[3.8] Player-X's lazy SST deadeye, 1 million sustained shaper DPS, cheap, tanky all content

Greetings exiles, this is my 2nd original build and my first build guide, this is a simple SST Deadeye that can do over 1 million sustained DPS without playing flask piano, gem swapping or totem management because I'm lazy and hitting more than 2 buttons are too much

Bullying Chimera without flasks

Killing Shaper as chill as possible with screenshot of POB at the end because I suck at Xsplit

POB link
my POB link has all the temporary buffs like totems, flasks and charges turned off, and there's a leveling tree showing what to prioritize while leveling

About the build
This is a Spectral Shield throw Deadeye that uses cold conversion and off-meta gear to stay cheap

Fast SST works with chain to clear packs
Low APM game play
No need to spam flasks
No need to manage totems
No need to manage Vaal skills
No gem swaps
Fast with Leapslam or Shield Charge
Tanky with over 200% life and 18000 armor
Can reach way more DPS if you want to play flask piano and Vaal manager
Can do all content
Relatively Cheap for Uber Elder

Have to take out Divide and Conquer when fighting Atziri
Can't do ele reflect maps
Cannot leach maps can be a bit painful
Not passively freeze immune

How it works
We will be getting our flat damage off the shield, converting it to cold damage then scaling off elemental damage
You may have noticed the Elemental Focus linked to Spectral Shield Throw, this would normally mean that we don't get the full benefits from Hypothermia, however we use Skitterbots to Chill and Shock monsters and allow us to deal more damage to them
While we have Pierce in the Lioneye's vision we also use Projectile Vulnerability in the Mark of Submission which makes the shards pierce multiple targets even without the pierce 7th link
We also use Elemental Overload

this build uses high armor to keep us alive we also use a level 20 Molten Shell with CWDT to give us another layer of life, if you prefer a more active playstyle you can use Vaal Molten Shell on top of that
We also use blind linked to our Golem to to help avoid damage, you can use either a lightning golem to do more damage or a stone golem to taunt monsters on top of the added regeneration
This build has over 5% regeneration on top of the life leach, if you get in trouble you can always pull back and recover
We also use the chill from the skitterbots to keep monsters slowed which makes them attack slower and allows us to move back if we get surrounded
We automatically curse everything with Projectile Vulnerability which allows us to knock monsters back to make it easier not to be surrounded
Since we are taking long shot by default we don't need to stay close to deal damage
We can also passively generate endurance charges by leap slamming into packs and stunning monsters at full health

The build
Gem links
6 link Spectral Shield Throw->Elemental Damage With Attacks->Elemental Focus->Vicious Projectiles->Hypothermia->Cold Penetration
This is your main source of damage, you can run Pierce in place of Cold Penetration before you get Lioneye's Vision if Projectile Weakness isn't doing it for you

4 link->Frost Bomb (Level 1)->Cast when Damage Taken (Level 1)->Increased Duration->Spell Cascade
This is your passive source of additional penetration and chill, you should keep the CWDT and Frost Bomb at level 1

4 link->Hatred->Summon Skitterbots->Ancestral Protector or Vaal Haste or Blood Rage (pick 2)
Skitterbots shock and chill generally works better than any Herald skills
you can pick 2 of the above skills, generally Ancestral Protector will give you the most DPS if you decide to use it followed by Vaal Haste and Blood Rage

4 link->Leap Slam/Shield Charge->Faster Attacks->Fortify->Endurance Charge on Melee Stun
This is our movement skill, Leapslam is generally easier to use and will give you endurance charges, Shield Charge is a bit faster but you will want to get another skill like Flame Dash to clear gaps

3 link->Molten Shell->Cast when Damage Taken->Increased Duration
Since we are running armor we can use Molten Shell to give us another layer of life, you can run the Vaal version but keep in mind that CWDT Molten Shell will override the Vaal version

3 link->Summon Lightning/Stone Golem->Cast when Damage Taken->Blind
I prefer running Stone Golem to increase regeneration by about 30% and taunts enemies lowering their damage but you can also run Lightning Golem if you prefer to do a bit more damage yourself

You can use almost any 1 handed melee weapon you like, the main stat you want is “Gain Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage” and 1 open suffix so you can craft Increased Cold Damage on top of that
You can also use The Princess or Ewar's Mirage until you can buy a good weapon

This is your main source of damage, you'll want at least 2400 armor on a rare shield for the endgame, you can use Lioneye's Remorse and then Magna Eclipsis until you can afford the rare shield

You can use a rare chest until you can afford a Lioneye's Vision, the built in pierce will allow you to slot in Cold Penetration instead of Pirece

A rare helmet with life and resists is what you'll want, you can add accuracy here if you want, Cold Penetration or Shield Throw damage would be very nice to have but not needed to handle all content

A rare with movement speed, life and resists is all you need

You can use Hrimsorrow or Hrimburn here until you find a watchers eye with “>35% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred” to take care of your conversion
Your top priority is to get cold conversion here followed by life and attack speed, you can also get accuracy or resists here if you can afford it

You can use a rare belt with life and ele/cold damage but The Nomad would be the best in slot for your belt

You'll want “Gain % Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage” and life in this slot, you can also get accuracy and resists here if you need to fill those out

The Mark of Submission with Projectile Vulnerability would be best in slot here

You'll want to fill out your life and resists here, Increased ele damage or attack speed is nice too but optional

Divide and conquer is the centerpiece of the build, you'll want to slot it on the far right as soon as possible, take it out when fighting Atziri
Watcher's eye with “>35% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred” is going to be part of your endgame, everything else on the gem is negotiable
Remaining jewels can be anything with Global Physical damage, Cold Damage, Ele damage or Attack speed

The only flask you NEED to have is staunching flask, everything else like a Wise Oak, Taste of Hate, Atziri's Promise and Kiara's is optional
You don't need a heat flask, this build is tanky enough to just straight up out-wait being frozen without dying even though it would be nice to have

Skill Trees
We rush to the right to grab the jewel slot then we move towards Ele overload filling out everything as we go except for the Scion life wheel which we save for last
Ascendancy: Gathering Winds->Far Shot->Ricochet->Fast and Deadly
Gathering winds allow us to move and level faster, Far Shot allow us to Counter Point Blank's damage Penalty, Ricochet means we get more damage on the first thing we hit and Fast and Deadly means we don't need to take accuracy on the tree and can get away with only having 2 items with accuracy to get 100% chance to hit

Kill them all. You'll want the points

You can pretty much use anything, I use Lunaris and Garukhan for more damage reduction
Last bumped on Dec 12, 2019, 5:05:09 PM
Looks like a great build, I plan on using this as my league starter and potentially only character of the league. Doesn't look like the patch notes have anything in them that will really impact the build.

Is divide and conquer typically hard to come by early on? Thinking of using frost blades initially and not sure if I should wait til I have the threshold jewel to make the swap. Also not sure how the damage will be with random shields while levelling?

Thanks for putting this build guide together, loving the ms paint.

Edit: Tried it on standard, it's fine without the jewel but feels way nicer with it. Using a random corroded tower shield. Pretty sure the jewels will be cheap even from the beginning.
Last edited by loony29 on Dec 12, 2019, 1:34:43 PM
Any concerns with the nerf to Point Blank for this build when the patch hits tomorrow?

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