3.8 Saboteur Toxic Rain Trapper. Cheap, weak and barely viable!

Greeting everyone, and welcome to my very first build for path of exile! It is barely viable, low dps, mediocre sustain, but it is fresh due to new Trap Support gem introduced in 3.8! I myself haven't found TR TS build out there, so decided to build one of my own, enjoy!

Things this build achieved:
Atziri lvl:71, super easy, barely an inconvenience;
Kurgal, Delve Boss, Depth 122, easy, not a problem; (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Kurgal,_the_Blackblooded)

Pro's & Con's

+ low cost(took me 4 exs in total);
+ cool looking gameplay;

- not great survivability;
- low dps;
- trapper gameplay.

Quick build explanation.
Throw traps, evade attacks; repeat! xD

PoB & Leveling tips.
Start with basically anything, however you like. I, on my side, started playing with Toxic Rain & Trap Support once I got TR. Just try to focus on using high base Phys damage bows till lvl68.


I bought SliverTongue for 40c because it was the highest base phys damage in 50c budget window, but you can get any, just Any bow with high base phys damage because TR is based on our Physical damage.

Helmet is fossil-crafted, bought enchant base for 30c, then used Abberant and Pristine fossils to craft -% chaos resistance to nearby enemies and high life mod.

Any rare belt with 80+ hp 30+each res should be fine if you cant affort Stygian Vise.

Amulet annoint I chose Corruption node, it gives us the most dps of all DoT nodes on our tree.

Gem Links.

Main skill: Toxic Rain, Trap Support, Swift Affliction, Vicious Projectiles, Trap and Mine Damage Support, Cluster Traps.

Aura setup: Malevolence, Clarity(lvl 9-12), Enlighten(lvl 3), Herald of Agony(This one is replacable).

CWDT Utility setup: Cast When Damage Taken, Summon Ice Golem, Immortal Call, Culling Strike.

Movement setup: Dash, Blink Arrow, Faster attacks, Faster projectiles.

Miscellaneous: Portal, Portal+Cast on Death Support.

That is basically it for the build. Feel free to enjoy and put down your suggestions and corrections for this build! GL&HF!
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Lmao. Thanks for the build! Would 100% try this as league started.

<3 :D

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