{3.10} FutureFear's Minion army build - (76 minions) - ALL CONTENT- LEAGUE STARTER

Hi folks,

Let's kick this off with a shout-out to Hercanic!
This build wouldn't be possible without Hercanic's devotion to summoner builds.
Big thanks, I learned kind of everything about summoners from Hercanic's build(s) and help.

Original build (by Hercanic): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2242389/page/1

In 3.8 I ventured into another direction with the "speaker of the dead".
Most of the basics are stil there however I found a nice loop that was kind of hungry and fed it some gems.

I reworked most of this build in 3.9 and will keep updating the build after 3.10 launch during delirium league.

Basic info:

This is a summoner build, using zombies, skeletons, spectres, animate guardian and phantasms as main damage output.
It's a hybrid build, using both life and energyshield.
We gain ES from watcher's eye and ascendancy (essence glutton) to replace spirit offering.

The build is especially good for testing new spectres in 3.10 and has 11 up to 18 passive points to spend on cluster jewels (for now) when level 100.


For cluster jewels I went for a large jewel - medium & unique small.

Unique small: Kitava's teachings
Medium: Channeling skills + Hex breaker & vital focus.
Large: Minion damage + Renewal, vicious bite & rotten claws.

With this combo we can RECOVER 5% per SECOND, per corps.
Since we always spawn corpes with Desecrate, this is our new spirit offering!
More life = more health per second, so High life rolls on our gear are even more important right now.
Together with "Vital Focus" we also gain 1.5% life regen per second while channeling, like we do all the time... quite tanky!


Comming soon

pro's & con's

- decent clear speed
- quite Tanky
- viable summoner build able to do endgame
- Can run all map mods!
- quite some DPS
- Fun to play

- expensive to gear for smooth endgame experience
- Can be oneshot if not played as intented
- Probably not the best summoner build

3.10 POB (path of building)

NEW POB LINK! Added cluster jewels, changed some skills/QOL


Read the notes in POB!



- Mistress sacrifice
- Essence Glutton
- Mindless agression
- unnatrual strenght

Gear & flasks

One handed (melee) weapon

- Any one handed weapon that can be used with cyclone and has "+ 1 to level socketed gems" and maim support will do just fine. Extra supports like "faster attack", "melee splash", etc are a nice bonus to have and will increase DPS of our zombies ALOT.

- Best crafts are:
- increased minion damage, since it's aplied to all our minions.
- +2 to level of socketed support gems IF you lvl 4 empower AND lvl 21 zombies, for an extra zombie at gem lvl 30.

- Be mindfull of stats on weapons, since we often lack dexterity or strenght for them.


Vicatorio's Charity, for obvious reasons -> frenzy & power charges for our minions.


An Elder bone helmet is best in slot.
Look for stats in the following order:
+ 1-3 socketed minions gems.
Minion damage support.
Minion life support.
Energy shield.


Rare six-link with high energyshield, life and resistance is best in slot.

To compensate our spectre los since 3.9 you can get a + 1 spectre chest. However they are quite expensive and rare with good stats since it's a Delve only stat.
They can drop from "minion and aura item" nodes in Delve.


Grip of the council, works like a charm with "hatred" and "Elemental equilibrium".
We can't mis it!

Tip: Look for high rolled corrupted grip of the council's with "any" curse on hit as corrupted modifier -> makes life easy.


Any rare boots with movementspeed, life, energy shield and resitance will do.
Look for Tier 1 to 3 resistance to cover.


Yes Leash of oblation, so we can have more as 1 offering skill.


Unset ring for discipline that covers life, resistance and any missing stat like Dex or Str.

Best craft is "- X mana cost for channeling skills", it will make cyclone free to use, just a nice bonus and makes life easier.

Our second ring "The Hungry loop" Here we will place our Animate guardian in.
Great QOL to have such an item, it's a cheap 5 link.


Any rare amulet will be fine make sure to cover resistance and life on it.

In a later stage, you could try and make a talisman for a nice implicit (+1 zombies), just make sure to get quality and an anointment on them BEFORE doing so.

Good anointments:
- fearsome force
- any hybrid life & energy shield nodes
- Soul of steel
- anything you like.

Two free flask slots so you can use whatever you want.

blood of Karui can be replaced with a regular life flask, I just like the high amount it heals and the full health if it's empty (life saver in though fights).

You might have noticed I don't cover freeze, bleeding or curses. Freeze and bleeding can be covered on the open slots.

I will aim to cover curses with cluster jewels -> immune to curses while channeling (hex breaker).


2x unending hunger, just because we can.

Fortress covenant, extra damage, make sure to check POB for the right location, it can "only" be placed above elemental equalibrium slot, so we don't get any of it's debuffs.

Watcher's eye, a must have for endgame content.
Energy shield on hit while affected by discipline is what we want to have.

Look for any other extras such as:
- "resistance penetration while affected by hatred"
- any discipline stat for energy shield.

Any open jewel slots can be filled with ghastly eyes that have: life, ES, minion attack/movement speed, minion damage, minion phys dmg, etc.

Also make sure to get one of these jewels corrupted with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" great QOL.

The upper left jewel slot (at the edge) is for our cluster jewels!


Empower Support (lvl 4)
Raise zombies (lvl 21)
Meat Shield (lvl 21)

Empower can be replaced with minion damage, Ruthless or melee physical damage. Especially while lvl'ing.

Hatred (lvl 21)
Generosity Support (lvl 21)

Flame Dash (lvl21)

Flame dash can either be linked or not linked -> doesn't matter
It can also be replaced with any other movement skill you like.

Raise spectre (lvl 21)
Minion damage support (lvl 21)
Spell Echo support
Lightning Penetration (lvl 21)
Summon Phantasm (lvl 21)
Empower Support (lvl 4)

Feeding Frenzy (lvl 21)
Melee physicial support (lvl 21)
Ruthless support (lvl 21)
VAAL summon skeleton (lvl 21)


Desecrate (lvl 7)
Flesh Offering (lvl 8)
Cast when damage taken support (lvl 1)
Spirit offering(lvl 8)

DO NOT over level your gems or it won't work!

bone Offering (lvl 21)
Cast while channeling support (lvl 21)
Cyclone (lvl 21)
Desecrate (lvl 21)


The Hungry loop (ring) with Animate Guardian:

Empower Support (lvl 3)
Life Leech (lvl 20
Meat Shield (lvl 20)
Minion Life (lvl 20)

Look in POB for Animate Guardian gear.

Fastest way to get the skills in hungry loop is to buy lvl 19 gems (with exp) and level them to 20 when socketed into hungry loop.


Start leveling most/all early on.


Any gems that can be replaced with the awakened version should be replaced, however it's not mandatory to get a decent DPS output, but will make a huge difference.

bandits & pantheons

KILL ALL obviously

For pantheons it doesn't really matter much, choose whatever you like.
I often play with Lunaris and Ralakesh, if you must know.

Gameplay Mechanics & spectre choices

Quite easy, summon all your minions and cyclone away.

While cycloning we get bone offering's blocks thanks to our ascendancy, we are immune to stun, and gain immune to curses with Hex breaker on cluster jewels while using cyclone.
We also get 5% life & mana recovery with "Kitava's teachings" and 1.5% regen per sec while channeling from "Vital focus". On top of our ascendancy and watcher's eye ES regen per sec and on hit gains we can out heal most dmg.

CWDT (cast when damage taken) provides the remaing offerings for more speed & chaos resist. AG (animate guardian) gives us immortal call and our minions kill EVERYTHING. Couldn't be easier.


Check POB notes for extra info!

QUESTIONS reletated to this build are best posted in this thread, I'll do my best to answer them.
Please DO NOT contact me ingame, it will disturb my trading, gameplay and fun. On top of that it's anoying and I won't be able to test, expand, record, etc. anything related to this build.

Thank you for understanding and checking out my build!
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Nice Build Variant so far. Do you also use one Solar Guard and rest Frost Sentinels with this build?
kuhli wrote:
Nice Build Variant so far. Do you also use one Solar Guard and rest Frost Sentinels with this build?

All solar guards here, the "beam" attack they do deals massives dmg and often can one-shot most groups of adds. Even though they've been nerved alot in the past they still are one the most viable and best spectres to use.

certainly if you consider elemental equalibrium. with our lighting proc from arc both fire and cold damage get -50% resistance to both. Wich solar guards use extensively.

I do have to say that any kind of spectres that deal either cold or fire will do just fine, however my skill gem setup is made for solar guards.
Your build does not have a 17m shaper dps.
3 spectre in PoB...
where did the figure 17m come from?
Don't you think that somewhere you made a mistake in describing your build?
megakill74 wrote:
Your build does not have a 17m shaper dps.
3 spectre in PoB...
where did the figure 17m come from?
Don't you think that somewhere you made a mistake in describing your build?

Probably only when Vaal Skeletons and every other buff perfectly align.

Realistically you'll never sustain that, but the build is rock solid and quick the whole way through.
hyperionxl wrote:
megakill74 wrote:
Your build does not have a 17m shaper dps.
3 spectre in PoB...
where did the figure 17m come from?
Don't you think that somewhere you made a mistake in describing your build?

Probably only when Vaal Skeletons and every other buff perfectly align.

Realistically you'll never sustain that, but the build is rock solid and quick the whole way through.

it was possible to write 50m DPS anyway no one will check yes?
in this build there is not even a 5m shaper dps, not to mention the mythical 17m ...
Looks like a lot of PoB warrior trickery on this build. Unchecking most of the boxes like, burning/moving/shocked/chilled/power/frenzy/ed onslaugh/etc halves the damage output.

It's still a good build though, but a little silly to me. I'm currently leveling a summoner necro now and it's batshit insanely strong. I might transition into this build from my current path. Seems easier and more fun.

This build is nowhere near to 17 million shaper dps lmao. Maybe if you're with an aurabot who popped all their Vaal Auras and has 6 curses up and the stars align, you'll pull 17M dps for about 4 seconds before it goes back down to 2M.
~ Seph
Last edited by sephrinx on Dec 18, 2019, 12:54:02 AM
Let's set my 17M shaper DPS straight, and how I actually got the number.

Yes it's with POB tweaking, and YES alot of debuff's aren't calculated BECAUSE most of the time you don't run around debuffed with this build, since minions kill so fast mobs don't even have the chance to attack.

So all I did = multiply every minions TOTAL DPS output with the number we can spawn (according to POB).

For example:
Solar guards can get 66K (give or take) 3x solar guards = 198K for all my solar guards.

So yes it's just an arbitrary number put together when ALL minions are up, wich for most bossfights they actually are... would be silly if you didn't summon them all...

So all the numbers of all the minions -> spectres, skeletons, carrion golem(s), zombies, phantasms and holy relic are calculated and added together.

my intention is not to mislead anyone, the build can clear any content with ease and probably can be tweaked to even deal more DPS IF it wasn't a hybrid build.

Also keep in mind most parts of the build are from Hercanic's speaker of the dead build, wich has proven to be viable for quite some time now.
All I did is tweak the tree a little bit, get a few new skills and added a freaking 5 link ring to the build.

I doubt we can get even more 4-5-6 or even 7 linked in one build as this one.
(without losing resistance/defense)

I hope this settles it.
I have been playing around with this build a little and I already like it a lot. Fun to play, tons of damage and plenty survivability. I was playing Anki's Arc witch which wasn't a perfect choice for me. Too little single target damage, quite squishy and a real flask spammer.

I am just over 70, starting with maps and looking very much forward to take this deep into the endgame. A job well done, FutureFear!
I think the pastebin link is broken? Cant find passive skill tree image

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