3.10 ⚡ Marylene's Fallacy Assassin - Best non-Herald stacking ele Wander REWORK IN PROGRESS


Hi boys and girls and welcome to my first wander build!

This is a Power Siphon wander based around Marylene's Fallacy amulet. Marylene's Fallacy is double edged amulet that has highest crit multi stat in the game but has penalty of 40% LESS crit chance. To make it worth using Assassin was a natural choice.
It uses Natural Affinity new unique cluster jewel (very good and overlooked by community) and Spellslinger support for elegant and 100% reliable spell slinging. :D

I have to say also that it's not a beginners build since it's expensive, requires precise gearing, understanding of various mechanics and speedy reactions to perform as it should.

*char in the videos uses Eldritch Battery keystone but I already made a showcase video before realizing my exact setup is troublesome to replicate because of minimum ES required to work, so I'll post guide with mana leech version.
I'll also post my PoB from the char in showcase video also just as an example.

Please read the whole guide

Wish you many fun hours or playtime!

Change Log
-optimized passive tree, few points change
- +4% all res while holding a shield
-Ascendancy notable change from Ambush and Assassinate to Deadly Infusion
-glove craft change
-shield craft changed to 15% chance to deal double damage while focused
-Wrath lvl 21
-Immortal call correction to lvl 13

Build Summary
+insane dps
+superb mapping, clears offscreen
+multiple layers of defense with huge damage reduction
+can facetank, but defense and playstyle primarily based on damage avoidance
+positive chaos res
+very fast
+Crit immune
+Shock immune (with Inpulsa)
+Shreds all end-game content, 20/20 Simulacrum included (except Hall of Grandmasters)
+makes heavy shocks, even able to stun Wave 20 Kosis at full dps

-can't do Elemental Reflect maps (excepe with the )
-vulnerable to heavy DoTs

Build Showcase

Last 5 waves in Simulacrum
If Kosis spawns on 20th wave my advice is to clear all mobs, go into corner and swap in Barrage support.

Path of Building

Just passive tree

Character from the showcase video, but use pastebin above for your char!!!

Natural Affinity

This little cluster jewel provides Nature's Patience Keystone

-Gain 2 Grasping Vines each second while stationary
-2% chance to deal Double Damage per Grasping Vine
-1% less Damage taken per Grasping Vine

Everyone bypassed this jewel because it lowers your movement speed drastically when you are stationary. But, vines are instantly broken by using any blink skill like Flame Dash, Blink Arrow, Frost Blink or Dash, so pretty much any build can benefit from it.
Also Juggenrnauts with allocated Unstoppable or chars with Kaom's Roots won't even notice it.

After 5 seconds being stationary, it gives 20% chance to deal double damage an 10% less damage taken, which is big and most useful for any character that has to be stationary to deal damage.

If you can't get used to the Vines in any way, slot in instead triple crit multi rare jewel or mix of crit multi/spell damage/projectile damage/attack speed, or just pick additional Power Charge and call it a day.


Power Siphon
Power Siphon is an attack skill. This wand skill fires a volley of projectiles that are are both empowered by and generate power charges. Projectiles also have Culling Strike.
It's a blank skill that doesn't add damage on it's own like spells or other attack skills like Double Strike for example. Because of that you have to "feed it" with damage from other sources like Wand, Aura, jewels or other rare items. Depending on how much added damage, increases and multipliers you have affect the end result.
This is the reason why wanders are generally expensive, because they require top gear to be good.
This build on the other hand relies less on added damage and more on various multipliers but nevertheless it scales only added Lightning damage.

Point Blank keystone
Positioning is very important for single target damage due to use of Point Blank keystone.
It's also important not to stand too close to the target cause you can miss all or half the shots.

Put Enduring Cry on your movement button, so you can move and auto cast warcry.
Blood Rage place on your 2nd skill row (hold ctrl) and activate when you start map.

-Rage generation thru 2x Mob Mentality notables on cluster jewels you will be getting 10 Rage with each Enduring Cry cast. Build up is fast and can work well even with 1 Mob Mentality but i added 2 just for the QoL.

The maximum rage a character can have is 50. A character loses 1 rage every 0.5 seconds after not having gained rage or been hit recently.

Characters gain the following effects for each point of rage:

1% increased attack damage
0.5% increased attack speed
0.2% increased movement speed

-War Banner, when charged you can drop it and get Adrenaline buff for 3 seconds.

Adrenaline grants the following:
100% increased Damage
25% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed
10% additional Physical Damage Reduction

-Spellslinger support will autocast "Wave of Conviction" spell (reduces lightning resistance by 25%) and "Projectile Weakness" curse (increases damage taken from projectiles) every time you attack with the wand

Consumes Rage at an accelerating rate to provide a powerful buff, granting more attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, and less damage taken.

Defenses and how to stay alive
Although character can take hits, main defenses are based on dodge mechanics (damage avoidance) so you should play accordingly.
Avoid unnecessary staying in place during mapping. Your main advantage with the char is high mobility and range so use it to your benefit (i'm talking about utter end-game like maps with multiple Delirium orbs). Bosses can be facetanked and they go down fast.
Don't hesitate to use Vaal Grace, Berserk or War Banner when you see that shit's about to go down or to disengage if you are overwhelmed.

-Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics keystones
-Elusive + immunity from critical strikes
-Immortal Call
-Shock Immunity from Inpulsa's Broken Heart body armor
-Opportunistic, ascendancy Notable Passive Skill, 10% reduced Damage taken while there are at least two Rare or Unique Enemies nearby
-Brutal Restraint unique jewel in the name of Deshret, gives Wind Dancer keystone:
20% less Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently
40% less Evasion Rating if you haven't been Hit Recently
20% more Evasion Rating if you've been Hit Recently.

Right usage of active defensive skills and flasks is crucial for surviving hard content
-Vaal Grace
-Quartz Flask
-Endurance Charges
-10% reduced physical damage taken, Adrenaline buff from dropped War Banner
-positive Chaos damage resistance
-Vines from Natural Affinity unique cluster jewel
-Berserk 19% less damage taken

So if you are wondering how I survived eating 3 out of 5 Sirus A8 DIE beams, this is what happened.

-I was under Berserk which gave me 19% less damage taken
-I had 10 Vines on me which is 10% less damage taken
-Balanced Wise Oak flask, 10% less damage taken from all 3 elements
-Damage from the first hit got buffered also with Wind Dancer (20% less damage taken)
-That's followed by Immortal call which reduces elemental damage taken by 30% and at least 30% physical damage on the 2nd and 3rd hit.
My Fortify wasn't even active...

Bare in mind that this isn't a build where you can just slap few items and it's done. It requires high-end rolls of stats on pretty much every item and it will under-perform with mediocre gear.
Recorded videos were with the finished char on lvl95 with leveled gems and everything...

Extra attribute requirement from gear:
+71 to Strength in total (belt and boots are good source)

Rare wand is the best option and because of Wandslinger passive (Increases and Reductions to Spell Damage also apply to Attacks while wielding a Wand)notable on the tree requirements are specific.
Best base for the wand is Imbued wand because of attack speed and high spell damage implicit.

Important stats:
-T3 - T1 increased spell damage OR Elemental / Lightning penetration(prefix)
-T2 - T1 added lightning damage (local) (prefix)
-increased attack speed (at least 10%) (suffix)
-increased critical strike chance (at least 25-27% also can be bench crafted)(suffix)

GG Wand would be something like this

Piscator's Vigil is a budget alternative.


Important stats:
-increased spell damage
-min 90 life
-some resistances
-free suffix to craft double damage mod (you can craft passive 5% chance or 15% chance when focused, your choice)

Body Armour

Very good armor that explodes enemies and provides shock immunity.

BiS would be Crusader+Hunter or Crusader+Elder influenced rare explody armour with life and crit.
Astral Plate base gives additional resistances but has higher STR requirement.
Something like this for example


Crown of the Inward Eye is the BiS helmet.

If you can't get it with good enchant, rare Crusader influenced helmet is alternative.
In that case buy helmet with enchant min ilvl 85. Use Crusaders Exalted orb for influence and fossil craft it for high life and -9% Lightning resistance to nearby enemies with fossils.

Helmet enchants in order of benefit:
1. Berserk has 30% increased buff effect
2. Power Siphon fires 2 additional Projectiles
3. Power Siphon has 15% increased attack speed
4. Blood Rage gives additional 12% attack speed


This amulet is cheap, powerful and suits Assassin perfectly as other Ascendancies will underperform with it.
It gives ton of crit multi but because of 40% LESS CRITICAL STRIKE CHANCE pretty much it's only good on Assassin.

Anoint it with "Battle Cry" passive and use Abrasive Catalysts to get little more Accuracy from it.


two rings with stats like these:
-min 65 life
-min 300-350 Accuracy
-as much as possible resistances

-optional free prefix to craft "Non-Channeling skills have -9 to total mana cost" and "Adds (1–5) to (41–48) Lightning Damage to Attacks" for more dps

Use Prismatic Catalysts to get more resistances from them.


-high life
-min 80% total resistances
-min 10% attack speed
-free prefix to craft "24-28% increased damage during any flask effect"

If you want to min/max things Gripped gloves base would be the best one.


Boots with:
-min 70 Total life (including strength)
-some strength
-some resistances
-free prefix to be able to craft hybrid mod "20% increased movement speed and 12% chance to gain Onslaught on kill"

Boot enchant gives a decent chunk of damage for single target and it's not that hard to get "Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently".
You will need on average 10 Uber lab runs with Twice Enchanted prophecy.

Stygian Vise
-min 90 total life (including Strength)
-min 30% chaos resistance
-min 40% elemental resistance


-For the life flask you want Seething/Bubbling life flask of Staunching
-(Chemist's)Diamond flask of Heat/Warding
-(Chemist's)Quarts flask of Heat/Warding
-Wise Oak unique flask, for this one i went extra mile and balanced my resistances so I get full benefit from it. Balancing resistances is easier since of introduction of Catalysts although sinking 10-20 Divines is average for elemental resistance balancing.

-Atziri's Promise unique flask with max ele roll. Reason for this flask is to get some damage and Chaos res at the same time.
If you can get to positive or at least neutral chaos res from gear, best option instead would be Bottled Faith unique flask.

Rare jewels

You will need two of those. Mods to look for:
-increased maximum life
-global critical strike multiplier

-increased attack speed
-increased attack speed with wands
-increased attack and cast speed

-increased projectile damage
-increased damage
-increased spell damage
-increased spell damage while holding a Shield

Abyss jewel

-Life min 30
-added lightning damage T1/2
-added Lightning Damage to Wand Attacks
-global crit multi
-increased Attack Speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently
-increased attack speed
-Damage Penetrates 2% Elemental Resistance if you haven't Killed Recently
-spell damage

Cluster jewels

-Large cluster jewel with max 8 added passives, small passives grant 12% increased lightning damage.

Has to have:
-Vengeful Commander (higher damage option) OR Supercharged
-Storm Drinker
-2 jewel sockets
-Widespread Destruction/Doryani's Lesson/Disorientating Display (these you wont allocate but they save passive point)

-2 Medium Cluster Jewels, max 5 passive points, 15% increased Warcry buff effect .
1.Mob Mentality + Provocateur + jewel slot
2.Mob Mentality + Haunting Shout + jewel slot

Small cluster jewels with preferably 3 passive skills, small passives give +4% to max life.
Notable, Feast of Flesh.
Preferably also something useful on small nodes like extra life or life regen.

Unique jewels

-Natural Affinity

Brutal Restraint with dekhara in the akhara of Deshret. Seed doesn't matter.

Watcher's Eye with at least "damage penetrates ele resistance while affected by Wrath.
Preferably with some Precision mod like crit multi/increased damage

Shadow - Assassin

Gem Links
6L(Vaal) Power Siphon - Awakened Added Lightning Damage- (Awakened) Lightning Penetration - Inspiration - (Awakened) Elemental Damage with Attacks - Barrage support(single target)/Pierce support (mapping)
Get (Vaal( Power Siphon lvl 21 because it has 1 additional Projectile.

4L Spellslinger - Enlighten 4 - Wave of Conviction - Projectile Weakness

4L Wrath lvl 21 - Enlighten 4- Precision lvl1 - War Banner

4L Berserk - Enduring Cry - Flame Dash - Vaal Grace

3L Immortal Call lvl 13 - Cast When Damage Taken lvl 11 - Blood Rage

3L Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Pantheons & Bandits
Kill all bandits.

Pantheons - should be fully upgraded

Brine King - heavy content
Lunaris - mapping

Tukohama - heavy content
Garukhan - mapping

Since this is not a league start build, you can buy gems that you need beforehand.
Passive tree - Finish the bottom part first. If you have cluster jewels incorporate them after you add Wrath aura. Also add then Enduring cry and Berserk gems. Anoint the amulet (around lvl 36+, even leveling amulet since anointment is cheap)

Use Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Wanderlust
In Twilight Strand buy 2 wands, 2 Iron Rings, Rustic sash and alch them all
Use Kinetic Bolt - Onslaught - Pierce

Lvl 4 - add War Banner
Lvl 5 - Ondar's Clasp gloves, Karui Ward amulet
Lvl 8 - Kinetic Bolt - Onslaught - Pierce -Added lightning damage

Lvl 12 - 2 Storm Prison wands and switch Kinetic Bolt with Power Siphon
Lvl 16 - Herald of Thunder
Lvl 20 - Belt of the Deceiver , Hinekora's Sight amulet

Lvl 30 - Thief's Torment ring

Lvl 31+ Rare wand with added lightning damage, Rare gloves and boots, rare shield with life and res
Power Siphon - Elemental damage with attack - Pierce -Added lightning damage - Insipiration
Lvl 36 Wrath aura, and start putting together final gem links

Lvl 65 if you don't have good rare wand use Piscator's Vigil wand

If you are missing some attributes while leveling pick it up from the passive tree and respec later

leveling flask:
life with staunching
Mana flask (Until thief's Torment ring)
2x Quicksilver
Bismuth (if you are lacking res)
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Yo let me see the build asap my cat wants to play
Oh boi can't wait to see what you build this time! I played your Oni Goroshi builds and they were amazing! Hyped :)
wow wait for the build ♥♥♥
Yeah boy! Can't wait!
CMON dude, At least pob, cant wait !!
Played ur Oni-zerker build, was really AWESOME. FFEEEDDD MEEEEE MOORE
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Excited to see this one :).

Coming from https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2639074/page/1 in Delirium League which was super fun.
Gem swap for clearing map ?
eltas001 wrote:
Gem swap for clearing map ?

Yeah you rly want 6L to clear highest tier stuff, although I was doing everything on a mapping setup except wave 20 Kosis, UE, Shaper, Sirus, Conquerors. Map bosses i ran over with mapping setup.

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