[SSFHC Delirium 3.10] LVL 100 BV Poison Assassin ~1M+ DPS

No good at guides, pls no bully.




- life ~7.4k (could pull 8k+ if you dropped carcass for fat chest and tweak gear overall)
- dps over ~1mil, not sure what numbers to check on PoB

Watch video for some action and basic info and POB for the copy of the build from the video. More read below.

This is SSFHC, so on trade could be even better with BiS gear.

Plague Bearer is the carry, link with inc AOE, fills up to 1mil after first mob pack, easy to sustain 99% of uptime, I had +1 on gloves and 21/20 so 1.180mil total.

Anything with poison/chaos, I went with Caustic Arrow, same nodes. Aim for Exceptional Performance before switching to BV.

- BiS gear would be Obliteration for boom booms, Carcass Jack for AoE and Embalmer with Coralito's for more damage, which I did obtain while pushing to 100, got all of those at around mid-90s.
- Run Perfect Agony until Coralito's, stack crit multiplier for it to work.
- Rest of gear is just life and resists. My gear overall without uniques is self-found and average at best, no fancy crafts.
- Annoint Dirty Techniques for fat dips.

Your first 6L is farmed up div cards Tabula, then you switch back to 5L Embalmer when it drops so you could have fat life chest, until you get 6L fat life chest.

If you have mana issues, craft -mana cost for non-channeling skills on rings, Arcange Surge helps, low level Clarity, etc. You have to be gentle when casting BV, one right click per pack should be enough.

Check POB for my lvl 100 snapshot with gear.

Coralito's if drops, Chemist's Adrenaline, Diamond/Phase/Evasion flasks. I guess you can run Atziri's until Coralito's.

Defences and mitigation
Dodge and Elusive, Evasion and Phasing flasks, can cap dodge while at peak. Don't track back.

How I made bank in SSF
Just pick all the shit up, I did only low tier or safe mod Deliriums cuz of lag, I did most of my missions, I did all my Einhar's and got 6L recipe with the clone recipe. Do all the Cassia's for lubed up maps to get oils and flip them in vendor.

Dropped Kaom's and Shavs while pushing, pretty lucky.

Linked Carcass at <1k fusings, pretty lucky.

While grinding maps for 100 you gonna drop all kinds of stuff, pick up all the currency cards and do all the Niko's.

The strat this league for currency in SSF is to farm bridge in act 8.

- This build is more for pushing 100 not bossing. Not Sirus or other juiced up end-game boss viable, unless you're a gamer. If in SSFSC sure why not.
- All map mods except phys reflect. Wouldn't recommend temp chains, no regen (need mana flask and drop aura for free mana), -50% poison avoidance mod is pretty annoying.

Close calls
All kinds of DD, from strongboxes to martyrs. Porkies only if chain on map, dodge should handle the rest, fat slams too.

I guess that's it, just check links.

/played 11 days (with full time job, family, etc.)

Source for ideas, builds, gear, etc. at https://poe.ninja/challengehcssf/builds
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Marked, nice build. I only play SSF league, so this should be the BV guide for me. Thanks
How was your experience with atlas progression, getting watchstones, and running some T16s?
mallow wrote:
How was your experience with atlas progression, getting watchstones, and running some T16s?

I got only 16 watchstones, my preferred T15 Toxic Sewer, T16 Crystal Ore, lower tiers aim at easy layouts for speed and clear.

There is no damage issues with Plague Bearer because it's broken, it's like Impale, but for poison and you can sustain it 99% of time, you get entire 1 mil within one pack.

You just don't stand still doing watchstone bosses or bosses in general, try running around them in range while stacking poisons and popping three wither totems and monitoring your Plague Bearer when it runs out, watch it refill real quick while doing damage and pop it again, the only time you stand still is when casting BV and you got AA for that for some mitigation. Keep your Fortify up, proc Elusive to proc dodge.

I also like to run Ryslatha's from Pantheon for life flask, it just refills while running around (for bosses).
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