The server can't be connected, it keeps circling and show connecting?

Dear Technical Support,

I am a new player, still learning this complex game. The POE is loaded on my Lenovo Idea Desktop PC, It is running Window 10.

For whole week since 10/24/2019, I am trying to play POE failed to connected your server.

This is what happened and happening, once POE shortcut was clicked, the POE screen pop up, showing "connecting" running, it kept running, never connected.

My server and ethernet checked out ok. I can do all other online games (Dungeon
Hunter 5, Asphalt 9, and others) no problems/no lag.

I tried to delete POE and redownload the game. It won't let me, showing "fatal error"?

I talked to my guild mates and checked your forum. None of them help.
So I come to you for advice and suggestion, what should I do to POE working.

Thanks for time and attentions.

Yours Truly,

George Cheung, AirForce1nOnly
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Having the same problem :/
Yes. Nothing changed since last time reported the problems. Deleted the POE and start fresh download a latest version of POE. Still got the same "ever circling connecting"?????

Need your help and suggestion for solutions to get back into POE.


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