3.10 Impale Power Siphon Warcry Zerker - 30 Mill + Shaper DPS - 2.7K Regen - 250%+ Movespeed

This is my first build guide. I'm sharing this because I haven't seen many people doing wander on Berserker, and more specifically stacking warcry buffs as our main offense and defense. I recently started the build after selling the gear from previous builds and so far it is deleting everything I throw at it and is insanely fun to play.

I have released a separate build guide for a Champion version. Going forward I will be focusing more on the champion version as it is much more well rounded. About 30% Less dps but WAY, WAY more survivability. The Zerker still wins for damage but being able to face tank content while still doing absurd damage feels great.

Champion Version Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2835325


-Fast clear
-Amazing single target
-Relatively tanky for a wander
-Still 10 mill dps without gem swap


-Can get very expensive
-Doesn't scale well without jewels
-Can't do phys reflect

T16 Map clear https://youtu.be/z-EjZZlnIxg

T16 Minotaur + Metamorph showcase https://youtu.be/bmbxzKKfx7Y

Juiced 100% Delirium T14 Tropical Island https://youtu.be/WCcsraGqx24

Many of my gems were level 15 and 16 in these videos.
The PoB includes my current gear with the gems that currently aren't leveled at 20/20. But as you can see the damage is still insane with level 15 gems!

More videos coming soon!

About The Build
The main concept is stacking warcrys using the new cluster jewels. We pick up 3 large cluster jewels with the mod "Deep Cuts" which grants +1 to impale stacks. Getting 2 jewel sockets on each of these large cluster jewels allows us to socket in 6 warcry jewels total. Currently +2 power siphon enchant is extremely cheap, and dying sun is only around 40c giving us a total of 13 projectiles, and 16 with barrage support in for single target. This makes clear and single target amazing. Note that I only gem swap for guardians, conquerors, shaper etc. as we still have 10 mill+ dps with our clear setup which is way more than enough for mapping up to t16.

Cry Wolf
Cry wolf counts as having 10 addition nearby enemies for our warcrys and we use 5 of these, so even on single target the buff from rallying cry buffs as if there is at least 50 enemies. From our ascendancy "Warbringer" and getting buff effect and cooldown on each jewel we end up with a 30 second duration Rallying cry that gives 445% increased damage up permanently.

Solving Mana Issue
Generally a wander with almost 7 attacks per second would have problems sustaining mana even with leech, but this issue is also resolved with Rallying cry as it now gives us 86 mana regen a second. Although I do recommend still getting mana leech on either a node on tree, jewel socket, or amulet so there's no issues on less regen maps.

Enduring Cry
Our enduring cry gives us 2500 regen/sec and grants permanent endurance charge generation. We use Immortal call with CWDT for extra mitigation and our charges are always back up by the time its effect ends since our cooldown on enduring cry is only 1.7 seconds. We anoint our amulet with "Battle Cry" to have instant warcrys allowing us to put enduring cry as our click to move so that it autocasts every 1.7 seconds.

Mob Mentality
We get Mob mentality on one warcry jewel to help with rage generation even on bosses with phases or to have 50 rage up before a guardian etc. The rest of the jewels you want Provocateur and Cry wolf. Getting 5 or 4 socket jewels allows us to skip an extra travel node and getting ones with a jewel socket means we can put a crit multi and life jewel in each as well.

Skill Tree
Because of how much strength we get and already pathing the bottom of the tree, we can pick up the Iron Grip keystone for 1 point to gain almost 5% more dps. With the jewel sockets we pick up we also path over Point Blank which gives us a 30% more multi against enemies near us.

I also chose to pick up Acrobatics for one node since it's hard to get enough armour to make use of its damage reduction anyway. You can choose to drop this node and have more armour if you want.


My Current Gear:

Explanation of Gear and Gem Choices
Enduring Cry - Rallying Cry - Herald of Purity - Empower

Note: Gloves with +level to Aoe, Warcry, or duration gems is beneficial since any of those tags will boost our warcrys which is a main source of our damage. I link herald of purity here with the empower also since we use 2 circle of guilt rings, so boosting our herald makes them much more effective. Hands of the high templar gloves are BiS since they can grant potentially up to +6 to our warcrys as well as base crit and a curse. Currently have a +4 pair and when looking for a curse I suggest going with temp chains or enfeeble instead of vulnerability. The reason being that we already have so many "enemies take increased damage" debuffs that vulnerability doesnt buff our damage as much as you would think and having the extra survival is nice since we already do so much damage.

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste

Note: Boots with tailwind are nice since they provide 10% more multi to our action speed. Getting ones that also have movement speed is great but not necessary.

Berserk - Dread Banner - Blood Rage - Enhance


I link these gems to enhance because Berserk gets extra attack damage from quality, Dread Banner gets extra aura effect, and Blood rage receives extra attack speed. Nice way to boost all 3 of these and level 4 enchance is quite cheap this league.

Any helm with +2 power siphon projectiles is fine. Try to get int and life on it. As a berserker using wands we have int issues but we mainly solve this using a fertile mind jewel in the right side jewel socket and getting int on our helmet. An evasion base would probably be best in slot as we pick up acrobatics which halves our armour. Note that grabbing an armour helm, using a granite flask, and utilizing vaal molten shell is an option here.

Body Armour:

Power Siphon - Impale - Vicious Proj - Brutality - Maim - Pierce (Swap Pierce for Barrage support when fighting tougher bosses such as guardians)

Notes: Links here are pretty self explanatory. I think crit damage over Maim is slightly higher for dps but would require more off colours.

I went for an astral plate for the implicit res since capping res can be an issue. Also note that since we always have 3 endurance charges you can undercap your res by 12% and still be capped while mapping. Crit chance to attacks is great but not necessary. Getting the "enemies you kill explode" mod is very nice for clear as it scales off of generic damage increases and our rallying cry provides about a 450% boost to this explosion damage.

Precision - Flesh and Stone - Enlighten

Enlighten is not needed here as we have enough mana without it. This is where Pride aura would go if you have Aul's Uprising amulet. You could also throw a golem in here.

Flame Dash - Second Wind - Faster Casting

I use flame dash with these links to help dash around the map faster. We're limited to using dash skills since we're dual wielding and using wands.

Notes: Getting lower phys DPS wand but focusing more on the attack speed and crit is okay since a lot of our damage comes from flat increases from herald of purity. But obviously the higher dps the better. Imbued wands are probably the nicest since the int requirement is lower than the profane wand I have for example.


Circle of Guilt is BiS since it boosts our herald of purity and phys damage so much. getting ones with buff effect and damage while affected by herald of purity are best but also not necessary. I just used %phys damage ones with the reduced phys damage taken mod until i could afford double damage rings. The generic physical damage gained from this buff also affects the explosion caused by our chest which helps the explosions chain.


An amulet with crit multi, life and flat physical damage to attacks is fine. Getting all attributes or just an extra intelligence roll on it can help solve requirement issues.

Aul's Uprising Onyx Amulet with "Pride reserves no mana" is BiS for the build but are VERY expensive.


Stygian Vise with as much life and Res as you can get. Or just a nice leather belt is sufficient and will be much cheaper.


Dying sun provides us with +2 projectiles which helps for clearing but also provides about 8% more damage on single target when using barrage support.

Bottled Faith is obviously the best flask for most crit builds but isn't needed by any means. Grab a magic sulphur flask, basalt or even quartz flask in the meantime.

Quicksilver with extra movement speed helps us zoom around quicker. Notice I don't have a removes bleeding flask as I have a corrupted jewel with "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you". This is an option but otherwise roll removes bleeding on one of your flasks.

Silver Flask for onslaught granting us extra movement speed, attack and cast speed.

Diamond Flask for lucky crit.

You want 3 Large cluster jewels with "Deep Cuts" and 2 jewel sockets.

5 Medium warcry cluster jewels with "Cry Wolf", "Provocateur" and jewel socket.

1 Medium warcry cluster jewel with "Mob Mentality" and jewel socket.

2 Small life cluster jewels with "Fettle" to boost our life. Chaos res on small passives is nice if you can get them.

For Base jewels getting crit multi while dual wielding, life, and attack speed is best for damage.

Watchers Eye:

Crit multi watchers eye is best in slot because of where our multi is sitting. A plus 2 impale pride watchers eye is only 2% more damage over precision jewel and is 3 times the price at the time of writing this. It also would require getting an Aul's Uprising with Pride reserves no mana to utilize it. Although its worth noting that Aul's is still the BiS amulet allowing us to run pride. I currently haven't obtained one as they're quite expensive and I would recommend spending the currency on other items first.
That currency is better spent on GG wands etc.

I hope you enjoyed my first build guide. Let me know what you think and if you have questions I'll try my best to answer them on here. I may do a video version of the build guide in the future if people want. Thanks for reading and good luck out there Exiles!

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Build looks really interesting. Warcry stacking is sleeper OP this league. Never thought to pair with wands.

Can you post a vid of a 5-orbs map and/or waves 18-20?
Sure thing! I'll post a vid as soon as I can.
Updated Skill tree to include Iron grip. Since we path right over it and because of the strength we have it's almost 5% more dps for 1 point.

Also updated gem links to be more efficient.
elmasone wrote:
Build looks really interesting. Warcry stacking is sleeper OP this league. Never thought to pair with wands.

Can you post a vid of a 5-orbs map and/or waves 18-20?

Here's a vid of a juiced up 100% Delirium t14 Tropical Island
Just a question, what did you level this with?
I originally made the build to play frost blades stacking warcrys. The leveling definitely could have been better. I switched over to wander at around level 85.

A friend of mine is doing a double strike version of this build and leveling is going really well for him. Just rush cluster sockets to start stacking warcrys for damage and regen.
Thanks so much for writing this build guide and i'm so happy to copy it:).
Just finished copying after respec from melee(I was struggled to do 100% delirious even for T12 as melee so i need to find a way out)

Clearing is awesome and the damage against bosses is sick.

Seems like I'm hitting 20m single target dps with ard 10ex investment (no more than 40c for each pieces except wands and boots, other investment are just gems and cluster jew)
but got one shot often due to low hp pool

any idea for improving survivability?

and I'm not sure if i should craft the double influence chest myself or just buy it (don't wanna spend all money on one item, i only got like 20ex in total)

Have you tried T16 crazy mod 100% delirious map?


Glad you like it! One thing you can try for survivability is only using sand stance for the blind and less damage taken. I originally put flesh and stone in the build for the increased phys damage but found just staying in sand stance was better.

Also maybe you could drop one medium cluster to pick up some of the scion life.
Doing 100% Delirium can definitely be rippy, have to kite quite a bit.

Im also currently making a champion version which is much tankier and still does absurd damage. Just a slight change in jewels which allows berserk to have 90% uptime, but other than that its same gear. Ill post it on here once I have it more fleshed out.

Thanks for commenting and trying the build!

Edit: forgot to mention that I bought my chest piece. You could try crafting one yourself but I know the explosion mod can be really difficult to land. I recommend just saving for one.

Haven't tired t16 100% delirium yet. Thinking the champion should be able to handle it a little better. But zerker definitely still wins for damage. I'll post a video when I do one.
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Having so much fun with this build, but am torn between champ and zerk right now and I really dont know which one to choose :(

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