This is my first guide right here. I am sharing my budget deadeye to start Delirium league.

1. Why this build?
2. Build Damage
3. Gearing
4. How to play
5. Pantheon and bandits
6. Videos

1. Why this build?

SHREDDING THROUGH low tier maps is something that hardcore gamers like me REALLY ENJOY to do when we are tired of dying in t16 corrupted rare maps for farming currency. Then, It feels so great just to shread a beach, canyon or jungle valley in 90 seconds, for me it is the best experience of the game.

With that setup in mind we chose bow skills, only second to herald of thunder assasin in clear speed, but with a slightly better bossing, which is important to clear content in any start of a league, completing map bonuses, which is essential for mapping sustain.


- Destroy small monsters from maps UBER speed.
- SUPER FUN. If shredding low tier maps makes you happy.


- Low Boss DPS. Hard to clear t11+
- Low life. 3000 life.

2. Build Damage

The build has 1 million dps clearing ICE SHOT on budget. For bosses it has 2.5 MPDS barrage on a 5-Link. You can easily do t1-t7.

You can get a 6-L bow for 40% more barrage dmg or swap slots of ice-shot with barrage to priorize Boss dps. You can run a Kaom's heart, you can hand swap ice shot with barrage in bosses, or get a 6-L barrage bow on secondary weapons, but that is an extra 2 ex.

You can t7 bosses in a few second and do maps Fast AF (lets all praise that guy).

And finally, With onslaught flask, adrenaline quicksilver flask and dash + blink arrow + second wind you will fly through maps.

3. Gearing

3.1 Budget Gear


w1 - Death opus 5L
quiver - rare
body - rare 6-L
Helm - fractal thoughts
gloves - 1 socket tombfist
amulet - rare (hyrri's truth not worth, too expensive at day 3 of league)
rings - gifts from above + rare with life+resists for capping
boots - rare
belt - rare
jewels - rare + lioneye's fall
flasks - quicksilver adrenaline, silver unfreeze, diamond uncurse, life unbleed + wise oak


Farming with gear very similar but worse than the one of this recommended POB, and before Delirium difficulty was Decreased:


Actual pastebin from the video

3.2 Rare item weighting for a perfect search in poe.search:

With this, you can go to https://poe.trade, set buyout to X chaos orb, 'weight' type search, select item slot type, put all this mods, search, sort by total score and buy the best of server results for your price. This single search is handy and can be used for all the items.

+ to maximum life: 1
+% increased maximum life: 6
+% to resistances: 1 (include chaos res for blood rage)
+ to strength: 0.5
+ to dexterity: 0.25
+ to intelligence: 0.3
+% increased physical damage with attack skills: 0.5
+% increased cold damage with attack skills: 1
+ added cold damage with attacks: 2
+ added physical damage with attacks: 4
+% increased attack speed with bows: 4
+ damage penetrates #% cold resistance: 8
gain +% of physical damage as extra cold damage: 4.5
+% to critical strike multiplier with bows: 2
+% to critical strike chance with bows: 0.7
(ring/ gloves)
curse enemies with level # frost bite/assasin's mark/elemental weakness: 25
(abyss jewels)
+% increased attack speed if you've dealt a critical strike recently: 4

Always start buying the most expensive pieces (body armour), then gloves and helm, jewels and finally rings and amulet. Make sure resistances can be crafted in 2 of your items so that you can even resistances without min-maxing.

Make sure to have between 75% and 120% cold, fire and lightning resistances. 120% resistance is great, it protects against the curses elemental weakness, conductivity, flammability and conductivity in red tier maps. They are very common and they apply -39% to -44% resistance debuff, more than doubling the damage taken.

3.2 Gearing in leveling

With this search settings you can easily get an item with the equivalent bonuses to 7-9 passive tree points per piece of gear for 3-10 chaos per piece.
When buying lv70+ gear make sure that all your elemental resistance is 75%+. Up to +44% uncapped, in order to counter elemental weakness, frostbite, conductivity, and red map

Buy the best bow you can every 20 levels with 1-3 chaos. Used dropped rares for the rest.

Always check if what you buy/wear can be crafted and account for those stats, always craft if possible life, resistances or added damage, in that order.

First, as soon as possible, buy a 5 link for 1-2 chaos.

At lvl 40-50 buy the best offered rings and amulet for 1-3 chaos.
At lv 60 buy the best chin sol available for 1-3 chaos and 4-5 links.

Then buy the rest of the gear (helm, boots, gloves, belt, jewels) for 1-3 chaos per piece at level 60+.

Save 20-50 chaos and buy a 6-link body with your colors and some stas (80 life, 60 ele res).

Buy the right flask mods for 1-3 chaos: reduced charges/etc + staunch on life, freeze on diamond/silver flask and shock/warding on the remaining flask.

Then re-gear for 3-10 chaos a piece, improving at least 30 weight points/piece.

Buy Lioneye's fall.
Buy Death's Opus.
Buy oils for annoitment.
Buy jewellers touch/5-link the bow.

Budget gear done!!!

Now you should be Lv 80. Aprox. Capable of completing up to t10 maps objectives.

3.3 Transition to Medium/High tier 40 ex budget upgrades:

First re-gear for 3-20 chaos a piece, improving at least 30 weight points/piece.

Re-gear for 5-50 chaos a piece, improving at least 30 weight points/piece.

- Voidfletcher. 2.5 ex. Corrupted for non-pierce implicit, 4-ex?. Pierce prevents our chains from triggering, screwing our mapping, so it is not wanted. Voidfletcher gives us 50-100% more damage against bosses. Don't get pierce in boots! Expensive at the begining of the league, cheap at the end.

- Hyrri's ire armour. It is expensive this league, 1-1.5 ex for base: +25% more dmg and 10% dodge (which is equivalent to 15% more life against non-area hits). Expensive at the begining of the league, cheap at the end.
- Cinderswallow Urn flask. 1 ex, gives great life recover during mapping, 3%/monster killed. Expensive at the begining of the league, very cheap at the end.
- Dying Sun flask. 2 ex, +2 arrows, it is like +20% more damage. Like all elder and Shaper drop items, it is unbuyable at the beginning of the league (2 ex) and accesible at mid league - 50 chaos.
- Pandemonius amulet. Great damage(+10% more) and extra chill and blind. 4.5 ex.
- 2 socket tombfist. 2.5 ex: extra abyss jewel / 10% more damage equiv
- The Taming. Great elemental resists and some ele dmg. It is hard to trigger the bonus against bosses so forget it. 1.5 ex
- Inspired learning. Mini-headhunter. Equivalent to 10% more map clearspeed. Great for running modded maps with lots of monsters, useless for bossing.
- Hatred Watcher's Eye. Except increased cold damage, the others will give about 10% more damage. A perfect abyss jewel

4. How to play:

Playing Tip 1:

This is worth gold for mapping, and i realized it after a hundred delirium maps. Better note it:

To advance in delirium maps, follow this idea: cast on death is the main means of delirium monsters'damage. These monsters can only do two things:
a) explode
b) throw ranged aoe explosions to the place from where you killed them.

So to deal with this, you just need to follow two easy rules:
a) don't walk/set foot into places where you just killed minions.
b) directly move after every 2-3 attacks at most, evading the incoming volleys that will hit 1 second later.

For this reason, to avoid this two things, open layouts are the best for delirium.

Playing Tip 2:

Delirium monsters are stupidly strong and rippy. The reward is not so high, (300 splinters for a map? Screw off GGG). And the end reward is not really big. So I recommend not to play the gear reward and the jewelry reward delyrium, or just play it up to 3 stacks and then end it. The time waste is not worth.

Divination rewards and gem rewards are the best and you should risk it all to finish them!! Followed by fossil and scarab rewards. Currency rewards are capped at low values (shameful) but they are still worth running as much as you can at the risk of dying.

Buying delirium orbs is worth for t16/t15 only, which is not our thing.

Playing Tip 3:

Keep hard bosses like conquerors, or map completions of high tiers for the moment you just level up. That way they won't penalize you taking off experience from you from all the deaths you will endure while completing them, and you won't get too mad at it hehe.

You can always have a cyclone tank character just to quickly switch and finish those few important bosses and Sirus.

Playing Tip 4:

The maps you choose to play for farm. It will make a big difference. I recomend easy, open layout maps:

Jungle Valley, beach, Canyon
And easy bosses:
T1 Beach, jungle valley
Strand, atoll, goede, canyon (except bosses)
T16 chateau, t16 underground sea


If you want to clear t14 - t16 maps, you can get all rare items with t1 life and kaom's heart, reducing your damage by half or more. Bosses take 30-60 seconds to kill and they can easily kill you.

Only easy bosses when farming t11+, weak bosses or melee bosses that can be knocked back are worth killing.

The rest of the bosses:

- ranged high damage hits
- high life
- phases

are worth killing only for map completion at this tiers. Examples: t16 chateau, t16 underground river.

5. Pantheon and bandits

For bandits, pick up Kraitlin and respec to kill all right at the start of maps. Or just kill all if you forget.

For the Pantheon, pick up the one you like the most. For major gods:

- The best one is Lunaris for its multiplicative effect of dodge and phys red which is quite valued with 0 armour.
- Brine king is good to avoid stun and some chill/freeze.
- Arakaali can temporarly be switched in to confront chaos bosses (Geode, canyon, sunken city...).

For the minor gods, I recommend one of the first 2:

- Garukhan is the best for evasion and movespeed in general mapping.
- Sharakai is the next best. Immune to poison and less chaos damage taken is OP.
- To reduce physical damage taken when getting many small hits from hoardes, Gruthkull.
- To reduce a little bleeding and ocasional blind, Ralakesh. A quick hand for Staunching life flask is important for t16, where bleeding can kill you in 0.5 seconds.

6. Videos


Farming in day 3 of league before Delirium difficulty was Decreased in patch 3.10.0d:
T1 Beach Map


Actual pastebin from the video

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How do you have 2.5m dps while i have ~500k ?


Last edited by ongalex23 on Mar 29, 2020, 11:45:09 AM
Ongalesh, for four reasons buddy:


1. You forgot to check most boxes in configuration

2. You didn't use diamond flask, that is +20% damage

3. You didn't have bloodrage, frost bomb and ice/lightning golem for bosses. +20%

4. I made a few improvements on tree for better nodes and a better cheap annoitment.

Tips to impprove life quality:

Take out faster projectiles for inspiration in Barrage.
Put in Greater multiple projectiles in Ice Shot for whatever you want. It also doubles voidfletcher damage.
Use my two 6-link setups of whatever you see that maximizes your dmg in pob.
Don't use precision lv 20, go for lv 1-6 (100% hit chance), mana reservation is just not worth.
Try my gem setup for some non-6Links:
Cast when damage taken + Steelskin + golem
Blink arrow + dash + second wind
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Hey, thank you for this ! I will definitely try this out soon !
After testing some stuff, I managed to get about 5.8m ice shot dps and 19m barrage dps. Thanks !

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With about 12 ex would you suggest this build be good to try out and which gears to prioritize?

Arborix, hyrri, voidfletcher, and fractal mask?
No PoB?
How come in your pob your tombfists allocates Heart of ice?

been sat here for 10 mins googling and trying to figure out how to allocate it. (Without amulet allocation) Cuz your amulet is already allocated to "Graceful Assault"

Thanks for reply in advance!
Playing Tip 3:

Keep hard bosses like conquerors, or map completions of high tiers for the moment you just level up. That way they won't penalize you taking off experience from you from all the deaths you will endure while completing them, and you won't get too mad at it hehe.

And yet softcore players wonder why hardcore players make fun of them
Jval wrote:
And yet softcore players wonder why hardcore players make fun of them
Nobody needs to "wonder" anything, if someone feels the need to ridicule someone else for their harmless hobby, that usually stems from lack of self-esteem and need to compensate.

Maybe I'm weird because I came to POE after playing various MMOs where wiping on a boss was a part of natural learning process and overcoming the challenge.

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