[3.10]The ultimate FLICKER build. All content viable.

Hello everyone
First of all this build is really fun to play.
Most builds in poe you have to chose in between clear speed , single target damage , tankness and fun to play with. it in the flickerman build you have everthing , insane clear speed , good single target dps (12M on DS) and really tank 82% block chance and the best of all fun to play with it.

Many builds of flicker strike are a bit squish and rely on killing the monsters first than they can hit you but not this one , the build can tank mobs from t16 maps afk with easy a here is the proofhttps://youtu.be/GaNw8Doi32w?t=11
The build have max block without a shield yeah you read it right no shield 82% block chance and i dindt even get in the best part yet: The clones that the saviour give us 2 clones that deals 50% of your damage so you have 3 things using flicker at the same time is madness and if you add the clones from vaal
double strike is like we become a summoner 6clones +2 totem and the body armour makes everthing explodes. you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

The gear

My current gear


-Fun to play
-Insane clear speed
-Good single target dps
-Super tanky
-all content viable

-Not cheap
-cant do phys reflect maps

damage breakdowm

-With a gear similar to mine you should have 4million damage on Double strike
-Each clone from saviour deals 2million
-And each clone from the vaal double strike deals 500k you have 4 of them
-total 10million shaper dps
-For the flicker dps is enought to kill anything that isnt a boss on one hit.

the defense

-The 82% block chance( on Ho you should have 63% block chance, but each time you get hit you get more block chance because of the ascendancy)
-Fortify always up
-Molten shell on damage taken
-easy 20k+ armour with flask on
-Endurance charges
-Life gained on block


Showcase on Phoenix


More videos soon

POB: https://pastebin.com/4ruUyBk5
You need the fork impale to see the actual damage of the build.

Check out my other guide

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nice u can push a litle more dps on cluster small are cheap ^^ , power charge on block ^^

I make little changes for easy cap ress

Grand spectrum gives 63% ress free and easy to get corrupted blood or more dmg

Sorry for my english not are my language

Here go MY Mod : https://pastebin.com/bGzquRss

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