Daily Deals Introduced

We've added a new Daily Deals section to the microtransaction store where one cosmetic item or effect is on sale at a discount each day. This is shown on both the news page and the game login screen so that players can easily keep track of what's on special.

As you may have noticed, the "on sale" icons have been removed from everything in the microtransaction store. We ran that initial sale for eight weeks and have now updated all the prices. The prices have either:
  • Increased, because the sale has ended. These items may of course be offered as a Deal of the Day in the future.
  • Stayed the same, because we felt the old price was just right.
  • Decreased, because we'd like to make that microtransaction available to more people. We have received a lot of feedback that players would like to see more things at lower prices.

It's always difficult adjusting prices, up or down. We're trying to be really clear with our explanation about what we've done and why we've done it. It's normal for real-world shops to change their prices without offering any partial refunds to people who have bought those items. We want you to understand that prices will change in the future and items will be discounted (potentially by a lot) with no notice. If you really feel that you've been hurt by our pricing changes, email support@grindinggear.com - we're able to help you out and can hopefully resolve any concerns.

To those who are concerned about the Deal of the Day image on the login screen of the game - don't worry, we don't intend to spam the game with ads to the shop all over the place. Our priority is keeping gameplay clean and separate from monetisation. We can see that only a portion of players check the site each day, so having it on the login screen helps the players who just run the game client. They're probably not reading this news update, though :P

Remember, the end goal of selling a lot of microtransactions without any pay-to-win content is a massive win for everyone. The more we sell, the more content we can create for you!

We're really pleased with how the microtransaction store has been going so far in Open Beta. Although the purchases offer no power advantage, players are engaging with them really well and it's great to see supporters in-game with their cosmetic effects. The revenue from the store is being spent on server costs and expanding the development team so that we can deliver more content and improvements! Thanks again for your great support.
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Edit: Second! And thanks Chris for explaining every tiny detail you change/create in poe (other video game development studios would never bother to justify the way you ggg guys do)

But still: Where are the cloth dyes? ;-)
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Good luck and hope it works well.

Damn, with this and the steam sales I'm not going to have any money left ;-)
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In regards to refunds; I know that I personally didn't buy micro transactions for the sake of owning a cosmetic effect. I paid to support the game and the effect was a nice bonus. I hope the majority of people have the same mentality and you don't get a lot of grief regarding pricing changes.
I love how 80% of what i bought is now more expensive :D
Thanks as always for the explanation Chris.
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Shimeone wrote:
I love how 80% of what i bought is now more expensive :D

That means you bought the awesome things ;)
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The Game is free to play
The shop keeps the game free to play (unique!)
People complaining about prices are wrong by default since nobody forces you to buy their shit + they mentioned price changes up or down from the get-go

Actions speak louder than words, for GGG this is ment as a compliment!
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I would be very thankful if someone could post a list of the old prices for comparison :-).

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