[3.11 Viable] Freezing Pulse MoM Trickster / Late-Game 15mil+ Shaper DPS / League-Start Viable

Hello! Which Pantheon do you recommend?
Polkageistt wrote:
Hello! Which Pantheon do you recommend?

For most builds i like to go with Soul of Solaris as the major Pantheon, just because it provides very generic defenses that can apply to almost any build in any situation of the game.

However, if you find yourself getting stunned a lot, Soul of the Brine King might be beneficial as well.

Similarly, my Minor Pantheon is almost always Soul of Ryslatha just to give us better sustain during the longer boss fights like Sirus.
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Sorry if these are stupid questions-

How do you apply/keep up ignite for the cinderswallow buff?

Does the cold exposure from 'Corrosive Elements' cluster node stack with Wave of Conviction exposure?

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How do you assign two nodes to your amulet?
Or do you just put in both to choose?


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