dungeon. Brutus got overshocked !

#2 : T18 Harbinger Shore. A failed D-Day for the Harbingers !


Good luck and have fun, Exiles.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Made a mistake last time with my PoB : Orb of Storms had Arcane Surge support, which cannot work since I'm using Eldritch Battery.
Here is a corrected version :

Still working to improve the build, finding the good balance between defense and DPS.

Here is a new video, that seemed hard at first but actually went quite smoothly :

#3 : T15 Synthesis map + Beyond

Hope you like it :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hi Exiles,

here is a new video. This one features four of my characters in 4 difficult delves.
The Lightning Tendrils Trickster ( aka the LTT ;) ) is in second position.

Behold :

The Unholy Four - Delve 666

Note that, although the build is not suited for delving, the lightsplosions actually come very handy in this situation.
Hope you like it !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,
I'm still working to improve the build. Trying to emulate FastAF version, which has 7M DPS with GG gear. Currently, I'm sitting at 3M DPS but I still have room for (not mirror-worth) improvements.

PoB : https://pastebin.com/Aw11h39L

Here is a new video : a T16 Vaal area, followed by a Blight encounter then T15 Drox.

The heir to the Gemling Legion unleashes the power of lightning in :

#4 : More Machine Than a Man

Hope you like it :)

Next episode will be in a tough T15 map.

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Here is a sequel to episode #4.
This time, it is a tough T15 Pen, with extra dmg, chaos and elem res + double life for monsters.

#5 : Escape from Pen

Hope you like it :)

PoB level 92 : https://pastebin.com/CuM1u3bp
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

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