3.8 Blight |🐺Arakali's Wolfmancer🐺| All Content | Uber Elder

Hello Gamers out there,
first of all I don't recommend this Build for beginners or anyone else, as there are lots of better Builds and Guides out there. Also I didn't spent much time for this guide, as this was my League starter and basically meant for sharing with my friends. Nevertheless, I appreciate you getting inspired and see what is possible. I rmeoved all the Shaper and T9 Videos. Just watch my Uber Elder fight and leave a Thumbs up. Thank you everyone and have much fun!

1. Path of Building:


You playing with 2 Carrion Golems, Animated Guardian, 4 Spectres, and during Mapping getting 20 Spectre Spiders and up to 9 Spectreal Wolfs.
Good for Uber Elder because of its high amount of Chaos Resistance and Regen. Also the Necromancer Asendancy provide a lot of Minion Damage and survivabilty Skills now.

0. Youtube Videos
1. Pros and Cons
2. Path of Building
3. Gear + Gem Links
4. Animate Guardian
5. Ascendancy

[Update 27.09.2019] Uber Elder [HQ, 1080p]

Pro and Con

1. Pros and Cons

++ ~60% Increased Movement Speed
++ All Content, All Bosses
++ 5 Auras, 1 Aspect
++ Chaos damage does not bypass ES
++ Nearby Enemys are blinded
++ Beginner Friendly (but Expensive)

- Minion Playstyle
- Energy Shield based Character
- no league Starter
- no good delver
- low ES and almost 0 HP
- ES Gear is Expensive

1. Path of Building:
NEW! https://pastebin.com/Ajn7Tdnt

1. Gear

For Mapping I'm using

2. Gem Links

Arakalis Fang: Melee Phys - Melee Splash - Withering Touch
Offhand: Flesh and Stone - Blood Magic - Convocation
Gloves: Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Flesh Offering - Desecrate
Boots: Flammability - Curse on Hit - Wave of Conviction - Animate Guardian
Body Armour: Raise Spectre - Concentrated Effect - Slower Proj (GMP for Mapping) - Feeding Frenzy - Minion Damage - Spell Echo
Helmet: Raise Zombie - Carrion Golem - Added Fire - Melee Phys
Ring (+Gem Level unset Ring): Vaal Discipline
Essence Worm Ring: Anger

3. Animate Guardian

Crown of the Tyrant (Red Socket) / Carcass Jack / Kingmaker / Victarios Flight / Southbound Soldier Gloves

4. Ascendancy

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Shaper Video added
New Uber Elder Video up
I have just added the missing Flasks. A whirling Jar is needed to proc the Spiders.

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