[3.8] Herald of Agony and Bros Maxblock (minmaxed endgame build)Anti CarpalTunnelSyndrome

this is a 8k life 81% maxblock Glad with really noice defenses while maintaining a reasonable and enjoyable offensive.
it will cost some serious currency to minmax and like presented here, this aint no build guide and no league starter!

i am super thankful for advices and tips on how to improve. if you criticise, be classy

grinding through maps, delve nodes or engame bosses is actually quite more enjoyable once you dont have to hit so many buttons and stress your hand and fingers. fck skill, i desire to browse by my enemies like a breeze and let others do the job.
this build does quite well in this regard. i usually just cyclone around, press some flask here and there, but thats about it.
skillbars ect are fine, but i will leave double piano to the plebs, i like me some mana reserving auras and automated minions to fill the skillbar slots instead.

this isnt "my build".
credit goes here and to several other guides that helped me (look up some other HoAg builds from different classes)

minmaxing and further developing for easier Uber Elder and deeper Delve was what pushed me further. as it is still a small and rather niche build, you wont really find many top end mirror items on the market, so i crafed/polished most of the gear myself.
i wont get into any detail. look at the gear and skills for some deeper understanding or ask

aka why to play a sluggish, slower build like this.
we are the tanklord himself. face cycloning is our job and its hard to die by accident.
i have 8k life atm. in 3.6 i could push it to 10k (without Kaoms) but i pushed for moar offense a little until i reach lvl 99.
81% attack and spell block lets us absorb the mayority of incoming hits completely. once we block, we get instantly back 5% of our life.
and we block all the time.
Lifegain on hit is kinda like the new instant life leech, so we abuse it as much as we can.

if we take damage, we have perma Fortify, our maximum resistances are at 77/78/77. in addition we run Aspect of the Crab
. max crab barriers all up almost the time. until smtg comes at us. than thats another 20% phys reduction. at such high block rate, our crabshell growes insta back to max .

in addition our minions can taunt, blind ect ect

we run 3 Curses and have a 50% chance to shock on block (which is our job). Curses are applied automatically, dont you worry.
Our Minions get frenzy and power charges a lot.
Minion Movement speed is really high, most minions get feeding frenzied

Herald of Agony
our main damage dealer and originally the only minion in this build.
in our helmet, this Crawler does shred content and doesnt mind the nerfs.

we have a Carrion Golem, Spectres, (both auto recasted), Herald of Purities which can summon Phantasm.

they are all on seek and destroy mode as we constanty spin around.

fanbois begone, Cyclone is and was always the sweetest utility skill around.
i dont even run a movement skill (another button to push? come on)
scaling the AOE and ofc the attack speed is all that matters.
moar AOE and attack speed equals more virulence and whitering touch stacks as well as lgoh effects.
you can also maintain a better safety distance during real tough boss fights this way. its a shame the weapon range on melee got nerfed, but we are still fine.

every once in a while you stop cycloning for a sec and start it again, to proc our Spell minions socketed in out weapon.


can you kill XYZ with this?
hell ye
why you do this? to show off?
ask ur mom
is this better than build XYZ?
it is known
by any chance you can do a video?
you cant have 100% chance to poison with ur setup, bruv

Seriously, you run proj weakness but still have pierce support linked to HoAg?
pierce is so important for faster clearing. its swapped during boss fights

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Interesting build ideas in that you are aiming for as little button mashing as possible. When you have arm/wrist/shoulder problems POE is an issue. We need more build guides like this, even if you only take away an idea or two for your own builds.
Would be cool for a budget version for us filthy casuals....
Thanks for posting

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