Manuelfhq Standard MagicFind build 3.10 Tornado Shot 190% IIQ 3 Curses

Hello everyone this would be my first guide and i would like to recommend you guys this build but keep in mind that you gotta be super rich to replicate this build and is been made with the strongest items that the human can ever be made
[UPDATE] Got new rings/amulet
Besides that this build is equipped with 3 curses: Assasins mark/Elemental Weakness and Frostbite

3.9 Changes

Just swap your Damage on full life with Awakened Chain Support/Elemental Damage with Attacks/Greater Multiple Projectiles

Tornado shot: The secondary projectiles now fade over time, similar to Freezing Pulse, but without the gradual damage drop-off. In other words, the secondary projectiles will have a shorter range by default, but can be increased by increasing the skill's Projectile Speed.

Old tornado shot used to reach 150% which means it was nearly 4 screens since you shot. You can watch this video to get more detailed information:

Barrage: A lot of ranged attack skills have received major visual improvements, including the basic wand and bow attacks Burning Arrow,Barrage and Puncture

I feel like nothing have changed for barrage, still viable skill specially for the new bosses they are alot more tough

Pastebin of the best items you can ever get [super expensive]
Most of the items are from @Mai_Cedere and i'm not sponsored by him.

Realistic Pastebin [pretty expensive]
The build don't have god tier rings, they are just multicrafted rings. But if somebody some how try to replicate this build the best rings are from Mai_Cedere with his new adquisition Plague Band

Current Build Pastebin

Now lets start with the current process of the build let's go for the first steps if you're trying to farm this beast. We start like a generic MF [Deadeye]They are toons of guides but this is a quick follow up towards the mirrors

Helmet: Devoto's is the best option because movement speed. Later you guys will swap that devoto's for @DeMiGodking102 helmet. I now that help got bad reputation but is necessary for our MF and we don't care anything because we are autistics and we farm the whole day

Body armour: Queen Of The Forest is the best more movement speed and resistances (try to get one legacy with almost perfect rolls and make it 28% quality )

Gloves: Sadima's best option for starter whenever you get your first 30 exalteds upgrade your sadima's with legacy versions

Boots: Get some Goldwyrm Boots, the best option whenever you get your sadima's ready upgrade your boots also try to enchant them

Belt: No words for it the best item that can ever be done, you gotta have that monsters mods

Rings: You can go for The Pariah rings but is a risk one since you gotta suffer alot with resistances Ventor's Gamble with good resistances will help you. The best option are multicrafted rings or crafted ones

Amulet: Go for Bisco's legacy (if you already have one)if don't best option is multicrafted amulet or a crafted one

Bow: Just go for Windripper. When you get your mirror helmet get the Windripper legacy

Quiver: Rush Rigwalds if you go crazy like me get +1 chain with good rolls. It's the best option if you're poor


I highly recommend good searching eyes jewels preferably some legacy ones

You gotta make sure you have a corrupted blood jewel

When you have your jewels get the IIQ Gem not before because you gotta have lack of DPS and that's bad since you will lose clearspeed

If you reached this point with your Legacy Windripper/Sadima's/Goldwyrm Boots it's now the point where you need more survivability and you get a Vessel of Vinktar one of the best items which guarantees a world of new builds and new ideas

The best option is Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Attacks during Flask effect because it give you more life leech per hit (it obviously depends on your flat lightning damage)

With the flask you gotta switch to Raider if you want to keep high IIQ or you can stick with Deadeye but for that you gotta sacrifice alittle bit of IIQ to gain damage in short words. This would be worth it since you gotta gain clearspeed,damage and you will maintain a good amount of IIQ for those changes you will also change your flasks for this setup:

Doing that we changed our Stibnite flask for the Vessel meaning we will be vulnerable on getting frozen which is bad. For that we gotta do some changes primary on our boots

Getting some legacy iiq boots with cannot be frozen will solve it but it might fuck up our resistances. That requires another change which would be getting resistances in our gloves

One of those it's perfect and fits really well. If you're still missing couple points on resistances you can use Cloth and Chain and Annoint your amulet

At this point your build is more than ready to do T16 but if you wanna push more you can get @Mai_Cedere Gloves[First] them Boots [Second] it will make you save 2 points(or more depending on your tree)it will give you alot more of hp

With those 2 items it will fuckup your resistances so yea, again you gotta change something in your build and that would be your rings. Just get 2 legacy iiq rings with the resistances you need

At this point its all done. Just go for a legacy IIQ/Legacy Crit Amulet
Here you got @Mai_Cedere with one of the best amulets. Good anointment and good use of Catalyst

Here's another insane amulet.From @aphrodite_1289 the only issue is that the guy does not get online and no longer updates his amulet but in case he annoint/catalyst that amulet would be insane

Just found another amulet from @Plushiess alot of dps insane no words

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too little dps, too little IIQ.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.
bvanharjr wrote:
too little dps, too little IIQ.

I mean 100k tornado shot dps is really good and pushing it towards 300k is even more amazing besides that in this guide you sacrifice atleast 13% iiq to gain alot more of damage/clearspeed
bvanharjr wrote:
too little dps, too little IIQ.

I Totally agree about low dps.
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3.11 viable?
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3.11 viable?


Build is bad without an aurabot. Shame.

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