[3.8] Berserker Unarmed Full Phys Cyclone (Can reach 16.5 Mil Shaper DPS, 21 Mil Non-Shaper DPS)

Here's My First Build Highlight

With the change in Cyclone not relying on Weapon range for its base, it's back in the rankings.

I'm en-route to the 14.6 Million Shaper DPS with gear that I have and is not all that great, can definitely min-max more so there is room for improvement.

I'm currently en-route to 12.6 Mil shaper dps because I used up my 6 link luck with my past 2 chest pieces...

16.5 Mil is achievable with and Elder Armour with "Supported by Maim level 1" and "Attacks have additional crit chance"

No idea who may have done this particular setup or build before me, I just saw people spamming Facebreaker roll guesses in chat and figured I'd have a go in making a build (since I've kind of wanted to do an unarmed build for years) and since it would only cost me a few exalts so I went for it.

I'll add to this build "Showcase" later but my guy is currently only 80, just hit it about 20 minutes ago and so will wait on Shaper/Uber Elder for the time being. Might do and Uber Atziri in the near future but that's about it.


PoB (level 100): https://pastebin.com/CDF0e2MR

PoB Current (level 80): https://pastebin.com/KjeyU3WV

Passive tree for those who don't use PoB: Passive Tree

Help Alira for the Crit Multi and Resists

Here is the updated passive tree to get more resists +1 max cold with the addition of Circle of Guilt.


Edit 2
Tree was tweaked by Five points from my friend TehRackoon.
Adds a slight bit of damage and accuracy.



Gear is really simple and cheap if you aren't trying to min-max.
Here are my total investments in Blight:

Facebreaker: 115c
Amulet" 75c
Elder Steel Rings: 1 ex per (Plus some minor crafting on 1 with scour and alts)
Shield: 40c
Helm: 15c
Armor: 30c (other bases in stash about 5c a piece + 1.5 ex in attempts in fusings)
Boots: 15c
Belt: Drop = Free
Lion's Roar: Approx 25c
Sin's Rebirth: 40c
Atziri's Promise: 1c

My Gear

Possible Chest Piece replacements and Alt Flask/Future Jewel

Edit Replaced ring with all res

Just bought a Circle of Guilt and changed up my passive tree slightly to adjust for Elemental resists.

The Belt is versatile, so just run whatever you want. I would recommend a leather belt, stygian vise, or Head Hunter for other prime choices.

I'm running Cyclopean Coil because it was available to me, gives damage, life, and immunity to freeze and ignite and the fact that I don't need the resists.

Also if you can, swap out Onslaught flask for Cinderswallow Urn with Crit chance. I don't have one and am too poor to buy one currently. Hoping my next mastermind gets me it.

Also if you can't afford Sin's Rebirth or Lion's Roar, feel free to swap in an Atziri's Promise. You'll lose DPS but you'll still boost your damage quite a bit.

Hits like a Truck
Can acquire the uniques at a cheap cost if not min maxing
Can do as a League starter fairly easily unless SSF and pray for FB

The only real cons I have with it so far is that it is Glass Cannon in the physical department running Abyssus on top of zerker passive, but we try and mask that with Immortal call.

Difficult to run maps with Increased crit and crit multi on mobs but can do them fine as long as they are run carefully.

Can't do phys reflect maps.


Mainly just made this for a friend to show him my build but will continue working on this guy and might make updates as I go. Will try and respond to any questions you guys might have. May go further in-depth with choices and whatnot if asked but otherwise only if I get around to it.

Thanks for looking at my build!

If you want to watch my shit streams(very shit, mainly just use as a platform to export to youtube quickly).

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/curbhunter
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCurbHunter/featured

Catch you guys and gals later,

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Nice build! I published a guide on a Chieftain FB build (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2584068), but I've been curious about a phys version, so I appreciate you putting together a PoB tree.

If you starting gearing up and are looking for ways to min-max the build, I invite you to check out the Fists of Fire build for some ideas ... some of the things I do with that build would translate well here and really take the dps to the next level.

Looking forward to seeing some vids of this!
Ha thanks man!

The Circle of Guilts would definitely be a nice touch if I can work out the resist through gems.

The Brass Dome could be used to mitigate some damage from Abyssus at a DPS loss, but something to consider.

Considering taking a DPS hit for a nice DPS roll on Circle of Guilt to see if the 4% Damage reduction is worth it (noticeable). Can't do damage if you're dead. Might help against Maraketh.

Biggest concern with Circle of Guilt mod roll is the Buff effect, other is indeed a buff to damage but for obvious reasons (base damage) Buff effect is the only crucial.
Thinking of trying this in 3.9 since the average damage is high enough to mostly ignore any changes to monster armour.

What do you think about using the Gluttony belt for Poacher's Mark instead of CWDT punishment? It's ~10% less dps, but you get culling strike, more flask charges, life-on-hit, and frenzy charges while mapping.

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