getstunnednerd's Dual Ice Spear / Curse Build

Dual Ice Spear/Curse

The build itself does not need a lot of gear but the way that I play it, it does.

This build is about playing a support class and your group will definitely enjoy the survivability and utility you will bring.

Bandit Rewards
Normal - Help Oak.
Cruel - I chose to help Alira for the cast speed to allow for more mobility when casting my totems. Skill point is an option as well.
Merciless - Kill them all for the skill point.

Leveling Progression
= 37 points

= 60 points

= 81 points

= 103 points

= 109 with kaoms / taryns

I respec-ed many times after hitting level 80 and my current build relies on having a 5 or 6 linked Taryn’s and Kaom’s Heart. If you can get both before reaching close to 90 you can easily spec into Serpent Stance and gain the benefit of using the staff.

Pros / Cons
1) The constant aoe freezing of everything on the screen keeps you and your group absolutely safe.
2) Running dual curse with Temporal Chains / Elemental Weakness on trash mobs and Temporal Chains / Enfeeble on bosses also keeps you and your group safe.
3) Elemental Proliferation. With trash mobs near a boss / rare you can freeze lock everything, again, making it safe for you and your group.
4) Because of the constant cursing / totem placing you are always mobile and doing something. You are not constantly kiting/spamming one skill from one spot the entire time.
5) You can hide behind rocks/walls after everything is cursed and your totems are placed increasing your survivability by about 100%!

1) Soloing isn’t as quick as playing an EK/LA/Split Arrow/FP build.
2) I can’t think of anything else.

My gear

I used to use the curse ring until I picked up the curse boots. The ring is a lot cheaper than the boots but the boots are so much better than the ring is.

Gem links
Ice Spear / Spell Totem / Elemental Proliferation / Increased Critical Damage / Added Cold Damage / Greater Multiple Projectiles

Reduced Mana / Clarity / Purity / Haste

Reduced Mana / Elemental Weakness / Discipline

Temporal Chains / Bear Trap / Enfeeble / Reduced Mana

My Ice Spear stats/Char sheet.

Tips for leveling
Focus on gear with high HP and the resists you need while leveling.

Grab Freezing Pulse from the Hillock quest and you can use that until you decide to switch to dual totem.

While leveling I was using Freezing Pulse and Added Lightning until I could afford to use Lesser Multiple Projectiles. You can see how I progress towards the Witch tree and grab the mana regen nodes, once you get those it makes life so much easier so you can cast Freezing Pulse many more times before having to use a mana pot.

I would suggest not going dual totem immediately and focusing more on life nodes. Multiple people in my stream have grabbed Ancestral Bond in their 50’s though and have been fine since, so it’s definitely all depends on whether you want dual totem or stick with FP/Added Light/LMP until 70ish.

When to pick up Ancestral Bond / Eldritch Battery
On my Shadow I did not pick up Ancestral Bond until I was about 55. If I could go back and do it again I would have stayed with Freeze Pulse and have gotten Eldritch Battery much sooner. My #1 suggestion would be to not rush for Ancestral Bond and focus more on survivability.

I did not have Eldritch Battery until I was 68 or so. I definitely would recommend picking it up towards the end of Cruel after you have plenty of life nodes.

What to look for in gear leveling up.
For leveling up I only looked for gear that gave me more HP and had resists. My weapon was always whatever had the highest spell damage and my offhand was the Ceremonial shields with 24% base all resists. Until you can get one I would suggest wearing any shield with life and resists.

For end-game you want to look for the same on armor, high HP and multiple resists.
On your neck you’d look for Crit Multiplier, HP, and Cast Speed.

On rings, since you’ll be wearing the unique curse ring, Doedre’s Damning, you want a Prismatic base with Mana Regen + explicit resists that you will most likely end up lacking from wearing a Kaom’s and Taryn’s Shiver.

For your weapon you’d want to get a Taryn’s Shiver 5 or 6 linked. Until you can afford one I would suggest a wand with the highest amount of spell damage you can afford, cast speed / crit multiplier are nice but not needed.

For your offhand if you can not afford a Rathpith or anything equal, or your gear is lacking in resists still, I would suggest using an Angelic/Archon/Ceremonial shield with decent life and one or two resists.

You can always watch me play at
RIP getstunnednerd 92 HC Shadow. vod:

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I've changed my spec quite drastically over the past two days as you can see from my 107 point build - I have a lot more damage with my totems. A lot more! I'll update the stats later on today!

Ice Spear tooltip was around 2k before I died.
RIP getstunnednerd 92 HC Shadow. vod:

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Awesome guide and awesome build and spec, I am currently level 55 with this build and I am having an absolute blast. Dave answers literally any question you could have just stop by the stream and say hello!

Thanks again Dave
Best support build, permafrost curse everything, 20% more damage, every team would want such a character
more known as: Elanif
Nice guide.
IGN: Backabacka
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Beautiful build! I got to act 3 on HC in a matter of days using this wonderful build. This is a big accomplishment for me, because I'm totally new to this game, this build really helped me get started.

Thanks again Grrumbles!
I rolled into this build about 3 weeks ago.

Currently level 80 on hardcore and running maps, and it's an absolute blast.
I'm freezing everything basically in 68ish maps, and the double totem icespear would make a great addition to any map group in my opinion.

If you want to roll a safe and fun build with the ability to double or triple curse later on, i can definitely recommend this build.

ign Fumble.
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Been following Grrumbles since I started playing and enjoy watching his stream over all the others. Awesome build so far and have been enjoying leveling up slowly and safely. Thanks for taking the time to write this up so I can stop harassing you on twitch!
I lost my little 84 EK shadow and wanted to try something out of the ordinary. Whatching your stream, I decide to give a try to your build.

It works pretty well, but, something I don't get is, for the Ice Spear link, you advice this :

Ice Spear / Spell Totem / Elemental Proliferation / Increased Critical Damage / Added Cold Damage / Greater Multiple Projectiles

I tested 2 set up with my 5L :

1 - Ice Spear / Spell Totem / Elemental Proliferation / Increased Critical Damage / Greater Multiple Projectiles


2 - Ice Spear / Spell Totem / Elemental Proliferation / Increased Critical Damage / Faster Casting / Greater Multiple Projectiles

And the Faster Casting one, works better. So, I would like to know why you don't advise fast cast against crit damage ?

(fast cast allow to cast totem faster AND totem cast also faster)
Question about gear: I realize you will get a higher damage output by wearing the curse boots instead of ring, but at the same time you lose out on potential 30% increased MS boots.

What makes you feel that Windscream boots are so much better than Doedre's Damning? I'm just curious since I'm trying to decide between the 2 (not for this build though)!

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