[3.8/3.10] Torpedoes Chieftain [Exploding SRS]


First of all I want to emphasise that I made and played this build back in 3.8 Blight league but I see that not much changed in the components used, apart from SRS literally behaving like a homing missiles - flying to the cursor location upon casting (which means a bit of mechanics improvement QoL).

In this one we build around SRS supported by Infernal Legion, inevitably going to Minion Instability. We achieve this and take it to the next level with a help of few unique items which will be explained in the later section.
Gameplay-wise: we summon rockets (aka torpedoes) which seek and find enemies; first melting them by touch and then blowing up in a climax.

I played quite a lot of various builds and I find this one to be surely one of my favourites.

When firing away, you have to find a sweet spot between full auto and shooting too slow. Somewhere when your SRS tooltip icon changes between 4 and 5 (-1 of total number) as you're casting (re-casting too early prevents explosions of SRS).
If you play with sound whenever you hear 'pop' sound, you're good - more frequent 'pop' ensures maximum output of DPS.

Skill gems:

[6] SRS + Infernal Legion + Minion Damage + Minion Speed + Fire Penetration + Faster Casting
[6/3+3] Blasphemy + Flammability + Inc AoE ; Vengeance + Reckoning + Summon Phantasm
[4] CWDT(9) + Immortal Call(11) + Summon Skeletons(14) + Inc Dur
[4] Withering Step + Inc Dur + Vaal Haste (/Empower?)
[4] Carrion Golem + Flame Golem + Feeding Frenzy + Minion Life

- My gear (for easier visuals):

Choice of gems:

Vengeance + Reckoning for afk killing but also supported by Summon Phantasm for even more summons.

Golems are tanky enough to not support them with Faster Casting for resummoning (+ they get life regen from Tree) and they deal quite nice ammount of damage with all the nodes.

There is no solid reason behind choosing Withering Step over other movement skills, I just didn't have the opportunity to use it yet.

*Since I can't come up with a useful support gem for our movement skill we can throw it into CWDT Immortal Call setup with Inc Dur and add another buff to Vengeance + Reckoning or do some another crazy CWDT setup in 6link. Just mind the socket colors.

I did a little bit of testing, supporting our main skill with Faster Attacks, Added Fire Dmg, Shockwave but the ones listed before showed superior.

*As always switch weapons for additional gem leveling.

Gear aka chosen legs:

Mark of the Red Covenant - core for getting those big big torpedoes.

Tavukai - to get to Minion Instability explosion as fast as possible and increase the dmg of it. Balance the roll of chaos damage taken and chaos res depending on your playstyle: the shorter the fuse - the more cast speed you need to get to optimize DPS. You also want to move between casts for regular clearing.

Femurs of the Saints - again, big damage and additional cast speed. You want to have your main gem setup here as +2 to lvl of minion gems is not global.

Bloodbond - ideal scenario for that sweet sweet bonus dmg of explosions - additional minion life.

Doryani's Invitation - fire variant. I initially wanted this build glass cannon so let's keep it that way - a dmg belt. When rich, we can upgrade to Stygian Vise with even more dmg.

Pyre - if you're maxed out on resistances you can put that in and see what happens.

Clear Mind - another nice source of additional damage.

All of the mentioned items are cheap so you can spend some more to getchu perfect rolls.

Rest of the items are rares with Life and Resistances basically.

Basic flasks:

Prefered mods on gear:
- Minion damage
- Life
- Resistances
- Fire damage
- Spell damage
- Cast speed
- Area damage
- Dex for Vaal Haste

Skill tree:

Things to prioritize in a tree:
- Minion damage
- Minion life
- Minion speed
- Fire damage
- Spell damage
- Cast speed
- Life
- Endurance charges
- Golems
- Resistances
- Area
- Dex for Vaal Haste
- Light radius

Bandit choice: kill every one last of them.

This time going Chieftain is kinda legit.
Honestly. Chieftains being physically superior to all other classes are being blessed with fire pen but also godly endurance charges generation.

I'm able to demonstrate the build on Standard:

*I noticed that reflect maps work as a short fuse for our little bombs, so keep an eye out for them (buy them in bulk maybe?). I'm yet to figure out how much of a boost that is.

Happy huntings, Dungo
Chieftain Master Race
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I might be wrong, but AFAIK, your fire passives dont apply to SRS, because its they and not you who inflict the fire damage.

Im building this as Jugg, Necro is not enough sturdy for my taste.


The only gear requirements are Tavukai and Siegebreaker belt. Rest are crafted +Minion life and whatever stats you need. High life on shield for Necromantic Aegis

As for 6L, I only require Minion Life, as Minion Instability dont scale on damage but SRS life

SRS> Minion Life> Infernal Legion> CwCh> Fortify> Cyclone
SRS> Minion Life> Infernal Legion> Unleash> Spell Echo> Combustion

CWDT> Immortal Call> Flammability> Wave of Conviction

Raise Zombie> Meat Shield> Minion life>M inion Damage

Auras/movement skill of your choice
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