[3.10] Project 82 - 82% Block Impale Cyclone Gladiator - All content viable! Simulacrum 20/20

3.9 patch made some changes to game. Main one - there is more incoming damage. So if you want to play calm, you need to get tough build. And one of the toughest is Max Block Gladiator. With 80%+ block and spell block chance it can withstand almost any threat.
Damagewise I've went meta route and picked Impale Cyclone. For now it shows great solo/AoE damage.
Also this build using The Surrender Ezomyte Tower Shield for this precious lvl30 Reconing

WARNING! There is always current, more "up to date" and overall better version in second post. It will migrate to main section on league end.

League changes

3.10 - Delirium
Passive tree - no changes
Skills - no changes
Items - no changes
New stuff - not much benefits

In delirium summoners was nerfed (no impact on this build), wand attacks revamped (no impact), some mana - related stuff added (no impact) and cluster jewels added (you may want to get yourself chaos res one with Antivenom, but in terms of damage and general performance regular tree is better).
On other side Delirium encounters was built exactly for this build. So it shines now!


+A lot of block chance. Can AFK tank bosses
+Good damage
+Some AFK damage
+Fast enough since no manual evading needed
+Huge burst damage
+Simple and cheap gearing for red maps (under 3 ex)
+A lot of space for investments
-Weak against DoT (Shaper Beam etc)
-Super weak against bleeding
-Random one-shot deaths (HC not recommended but possible)
-Top end gears expensive AF
-Can't farm legions

Map mods:
All except Phys reflect. No leech is uncomfortable, burning/consecrated ground is a bit painful. Curses are bad, but still doable.



Minotaur: Video

Sirus Awakening 6:
Simulacrum: 20/20 first try

Uber Elder is still refuses to die. Post screenshot here when i manage to convince him


PoB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/te1YKhk3
My profile: link
Character: Dantis


Current Gear


For weapon, this build uses one-handed swords, preferably foils.

Luxury here is Paradoxica with high aps

also "Hits can't be evaded" is great, but it costs much more.


Shield with high block chance, defenses and any stats you want is great here.

But I want it to be a bit more than it. So I've got this candy:

A bit of life, life on block and decent passive AoE damage. Costs around 1 ex.


Life, defences etc. Can have "Nearby enemies have -9 to phys resistance" mod.

Also, here huge DpS chunk:

It's like 25-30% of our DpS. But also it makes this build weak against bleeding and lab traps.

Body Armour

Look for "Guatelitzi's" temple mod on armour/evasion base.
Belly is good here, but rare is much better.


Attack speed, added damage, accuracy, built-in Faster Attacks Support. Spiked gloves is the best.

Oskarm gloves can be cheaper alternative. Also it have Curse on Hit, so you have a lot more crit chance.

For maximum damage you may get corrupted gloves with Vulnerability on hit. Rare ones is not so common, so look for some corrupted uniques. My choice here is Worldcarver.


Rare one with life and stats/resistances you missing. Onslaught on kill is good.


Obvious choice here is Anvil.


-Sanctuary (Amber-Teal-Teal) - block, resistances
-Command of Steel (Amber-Crimson-Opalescent) - block, damage, attack speed
-Precise Interception (Verdant-Crimson-Black) - block, damage, attack speed, defences


Rare rings with life, resistances, int (we need a lot). If you not using Curse on Hit gloves look for Vulnerability on hit here (Warlord's influence). Vulnerability is very important, it provides around 25% of damage.


Generic life/resist/armour belt here.


Recommended flask setup:
-Lion's Roar

-Diamond flask

-Sulphur flask

-Life flask for some casualties

-Movement/Silver flask

Across all flasks you need Staunching suffix (NOT on life flask. You want to get full duration of this buff) and Dousing suffix.
Personally I've got Surgeon's Sulfur flask of Staunching. It can get charges without kills, so I can have consistent bleed immunity uptime.


Watcher's Eye with +2 impale layers gives us ~20% damage boost. Also, onslaught on kill is great.
Besides of that you can get any missing stats here.

And for cluster jewels all the things is a bit more complicated. We don't have spare skill points, so use it only if it gives some huge boost for character. One of the moderate options is small chaos resistance jewel with Antivenom notable.

Gems & links

Main skill: Cyclone
Close Combat for 5th link
Infused for 6th

Passive damage: Reconing
Skill is granted by shield. Also, links is not required

Additional stuff, movement, golem
You may want to put your golem on another CWDT link and forget about summoning it again and again.

Precision may be any lvl. You can level it up as far as you feel comfortable

CWDT chain

if you don't have curse on hit ring you can use this:

Skill Tree, ascendancy etc

Target passive tree - lvl 100

Painforged => Versalite Combatant => Violent Retaliation => Outmatch and Outlast (Frenzy generation, 10% damage) / Arena Challenger (a bit more damage, if you have another frenzy source)
Kill all or help Alira
Major god: Solaris or Arkaali
Minor god: Shakari (against chaos/poisons), Abberath (against fire/ignites) or Ralakesh (against bleeding)

Build Options

Cheaper one with Facebreakers (introduce some taunting problems, also lacks damage): poeurl.com/cKDO
Some day I've started as this one, but in end-game changed my mind and went weapon route

Expensive meta one with dual wielding: poeurl.com/cKDQ


"Why you pick Iron Reflexes/not pick %evasion/dodge/blind node%"
Obviously, any chance to avoid hit is chance to not block. It lowers my damage.

"Isn't %Gemname% will be more efficent?"
From my calculations I've got pretty minmaxed setup here. But you can try, if it will be better I'll change my mind.

"Is it HC viable?"
Pretty much yes. You may sacrifice some damage for life/defenses. Maybe change Abyssus for Starkonja's.

"Stun/Freeze immunity?"
It can block when stunned/frozen, so nah.

Build in work. Open for suggestions
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Useful Uniques

Levelling course - take any melee skill you like, shield with high block chance and Riposte-Melee Splash setup. Fly to 28th, pick Cyclone there.

Current league progress - Delirium

This league character: Link
PoB link (5 may 2020)

This league I'm trying to make some tweaks, mainly going for cluster jewel with Antivenom (poison immune). This will allow me to pick Ralakesh instead of Shakari and fix a bit my bleed problems.
Also moved Precision into ring and added CWDT to a golem (chaos this time for extra 4% pdr).
Wanna try Close Combat vs Rage in terms of general uptime and speed.
At the end of this league probably will craft Vagan's weapon and add some "luxury" versions of the build.
Working on levelling progression for tree.

April 3rd: First Simulacrum try. got 20/20 with 4 deaths (3 of them on 19th wave from Kosis).
April 5th: 100% delirious map completed like a breath. Need bigger bag for loot.
May 5th: Simulacrum 20/20 deathless is easy. T16 100% delirious is easy. But for regular Delirium encounters this build is kinda slow, but I'm working on it.
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La verdad no esta nada mal, ya la complete con todos los items que le dan fortaleza a esta raiz.....¿puedes subir un update de esta misma pero con mas daño :D?

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