[3.13] ShakCentral's Vortex For Everyone

How does this build do in blighted maps?
Is the clear good enough to run blighted maps?
Or is this more a boss killer build?
Hey Shak, everyone,

Thanks for the guide, really detailed and easy to follow!

Quick question though:

For a relatively new player, who is just breaking into red maps, has 5 exalts (and maaaybe 3 more in other wealth), and is still using the SSF build

Should I go through the CI build, or can I just go straight into the Low Life version with Shavronne's and Presence of Chayula?

I also have a Prism Guardian that a kind soul gifted me.

My character should be viewable, if anyone wants to take a look.

Hi Folks,

just wanna step by and post my Version of your awesome build. i played it last season and had a blast playing it. i did craft around with the new cluster jewels and what shall i say. it went pretty well if i dont made a mistake.

here is the pob: https://pastebin.com/x2dp8kGN

if u ask me i would say we need to go with the new cluster cause they are so fuckin good. if someone see something to improve i would love to get the info.

there are better cluster mods but im running out of currency to craft.

i know the helmet is low on shield but well :)

greetings and i hope you get the time to bruise through the content.


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They buffed the early energy shield nodes in 3.10. Are they still not good enough to take?
They buffed the early energy shield nodes in 3.10. Are they still not good enough to take?

they make the way larger so you have to invest more points. in my case i need so much points for the cluster.
Is Tranquility still best anointment to take? I think it got changed this league.
I have a budget of exactly 90c for a body armor. my current body armor is a piece of crap (350 arm 100 es 28% lightning/fire res), what's the best body armor you suggest for that price?

the options I was looking at were:
1. 6L 450 ES body with some lightning/fire res, using CI
2. shavronne's 5L with terrible rolls no CI, I'd be losing 1 link so that's a dps loss but I don't mind
3. 6L beast fur regalia, has no res so I'd have to rebuy new rings, using CI (I already do enough dmg so bonus dmg seems unnecessary)
which one of those would be best for my budget, or does anyone have any different suggestions? the only thing I'm looking for is more survivability in delirium/t5+ maps
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Hi shak.
I've thought about doing a vortex build for a long time now and had this item drop naturally. I know it's two handed, but is it worth linking this or even building a whole character around it, or is this even complete shit for vortex?

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what points are people dropping in order to fit cluster jewels into their builds? im dropping everything to the south of fingers of frost; also in terms of small cluster jewels is the +100 ES notable just always BIS? then for medium vile reinvirgation seems best 2 stack; for large disorinting display seems amazing (10% chance to blind nearby if u use an ele skill + 25% ele dmg)
Just switched to LL and wondering which cluster jewel notables are the best for this build, anyone got some tips?

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