3.9 Hierophant, Multi-gem Spell Totem Support, Arc/Glacial Cascade/Ice Spear, All content!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my build/guide for multi-gem Spell Totem-type gameplay!

Mostly it is made for meself, but feel free to enjoy it yourself!

This guide is a all-in-one pile of different spell totems with a simple same item base for us to comfortably switch between those on the fly!

Let's start with mandatory items for each gem base variation:

And self-fragelliation

This jewel is the bone of the build, it synergizes with our body armor and Kikazaru rings!

Void Batteries are quite expensive, so before you get some currency, you can use rare wands with high %spell damage, flat elemental damage(of your main skill element) to spells and crit multiplier to spells;

Helmet is pretty much a basic spell helmet or fossil-crafted based on your preferences with life+res+Main Skill Enchantment;

Belt is fossil-crafted stygian vyse or a normal belt with life+2 to 3 resistances+damage mod;

Gloves are mainly for resistanses cap and additional life.

Now for the good part: the gem links and different main skill gems!

First is the Arc totem build!

POB: https://pastebin.com/9dtq2qhK

Arc totem is based on crit chance+crit damage. Its strong sides are great single target damage output and clear speed due to Arc being an insane spell on its own. its differences between GC and IS are minor passive tree deviations, less tree jewels and auras. Additional information on POB.

Second is the Glacial Cascade totem build!

POB: https://pastebin.com/1RMAtTnE.

GC is physical(cold) base spell that contributes from both flat physical damage and cold damage to spells. GC has good single target damage output and decent clear speed, its weak spots are GC being a "projectile", meaning it is hard to hit fast moving targets, making it difficult to kill specific bosses and non-instant damage unlike Arc, GC deals multiple damage instances with a single cast whilst Arc deals its full damage with a single instance of damage.
Main difference between Arc and IS is that GC has no aura setup, making this build having more mana for MoM. Additional information on POB.

Edit: Frostbite is better than Ele weakness curse for cold oriented builds, replace it.

Third is the Ice Spear totem build!

POB: https://pastebin.com/htPy7ZPi

Ice Spear spell has a ridiculous single target damage output and bases on crit chance+crit damage, but heavily lacks map clear speed. It is quite different from the other variations, but still has the same bone, so it wouldn't be too hard to transition.
As of my own thoughts, Ice Spear variation would fit very well in upcoming Metamorphosis league with its challenging and deadly boss encounters!

Edit: Frostbite is better than Ele weakness curse for cold oriented builds, replace it.

This is it for the guide, thank you for coming by, don't do drugs and GL & HF!
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W8, for Arc build you just copied PoB of mrseanconnor?
It looks same - even rare jewel name
BeDarkAndy wrote:
W8, for Arc build you just copied PoB of mrseanconnor?
It looks same - even rare jewel name

Yes, it even says "by MRSEANCONNOR" xd. I only made some changes to skill links, the movement and golem links to be exact. :D
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Can you use Frostbolt with this setup?
Hey Guys.
This is my ARC-Totem Char.
I would say, i followed everything in this Guide and got ideas from different totem builds too.
But i really want to know, if there are ways to even more improve survivabilty and maybe damage too. Because i really find myslef dying very often in T14+ Maps etc. Are there ways to min/max this build even more?
Im not that of an expert in this game to answer this on my own.
I would really appreciate it, if somebody could give me any advices!
greetings Alex

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