[3.9] MOM ED/Contagion Hierophant

3.9 Points to Note
- Retested Shaper and Uber Elder fights, still extremely viable as-is despite the boss HP boost and increased base Chaos resistance
- Consider picking up Hunter mod items now for crazy DPS (+1 to all Chaos Gems, +1 to all Intelligence Gems, more sources of % Chaos DoT multi.)
- Awakener Support Gems unlock even greater DPS potential
- You will want to get some extra chaos resistance to account for increased sources of chaos damage (e.g. via Hunter influence mobs), as this will go straight through your ES; you may consider balancing your eHP to have a greater mana/life focus as well to help

3.9 Summary
- Lots more itemisation options available to scale DPS to insane levels, though expensive. Overall the nerfs to our damage via mob HP increases and higher base chaos resistance are completely negated with minor gearing options. This patch was a huge overall buff to this build.

- eHP 9000 (one-shot dmg, feels higher when mapping), consisting of:
-- 4.7k life
-- 4.3k mana
-- 3.1k ES
- ~30% Block Chance
- ~20% Spell Block Change
- ~12% Attack Dodge
- ~15% Evasion Chance
- Constant >1M DPS w/ no Wither stacks,
- ~1.6M DPS with stacks

All of the above are reasonably obtainable; nothing worth more than a couple of EX and certainly no GG nor mirror items.

- All content viable
- Easy leveling
- End-game scaling through gearing viable through ~2-5 EX increments
- Reasonably tanky
- Can manually dodge whilst still doing damage
- No flask piano'ing

- No regen maps
- -max res maps
- Requires more than 1 button press for damage


6L - Essence Drain (ED)

Essence Drain benefits from modifiers to Spell Damage, Damage over Time (DoT) Chaos Damage, and generic Increased Damage.

4L - Contagion

Used to spread the ED DoT. Intensify further increases the AoE, whilst Arcane Surge bolsters damage, increases our Mana Regen and boosts our cast speed.

4L - CwDT Curse

Sends out Ball Lightning that tags many enemies multiple times, but applying a high level Despair curse.

4L - CwDT + Movement Skill

CwDT gives us Steelskin for more damage mitigation. Withering Step will slow enemies, Elusive for some extra spell dodge and movement speed, as well as give us Phase Run for extra movement speed and to be able to run through packs.

Phase Run is particularly good on this build, as you're not actively hand-casting often, so it stays up (as opposed to losing it when you would typically need to attack or cast).

We also have a hand-cast Flame Dash here for manual dodging and leaping over ledges.

3L - Vaal Blight

Pop Vaal Blight for extra DPS on bosses. Pop Blight for extra damage and to slow enemies via Spreading Rot, which hits the maximum stack count faster due to us spawning multiple totems with ease.

Alternatively, you could run Increased Duration to have the effect last longer - but it'll take longer to reach maximum stacks.

3L - CwDT QoL

I've opted for a Flame Golem for some extra damage (~25k DPS for me, your mileage may vary) and Tempest Shield for some extra block.

1L - Malevolence

More DPS.



+% to Chaos Damage over Time Multi is HUGE DPS
+1 to Level of all Chaos Spell Skill Gems scales our aura, curse, Contagion, and ED which is great
Spell Damage and Chaos Damage to top it off
Alternate rolls could include:
- Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill to apply Contagion less the Arcane Surge or a curse, but the high cooldown (CD) generally makes this not worth it without CD reduction
- Flat mana for more survivability
- Custom mutli-modded wand (e.g. scouring suffixes on mine to open up more rolls)


If you don't need the life / res. (e.g. by going Alira), you could opt for a second wand for more damage; otherwise use this to fill stats.
Again, +1 to Level of all Chaos Spell Skill Gems scales our damage up.


Pick up a Despair, Malevolence, Essence Drain, or Contagion enchantment of your choice.
Fossil craft for Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance.
Fill out some more defenses here.
You could also swap in Indigon for shenanigans if you have a high cast rate (~8x).

Body Armour

I've gone with Cloak of Defiance for the extra mana and extra 10% damage pushed over to mana.
Alternate options:
- Skin of the Lords for extra damage
- Double corrupted chest, e.g. with +2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems and +2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems, which will add about 1M DPS
- The Best Fur Shawl for more damage and greater focus on ES over life
- Cherrubim's Maleficence for more DPS and greater focus on life over ES
- Cospri's if you want to go dual curses for even more DPS and help with boss damage (via Your Curses can apply to Hexproof Enemies)


Fill out defenses, or go with some extra spell damage gloves (e.g. Doedre's Malevolence).


I've opted to fill out some more defenses, but you could opt for Voidwalker for Phasing (meaning you could remove your Withering Step or go for more DPS jewels/eyes), Projectile Avoidance, and Projectile Pierce (to help with Allies Cannot Die totems).


Pick up more Chaos DoT multi, add defenses.
I've opted for Method to the Madness oil allocation for more DPs.


Essence Worm boosts our Malevolence and permits us to have zero mana reservation, unlocking Clear Mind for our usage.

Fill out defenses with the second ring.


I've filled in my remaining resistances and stacked life, opting for a Stygian to open up an Abyssal Socket for more damage and QoL.
Ideally this would have an Increased Chaos Damage roll, instead of generic Increased Damage, through fossil crafting.


Abyssal Jewel you can opt to fill defenses, damage, and/or pick up some QoL. I've opted for Onslaught for more movement and cast speed, some DoT, and mana.

Spreading Rot allows our Blight to inflict Withered and Hinder, for slowing enemies and will also boost Chaos Damage.

Clear Mind gives us some mana regeneration for more survivability, and boosts our spell damage significantly.

Elegant Hubris can provide a number of useful bonuses:
- 50% more effect of non-curse auras from your skills
- 80% increased Spell Damage
- 80% increased Critical Strike Chance
- +40% increased Critical Strike Multiplier
- 15% increased Aura Effect
- 15% increased Cast Speed
- 30% increased Maximum Mana
Mine provides the first two. There are a few places on the tree that are viable to place it, use what works the best for your jewel - or buy more and experiment.

Watcher's Eye provides +20% DoT multi for a lot of extra DPS.

Life Flask for recovery
Cinderswallow for extra recovery
Mana/Life hybrid when leveling, but likely won't need end-game due to all your mana regen
Quicksilver for movement

Usual anti-bleed, etc. rolls if you don't have them as corruptions on any of your jewels.

Weapon Swap
6S Sinvicta's Mettle to level Empower, Enlighten, etc. gems. Swap to this and kill one monster, then back to your core items to trigger rampage. You don't need to see the counter on screen for this to work.

- Divine Guidance boosts our MoM by 10% and gives us more mana for higher eHP
- Sanctuary of Thought boosts our Contagion AoE and grants us some ES based on our mana pool
- Illuminated Devotion further increases our AoE and damage when we have Arcane Surge (i.e. whenever we use Contagion)
- Arcane Blessing gives us Elemental Ailment immunity when we have Arcane Surge

Optionally, you could get Conviction of Power instead of Arcane Blessing to reduce our Elemental Damage taken and provide some physical mitigation through the endurance charges.

Kill All for 2 passive points, OR
Alira for resistances, allowing you more item flexibility.

No hard requirement, just work around your jewel corruptions and flasks to ensure you're covered from poison, bleeding, etc.

Shaper Kill

Path of Building
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I like to use Incursion unique boots for such mana hierophants builds, for more dodge :3 But yeah, just my preferences. Will you make videos of mapping or no? just curious.
Yep, will try to throw some up today.
Unfortunately I waited a bit too long to create this - so mightn't be able to throw up an Uber Elder fight, but does kill them pretty quick and deathless.

Omeyocan is a good boot alternative, but cuts our mana regen roughly in half - so you're trading one defensive layer for another. Personally, I like the regen to counter some of the degens in the Elder and Shaper fights - but this is totally a personal preference. Omeyocan is definitely better for mapping though.
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Added small summary of changes as a result of 3.9.
Overall, this patch was a huge buff.

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