3.10 Hollow Palm Consecrated Path Chieftain

Preface: This is more a space to discuss this variant of Hollow Palm Technique build more than a detailed guide, I am not good at this!

I thought Cyclone was too boring so I decided to build this instead.
So let us "flicker" with god!

Fat AoE damage
Reasonable sized health pool and surprisingly tanky
Simple and fun playstyle
Very adaptable end game, ripe for min maxing
Most of the game is a joke
Never have to buy gloves or weapons again
Big dex

No glove or weapon MTX :(
Balancing resists and gem sockets can be difficult
Relies on specific uniques to get to end game
Movement options aren't great
Probably not as good as cyclone


For 5L I would suggest dropping either fortify or pulverise, you can easily replace awakened fire pen for combustion

Pulverise and Awakened Fire Pen are both flex slots depending on what you need/prefer, there may be better gems for DPS, bear in mind however Awakened Fire Pen makes your consecrated path cost mana even with warlord -15 chest and double -mana rings, if you don't have a Warlord chest with -15 mana cost use combustion instead of awakened firepen.

The rest of the very few remaining slots for gems are pretty adaptable.


Herald of ash and blood and sand seem like solid choices, hatred I am not sure on but it does scale with our MASSIVE phys damage, blasphemy + flammability might be better but then you would have to drop blood rage/another gem.

Very typical CWDT/IC setup, works very well with our endurance charges as we want to lose them quickly for extra damage, it might be better at a higher level but I haven't tested it.

Dash is one of the few movement skills we can use, but with the helm enchant I think it won't really be too bad.

vaal molten shell can be any other defensive skill really, or even a support for dash.

If you have tested any other gem setups please let me know and I will add them and credit you.


Necessary: One with nothing Jewel


Astramentis is great not just because we are a dex stacking build but because we also never have to worry about requirements, I decided to allocate Utmost swiftness for extra dex stack

More stacking, life, damage (thanks astramentis) and I guess immune to freeze?
either way the best belt for the build in my opinion

Pricey but great for boosting our max life and armour, which we are sorely missing from gloves, free dex and immune to various ground effects. Not necessary if you don't have the currency though.

-mana elreon rings are super useful and dare i say necessary without mana leech/removing hatred, ideally you want to use these to fill in your needs for resists, more life and dex, it is probably best to craft your own, mine are pretty bad right now

What's left

More res, more life, more dex if you can, im sure with ungodly amounts of currency you could get one with -enemy fire res or more dex.

as for the enchant, I am still trying to get dash has +2 cooldown uses, I feel this is probably the nicest QoL we can get from Lab

Best is Warlord -15 mana cost chest with life, resists, max life and dex, but they are exceedingly expensive so with a few points invested into mana leech or a jewel you can quite happily just run a normal high life/res/dex chest


With dash enchant you could probably replace the quicksilver flask with a jade flask of iron skin. 3 cheap unique damage flasks and the removes bleeding flask are self explanatory but there might be higher budget options for more damage/defense

For regular jewels I Just went with 4 Fluid motion jewels, there might be better options but more dex=more damage :)

Cluster jewels are more preferential, I don't think what I have is the best, nor do I know of better but so far it has done me no wrong, let me know what cluster jewels you are/would run.

Skill Tree

Full Skilltree: https://pastebin.com/fH0qmTgR
level 100 gets you a full Large-Medium-Small cluster which I think is the best option, before then I suggest speccing into more life/dual wield damage nodes and possibly brinkmanship if you feel yourself lacking AoE

Ascendancy: Ngamahu, Flame's Advance -> Hinekora, Death's Fury -> Tawhoa, Forest's Strength -> Valako, Storm's Embrace

Bandits: Kill 'em all

Rush to socket one with nothing and proceed to faceroll the rest of the game with anything, levelling is a joke with this build, I was able to do merc lab 15 levels under with uncapped resists and levelling gear, have some fun with it.

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which cluster jewel is better: fire damage or physical?
Last edited by darkchest22 on Apr 15, 2020, 2:17:25 PM
I would say physical probably as percentage phys scales insane with the flat of one with nothing
How is the survivability end game with this build? Is armour stacking and fire damage leech enough?
I am toying around with grace instead of hatred as the late game survivability hasn't been great for things like simulacrum boss waves, it has been fine for regular mapping, not sure how else to make it more survivable.
I got bored of Cyclone too and decided to try hollow palm on a leveling character and it's actually super fun with consecrated path, I'm litteraly one shotting everything on my path. I'll probably change everything on my chieftain just to see how it feel for the endgame but this might be my new favorite playstyle haha
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Got to Act 6 now and looking to add some gems. Why use Blood Rage? Isn't the life leech only gained from physical damage?
Can you please explain the skill tree to me or update it? I see in the PoB that the One with Nothing jewel isn't even used... I don't understand it now...

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