Wellcome to my very first build guide.

Necromancer is meta, you will find tons of build guide about it online. This ascendency offer many ways of building, here is mine. It wont be the best, nor the worst, but I acheived all content with it and can progress pretty safely through everything so I guess the build is good.

Comment and help to perfect the build are welcome.

Uber Elder with cheap set up https://youtu.be/2znxO5KtTDY


+Cheap and can be invested to min max easily
+Very Safe against most content
+Easy to play
+Can do any map mod
+SSF/Hardcor viable
+Good single target dps
+Surpising good clear speed (I didn't wanted to make a necromancer in the first place because I was worried about it)

-You need to know the game sometimes to survive. Some end-game attacks can one shot you.
-Not always the most fun/Exciting playstyle
-Physical ref map mod is doable but anoying (you'll have to raise your zombies quite often)

This build is about minions and auras. We use the ascendency to stack up auras to give minions (us too but doesn't matter) attack and cast speed, and ele resistance. The build rely on two skill for killing enemies, Raise Zombies, which will always be around you and kill most stuff in a snap. It Also rely on Summon Skelleton (with vaal version for some extraDPS/Deffences) for extra clear speed, defence... and help in reflect maps

There my PoB link with four different tree included from early game to level 100.

About the tree. We use Mind over matter & Eldritch Battery together for survivability. Also, minions can be expencive so this keeps mana issues away.

About Minion Instability this is an non necessary keystone. If you don't play Physical reflection map, don't take it. If you do, it helps in this situtation, because your Zombies and Skelletons are going to die a lot. I would advice not to playt these map, but if you're as lazy as I am to Read/Reroll maps, take it. It's just one point.

Our main skill is Raise a Zombie. The aim is to have it very high level. For that we are looking for a helm and wands that will give it aditionnal level like those :

For the links, if you don't have an Elder Helm, go for Raise a Zombie > Feeding Freenzy > Melee Physical Damage > Minion Damage

Our second main skill is (vaal) Summon skeletons. Link as fallow :
Vaal Summon Skeletons > Multi Strike > Melee Physical Damge > Minion Damage > Minion Speed > Ruthless

For the Utility Skills, the best is to have a wand with Dececrate/Flesh Offering/Vulnerability socketed and to craft "trigger socketed skill when use a skill"
but it can be expencive and this is not required. If you don't have that, simply squip Vulnerability and cast manually Desecrate and Flesh Offering when needed (mostly before boss).

Other Minions

We are also using Specter, Carion Golem and Animate guardian. Just link all of them together with Meat shield. The goal is to boost our dps, to keep them alive and to boost our survivability. Animate Guardian & Golem are the overall dps boost. For specters tho, we use X4 Undying Evangelist because other monster doesn't help much with dps and we deal more than enough damage already without them. However, Undying Evangelist temporaly make us imune against any kind of damage comming from outside there shield. To me this is broken. Your call tho if you wana use any other Specter.


Our goal is to use as much auras as we can to maximize the advatage that our ascendency is giving us.
For the end-game set up, we will need
Hartred reserve no mana (less expencive than haste reserve no mana).
Then, we will socket Hatred into a +3 Level ring
Then, We are going to use Generosity and Enlighten to support (vaal) Haste & (vaal) Discipline. Vaal auras are very important because it allows us to accumulate even more auras during boss fight which means even more DPS.
Also, we are using Precision LVL 1, Clarity LVL 1 and Dread banner LVL 20 (OR War Banner, I honestly don't know which one is best but i'm going for Dread Banner).
Lastly, we are using Aspect of the Avian because this is the one that boost most our minions among all Aspects skills. When you get to the end-game, try to get the chest that boost it
but it can be expencive. Try to get a good "all atribute" roll on it so you wont have to worry about Dexterity and Strength afterward.

My Gears

Flasks in this build are pretty versatile. You can copy mine or get what you feel comfortable with. Mandatory is a good mana flask with "Flask effect is not removed on full mana".

Updating soon

Updating soon

Art made by BIGBIG-on-DA from Deviantart.com

My main Thread is accessible here : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605691

My thread for boss carry and crafting
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