Beeftain Bladevortex 3.9 MM League

First, of all this is my first build guide, and yes I was inspired by Mathil and other guys. There was no updated 3.9 build ive seen so far so I decided to post one.

its a very smooth build probably the smoothest build Ive ever played.


- Good Single Target with vaal skill potion for any bossfight except uber lab

- High Life and high physical mitigation and with Soul of Steel also decent elemental mitigation.

- Dont need much gear to get going. Just use a shaper mace with the explody mod and a phys as fire sceptre for a couple chaos until you get the Bow going and just use a rare six link or tabula.

- BV is decent at leveling and you can get an early vaal bv in a side area.

- Saw MTX is one of the best ones in the game in my opinion.


- Melee spell build gets you killed by metamorphs, pure Chayla if you do not pay attention or roll insane mods.

- Can not use Fortify due to using bow

- No freeze gets you in trouble in juiced maps with porcupines since BV is automatic and you can not "aim" your spell.

-Need constant uptime and charging of blades for single target which is annoying for people with wrist issues.

I initially wanted to make tripple herald BV Elementalist, but GGG heavily nerfed stat sticks again one more time, and also staves (elemental as chaos damage mod went from 20 to 8% on 1 handed shaped items and staves double dmg mod went to like 10 from 20)

The build idea focuses around 100% conversion using Signal Fire quiver and a short bow.

My items are the following:


To craft this bow you need : A six link short bow from the Porcupine div cards. Then you will need 2 socket resonators with aetheric fossil and scorched fossil. BEFORE YOU CRAFT IT: Its imperative to roll the suffix with reduced attribute requirements on your bow. Will allow you to make it way easier to get 4 blues on a bow.

I got it first try, you might need 5-10 tries. Then I removed suffixes via prefixes can not be changed and proceeded with multimod. Double damage focus mod is up to 30% and it is insane on BV, additionally you get the other focus mods which are great especially for a bossing league like Metamorph League. The +2 socketed support gems craft is expensive and unnecessary but you can not really craft anything good anymore. GGG removed the hybrid crafts from bows so you can not just craft 60-80% increased fire damage. If you use the +2 support gem craft, you need to swap out fire penetration in your bow for an empower +3/+4

Quiver is just a fated Signal Fire, preferably with a % phys gained as fire corruption as BIS.

The helmet was cheap , and I crafted the 5% phys gained as fire damage and it goes up to 8% with an exalt. Once again luxury craft and not needed. Best BV enchant is increased duration. Best helmet would involve DEX, Life and scorched fossil craft: Nearby enemies have 9% reduced fire resistance.

Rings are obvious and help your clear a lot, but they are pretty expensive. The optimal rings would be increased fire damage and increased buff effect of Herald of Ash but they cost up to 5 ex. Plus my particular tree is heavily modified and I profit from the increased maximum resists.

Gloves are rare Shaper ones with faster casting life and resists. You will be socketing your faster casting here if you don't want to socket the support gem there. If you do not want to waste skill points on the tree like me for Dex nodes you will need max Dex on your gloves.

Boots can be Kaoms roots if you do not use Tempered at War Rakiata Keystone from Lethal Pride like me. Once again, it works for my build because I have 77% max fire resists and Chieftains Tassalio Cleansing water which is another 10% of physical damage taken as fire. I recommend rare boots with high life,resists, movespeed, focus craft and faster casting enchant from Eternal Lab.

For the Amulet you will need a rare elder one with high dex (50 reccomended and maybe even a dex implicit). Priority in stats are like that :Dex, Life, % phys gained as fire damage. Reccomended annoints are: Soul of Steel if you got the golden oils, Crystal skin for even more elemental mitigation, barbarism for 1% max fire resist, Mystic Bullwark for spellblock, Sanctum of thought for reduced crits and reduced curse effectiveness on you.

Since we are 100% fire damage build and do not really need a second six link Kaom's Heart is our choice for a chest piece. 500 Life, fire damage is too good to pass up.

Belt: Stigian Vise with resists, high life, reduced flask charges used, is your best bet. Getting a better elder belt or shaper belt is so much harder.

Alternative Gear Options

Mark of the Shaper, Loreweave, Carcass Jack, Kaoms Roots.

Flask Choice

Life Flask I recommend a Blood the Karui after you get a jewel that renders you impervious to corrupted blood.

Utility and Damage Flasks

Basalt Flask or any other utility flask of your choice with freeze removal.

Atziris Promise or Tase of Hate for damage or damage/mitigation hybrid.

Quicksilver Flask for obvious reasons

Enduring Mana Flask of Efficiency because BV costs a fortune

Pantheon Choice: Solaris for that crit reduction and reduced ele damage. Minor gods should be chosen based upon the situation but I roll with Ryslatha.

POB Link with my suboptimal tree (Top jewel socket has Lethal Pride Jewel socketed and uses tempered by war.

Better well rounded tree with arcane surge, flask charge and mana flask wheels and more damage wheels in exchange for mitigation and minus max resists. You will absolutely need more dex on your gear with that tree.
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hey, do u have any showcase vids? how about aoe, mapping?

Bosses are melting?
I do not have any video recordings of this build and I in general am a casual who does not record stuff. But yes, I did shaper deathless, did elder guardians deathless, red elder deathless. However Sirius was impossible for me with negative chaos resist. And in general its a melee build. i think I died to A crazy 8 mod minotaur map twice. Metamorphs are either easy or impossible( youre a melee so some affixes just delete you even with 78% max fire res 76 cold and lightning, and the lethal pride keystone and 10% phys gained as fire. Its just how the league is. You either blow it up from offscreen or you get dicked on.

Mathil has a much better guide about the build. Just with different gear but the general explanation exists.
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